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Window Double Glazing – Pros & Cons and How Glazing Works

Double glazing window, doors, facades, and skylights should be a priority for any building owner because double glazing offers numerous benefits.

A double-glazed glass fixture comprising two glass panes sandwiching an air layer, usually argon, krypton, and xenon, offers superior thermal insulation and increased robustness compared to single-glazed glass fixtures.

How Does Double Glazing Glass Work?

Window double glazing uses a basic scientific principle to reduce heat and sound conductivity across a glass medium.

Glass, by nature, is a poor conductor of heat and sound, meaning that buildings with glass windows, doors, and facades are subject to their environment’s heat and sound levels.

Double-glazing windows and doors involve introducing an Integrated Glass Unit consisting of two glass panes, spacers, seals, and an aluminum frame filled with an air/inert gas layer.

The IGU keeps out heat during the warm seasons and retains heat during colder weather.

Double Glazed Glass cross-section (with two glass panes and an aluminum frame). Source: Pinterest 
Double Glazed Glass cross-section (2 glass panes and aluminum frame). Source: Pinterest 

Pros and Cons of Double Glazing Glass

A double-glazed glass partition wall, window, door, or skylight has advantages and disadvantages.

Here are a few of the top advantages and disadvantages of double glazing.

Benefits of Double Glazing

1. Versatile

Although different types of glass are used on buildings, double-glazed fixtures have a clear advantage due to their versatility.

Not only can the double-glazing technology apply to different double-glazing window types but also to different glass door types.

Double glazing is applied to glass partition walls, patio glass, standard windows, and skylights. 

The double glazing technology applies to sliding glass doors, bi-fold glass doors, or regular swing doors.

Double-glazed sunroof and windows. Source: Pinterest
Double-glazed sunroof and windows. Source: Pinterest

2. Sound Insulation

Noise pollution is a serious challenge, especially for busy cities or town buildings.

One effective way of controlling the noise levels in a building is by double-glazing window pane, walls, and doors.

Due to the unique design and sturdy construction materials, double-glazing windows and doors help control noise transfer through an IGU.

Research shows double-glazing can reduce noise significantly, making double-glazed glass fixtures perfect for residential and commercial buildings.

3. Energy Saving

One of the biggest selling points for double glazing is its superior energy-saving and sustainable interior design.

Advanced thermal insulation properties allow double-glazed glass windows to cool and heat buildings during different weather conditions.

The energy saving from double-glazed windows and doors offsets any costs accrued when purchasing the double-glazed fixtures.

Double glazing is critical in reducing pollution and conserves natural resources to maintain a building’s temperature.

4. High Durability

Door and window double glazing is an excellent way of improving the life of glass structures in a building.

Due to the superior technology and high-quality materials, double-glazed windows last longer than single-glazed windows and doors.

The practice of double-glazing sash window and doors make them more robust and harder to break or pry open. This is due to their strong aluminum frame and tight seals.

5. Sun Protection

Direct sunlight and excessive heat cause a lot of damage to wall paint, carpets, art, furniture, and other room furnishings.

Fortunately, double glazing helps reduce sun damage to furnishings and objects within a building.

The double glass layer and air pocket in double-glazed glass fixtures reduce the heat entering a building and protect objects from sun damage. 

Double glazing also reduces UV rays, making it perfect for daylighting fixtures in residential and office blocks.

Double-glazed skylight. Source: Pinterest
Double-glazed skylight. Source: Pinterest

6. High Property Value

Property buyers love new construction innovations like double glazing and will pay a premium price for such details.

Since most buyers are aware of the benefits of double-glazing, they will be more inclined to purchase a building with durable double-glazed windows and facades.

High end property with double glazed windows. Source: Pinterest
High-end property with double-glazed windows. Source: Pinterest


As good as it sounds, double glazing could be better and has some significant disadvantages.

Here are the top drawbacks of double glazing.

1. Higher Costs

The average double-glazing window cost is generally higher than single-pane glass fixtures.

Many property owners fail to invest in this technology despite its multiple benefits due to the cost factor.

2. Product Quality

Identifying a genuine glass supplier offering high-quality double-glass windows and doors takes time and effort.

Property owners usually get duped into buying substandard double-glazed fixtures from unscrupulous traders, which only partially benefit them.

Finding genuine double-glazing dealers has deterred homeowners from investing in this modern, helpful technology.

3. Cannot Be Repaired

Double-glazed units can’t be repaired, especially if the seals break and the insulating layer escapes.

In the event of a breakage, double-glazed units lose their sound and heat insulation properties and develop condensation between the glass panes.

Broken double-glazed units must be replaced since nothing can be done to repair them.

Broken IGU forming condensation in a double-glazed window. Source: Pinterest
Broken IGU forming condensation in a double-glazed window. Source: Pinterest
It’s versatile and can be used in different fixtures (doors, windows, skylights)It’s expensive
Offers superior sound insulationIdentifying original suppliers and authentic products is difficult
Offers high energy-saving costsCannot be repaired
Durable and long-lasting
Offers superior sun protection
Increases the average property value

Double Glazed Tempered Glass by Chiefway

Procuring original and high-quality double-glazed glass and smart glass products in Malaysia is difficult.

Chiefway, Malaysia’s premier switchable smart glass company, supplies genuine and high-quality products guaranteed to offer you maximum benefits.

If you’re caught in the smart glass vs double-glazing dilemma, don’t be! Chiefway recommends double-glazed tempered smart glass. It simply covers all bases, and it’s better than window double glazing only.

1. Reinforced

High-quality tempered, heat-treated smart glass offers increased strength and durability, unlike ordinary double-glazed glass.

Double-glazed tempered smart glass enhances security and protects your property from forced entry or brute force attacks.

2. Privacy at Will

Double-glazed tempered smart glass uses advanced smart glass technology to control light flow through the glass fixture offering instant privacy at the touch of a button.

3. Energy Efficient

Energy saving smart glass uses a particular laminate layer to control the flow of heat in and out of a building leading to massive heating and cooling cost savings for property owners.

4. Versatile and Customizable

Tempered double-glazed smart glass products are versatile and can be conveniently used in various industries and settings.

Conveniently, you can customize smart glass for your commercial, residential, hospitality, medical, and security projects with Chiefway, the best smart glass Malaysia supplier.

Wrapping Up

Using double-glazed smart glass window fixtures is an environmentally and financially sustainable solution to many challenges homeowners face today.

For original, high-quality, affordable smart double-glazing window prices, contact Chiefway, the best double-glazed tempered smart glass provider in Malaysia.

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