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Which Smart Glass Do I Need? Everything You Need To Know About Smart Glass Technology

Smart Glass is a glass that uses state-of-the-art technology for insulation and prevention of light from passing through.

The glass utilizes electricity making it switch from transparent to translucent whenever a certain wavelength of light is needed hence controlling visible light, UV light, and IR.

Smart Glass is becoming relevant in our world today and is being integrated into architectural designs to modernize buildings. It has become a selling point for many architectural firms due to its energy-saving properties that attract investors and consumers.

Buildings without Smart Glass technology presents various issues such as high energy cost, too much sunlight, increase in temperatures in the room, lack of privacy, and reduced comfort.

These traditional buildings are becoming outdated and more people are embracing Smart Glass technology.

What is Smart Glass? What Are The Types of Smart Glass?

Smart Glass is gaining momentum and the industry is innovating new ways of applying them into architectural designs and other applications.

There are several types of Smart Glass;

1. Standard Clear Glass

Standard clear glass is applied in high-end hotel washrooms for its appeal.  Source: Chiefway

Standard Smart Glass uses a laminated glass where the PDLC is put in between two Smart Glasses adhered to it by high pressure and temperature. Their features are transparency, high clearance, and energy-saving properties. 

They are applied in washrooms( in condos), the partition of office meeting rooms, laboratories, control centers, hotels, and so on.

The benefits of standard clear glass are; permits enough daylight, energy-saving, allows ventilation in rooms, and they are clear hence allows visibility.

2. Hollow Smart Glass

Hollow Smart Glass in use as an exterior wall in luxurious homes. Source: Chiefway

Hollow Smart Glass panels are made for exterior walls due to their properties. They are eco-friendly and conserve energy hence are very reliable for exterior use.

They have features like; insulation of sound, light transmission, they are energy-saving, eco-friendly, and are capable of heat insulation.

Hollow Smart Glass is applied in various settings such as; in schools, hospitals, commercial buildings, skylights, windows/doors, and so on.

3. Brilliant Colour Smart Glass

Customized brilliant color glass to bring about stunning visual effects. Source: Chiefway

The brilliant color glass is made using standard glass techniques like the PDLC. Customization is possible according to the client’s specifications and more improvements can be done to better it.

The brilliant color Smart Glass has some properties that make it a suitable architectural construction glass such as; usage of different colors in your space, customizable, can be opaque or translucent, for decorative purposes.

The glass has several applications; used in the restaurant ( themed), pubs and hotels, private clubs, and many more. Their benefits are;

  • They are appealing
  • Can be customized to whatever design you desire
  • Have captivating visual effects

4. Fireproof Smart Glass

Fireproof Smart Glass applied in a corporate building. Source: Chiefway

This is a type of standard Smart Glass that has been developed using fireproof technologies to enhance its applications and properties. Fireproof Smart Glass is fire and shock resistant, sound and smoke insulated, long-lasting, block radiation from heat, and transparent.

Their applications include control rooms especially in medical facilities, fireproof windows and engine rooms, isolation of wards, and exterior wall displays.

They are beneficial in ways like;

  • They are fireproof hence enhance safety 
  • Permits working due to their sound insulation properties
  • Can be used as displays for walls
  • They are durable meaning they need less replacement and maintenance

5. One-way Smart Glass

One-way Smart Glass used in homes for privacy and comfort. Source: Chiefway

It is a type of specialized standard Smart Glass made using one-way glass technologies for enhancement. Very high reflection, transparency, and clarity are some of the one-way Smart Glass properties. They allow one to have a clear look at the outside without compromising on privacy.

One-way Smart Glass is applied in interrogation rooms in police departments, psychiatric clinics, restricted areas like the army, jails, offices, nuclear plants, labs and classrooms, and conference rooms.

The benefits of this type of Smart Glass are;

  • They are useful for interrogation rooms
  • Promote privacy without compromising on light 
  • Permits aeration

6. Blind Smart Glass

Blind Smart Glass can be used in an office setting for privacy. Source: Pinterest 

Blind Smart Glass is a type of Smart Glass that blends blind effects to enhance its applications. They block light entirely and also offer UV rays protection. Blind Smart Glass is controlled using remote controls and switches to regulate the transparency of the glass.

Their features include blind effects, high transparency, and high clarity. They are applied in labs, showrooms, government offices, hospitals, universities, and schools.

Their benefits include; 

  • Protection from UV rays
  • Capable of blocking light
  • They are clear 
  • Can be applied in several areas

7. Pattern Blinds Smart Glass

Pattern Blind Smart Glass used for bringing an alluring effect. Source: Pinterest

It is a Smart Glass made using standard glass technology with more special techniques to improve its usage. They have features like transparency, clarity, and cutting-edge designs.

They are applied in offices like governments, universities, schools, hospitals, showrooms, and labs. Pattern blinds Smart Glass has several benefits like; it is very appealing due to its extraordinary designs, it is very clear hence permit visibility, it is applicable in many places.

6 Benefits of Smart Glass Application That You Should Know!

Smart Glass technology has several benefits that cannot be overlooked. If you have never considered investing in energy-saving with Smart Glass then here are some of the reasons that will prompt you to do so.

1. Environmental Responsibility

 Environmental-friendly Smart Glass in use as energy-saving techniques. Source: Chiefway

Climate change has been a huge concern over the years and scientists are trying to find ways of managing these changes effectively.

Innovations are coming up daily, some end up being embraced gracefully while others face various contradictions.

Smart Glass technology is an efficient way of energy-saving since they regulate temperatures and light in a room. Energy is saved since there will be a reduction in the use of air conditioning, room heating, and electric light systems used during the day.

2. Enhanced Security

Smart Glass Door installed for security purposes.
Source: Chiefway

In terms of security, Smart Glass is integrated with security measures properties that come in handy in case of a break-in. 

They are made with double glass with a liquid crystal film between the glasses which increases their thickness and durability creating a challenge for intruders to penetrate.

They are also enhanced with additional features to become hurricane-resistant, bulletproof, and fire-resistant properties. With all these advancements, you can never go wrong with Smart Glass technology incorporation into your home or office.

3. Improved Functionality

Sustainable Electric Curtains used instead of the regular ones. Source: Automaticcurtain.net

Smart Glass properties enable a variety of applications from home, office, corporate buildings, medical facilities, and so on.

They function as electric curtains with just a press of a button making them highly efficient in residential buildings and offices. They are capable of being opaque providing privacy whenever required.

Their properties do not allow outsiders to view the inside of the room or building but those on the inside have a clear view of the outside with no challenges. Additionally, Smart Glass can be utilized as projection boards in the offices instead of putting in more money on buying projection surfaces.

4. Cost Saving

A cost-effective durable smart glass installed in a sustainable home. Source: Glastory

Installation of Smart Glass may be a bit higher compared to regular glass, however, it becomes cheaper in the long run due to its durability and other properties that contribute to its long life. The money spent on replacing the regular glass occasionally amounts to a large sum which makes them more expensive.

Smart Glass price depends on other factors like design, additional features, and other client specifications. Moreover, Smart Glass does not consume a lot of energy meaning the cost of electricity will be significantly low while still enjoying all the benefits of this technology. 

5. Great Comfort 

Smart Glass Integrated House promotes brings about a serene environment and promotes comfort. Source: Pinimg

The application of Smart Glass technology in homes and corporate buildings promotes comfortability when working or just relaxing since it has insulation properties regulating the temperatures in the room creating a good ambiance. The temperature is regulated without the use of air conditioning, saving energy in the process.

UV light is usually harmful to the body and may also cause damage to furniture, artwork, and other house accessories that may need to be preserved for some time. Smart Glass is here to help with its UV light blockage properties, one can never go wrong with this futuristic technology.

Besides that, for some peaceful environments at home or at work, Smart Glass technology provides sound insulation enabling one to concentrate on whatever they are doing without disturbances from the outside noise.

6. Aesthetic Appeal

Futuristic Smart Glass Design brings an aesthetic appeal to buildings. Source: Surface-products

Minimalist Smart Glass design is the trend in the market right now and what better way to achieve this than by utilization of Smart Glass technology. Smart Glass can be used as partitions in small spaces making the room seem large and appealing.

In terms of design, Smart Glass can be customized in many forms to match the interior and exterior of a building enhancing its appearance.

Incorporating Smart Glass into your architectural designs lets you enjoy benefits like sufficient daylight, aeration, maximized space in rooms, captivating wall and window designs, and all the coziness you may want in your home.


Not so many people in the world are aware of Smart Glass technology and this needs to change. There are so many misconceptions about Smart Glass especially in terms of prices making people shy away from this extraordinary innovation.

Smart Glass is applicable in many industries and situations be it for residential purposes, schools, medical facilities, offices, construction industries, and so on. 

They often come with several benefits that cannot be ignored. 

The most important benefit of this technology is its environmental effects of promoting sustainability by conserving energy without sacrificing it’s functionality.

With many people trying out different solutions when it comes to pricing, Smart Glass is here to fill that gap by providing energy-efficient means creating a positive ripple effect on cost. 

What are you waiting for? Not only smart glass, but in Chiefway we do provide other smart technology from smart film solution that help to discover the unique application it has to offer you.

Share your project with us now and get a personalized quote for free anytime.

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