5 Simple Yet Brilliant Ways to Protect Your Privacy at Home

In the era where the world is made up of a more tech-savvy society, people are more conscious about matters related to privacy. While the first thing to think about when it comes to privacy is usually about protecting oneself online, privacy in a physical setting such as home is equally important too. 

You may be no paparazzi, but it’s always nice to prevent cases of nosy neighbours and peeping toms messing with your quiet space. 

The flowers you planted wilting in the garden from the lack of water? Or that your house porch is a huge mess with scattered shoes and tools and stuff? Who cares right? You don’t need to have people prying into your things they don’t need to.

There are a few ways you can achieve the privacy you need at home.

The 5 Brilliant Ways to Protect Your Home Privacy

Your privacy shouldn’t be something you have to work so hard to enjoy a sense of peace and security. Here are five simple, straightforward ideas you can use to stay private at home:

1. Put up fences

Fences help to create a barrier as a means to deter people from looking in. Source: mkna.org

This is the most common and popular way of establishing privacy in your home. Putting up fences (or brick walls) serve as a barricade to avoid having strangers, including your nosy neighbour from seeing every single thing you do in your compound.

Even though this isn’t a foolproof method to ensure complete privacy, this is a start. At least your wilting plants will be spared from the unnecessary judgment.

2. Create a green barrier

Green barrier acting as a fence to surround your house. Source: qista.com

If you don’t like the idea of metal or wooden fences and dislike the look of brick walls, take your privacy game a step further by creating a green barrier instead. A green barrier is basically a barricade shaped by plants, bushes or hedges and they are a great alternative to fences. 

Not only do you get to have more greeneries to freshen up your space but you also get to enjoy living in your own private bubble without having to answer to public scrutiny.

3. Put up traditional blinds

Traditional blinds can be placed in the interior of your home to increase your home privacy. Source: pinterest.com

Don’t want strangers to eye what secret treasures you have kept at home? You can consider setting up traditional blinds at your windows. Traditional blinds come in different types and sizes, and they are simple and affordable to put up. 

The only downside to this is you need to manually close the blinds to have your privacy and open it when you want some light into the house. Otherwise, it is one of the effective and inexpensive ways to remain safe from prying eyes albeit a little inefficient in the application.

4. Hang curtains

Curtains are a great way to add some colour to your living space while keeping your home private as needed. Source: atzine.com

You know how grandmothers and mothers tend to have a love for curtains? Well, they have a good reason for that. 

Curtains provide a nice alternative to traditional blinds in preventing others on the outside to look into your house when you don’t want such unwarranted attention. The best part of using curtains to cover windows is that they also add a dash of pretty pattern and design to your house interiors apart from the wonderful sense of privacy — something that mums and grandmas have been trying to tell you for ages. Now that you know, you’re welcome.

5. Install Smart Glass/Smart Film!

Smart glass, the best privacy solution you can have at home.

What is the one simple, hassle-free yet convenient way to establish ultimate privacy at home? It’s installing smart glass windows!

Imagine having the power to switch between privacy screen and transparent clear glass with just a flick of the switch. Smart glass also comes with features like heat and sound insulation so you can enjoy being in your own world without much interference and disturbance from the outside nor worry about harmful UV effects when brightening your space with natural light!

This smart solution is also very cost-effective in the long run as it uses very minimal power to give you the privacy you need. With its thermal insulation benefits, you can even cut down on air conditioner usage. Time to embrace this eco-friendly smart privacy solution!

Easy Home Privacy Solutions When You Need Personal Space

Those are the five simple solutions we have for you to enjoy some privacy while at home. Of course, maintaining privacy doesn’t mean you should stay away from people-to-people interaction and live in a closed-off setting. Rather, it is a way to help you to keep your home private when you need some space to yourself.

And if you are keen on installing smart glass to achieve your desired privacy, look no further than Chiefway! A leading pioneer in the industry of smart glass and smart film in Malaysia, Chiefway has helped many businesses, organisations and homes integrate smart glass solutions and transform these spaces into an efficient yet cost-effective setting.

Apart from smart glass, Chiefway also offers other smart tech solutions such as Smart Film, Adhesive Transparent LED Film and photochromic window film. And with years of experience up in their sleeves, you’ll be assured that you are in good hands when it comes to applying smart technology in your space!

Let’s connect and explore the unique smart glass technology together! Share with us your project details and we’ll send you a personalised quote for FREE.

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