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Top 14 Window Types – How to Choose a Type of Window in Malaysia

Windows need to be functional and improve architectural aesthetics. Some standard features to consider when picking the right windows are security, access to natural light, design, longevity, and appeal. 

Upgrading your property with new windows may increase its property value and improve the building’s internal atmosphere. Read on to learn about the different window options in Malaysia.

Choose Your Type of Window in Malaysia!

Technology is helping the window industry innovate and invent different types of products. There are various designs to choose from, and they differ in their performance.

Modern milestones in architecture are slowly permeating residential and commercial buildings. As a result, many windows are now outfitted with using smart glass technology. 

Property owners need to weigh a ton of options when choosing window themes for their buildings. As there are hundreds of window shapes and sizes out there, it might help to understand what your indoor space is like, and how much natural light should be allowed in. 

Will the window need to be opened frequently to improve ventilation or will it be fixed in place?

Furthermore, is it sustainable?

With the “going green” initiative, most property owners have taken to sustainable interior design

All of these considerations have filled the market with a range of window types. Here, we will cover some of the most popular types of windows in Malaysia. 

1. Single Hung Window

The type of window has two significant parts, known as a sash. One is movable while the other is stationary. The upper part is fixed while you can move the bottom sash up to open the windows.

Single-hung window designs are affordable and an excellent choice when you want lots of air to enter the house. Glass used for single-hung windows should have been proofed and tested so that they can withstand harsh weather.

Single Hung Windows Source: Milgrard
Single hung windows. Source: Milgrard

2. Double Hung Window

The double-hung window is similar to the single-hung window’s design. The difference is that the sashes in the former option move.

It means you can open the double-hung window from the bottom and top. Still, the glass can tilt inwards or outwards, making cleaning them easy. A technician can customize the double-hung windows depending on the room size.

At the same time, you can choose different raw materials depending on the environment you install them in. 

Double Hung Windows. Source: Modernize
Double hung windows. Source: Modernize

3. Casement Window (Side hung window)

The casement windows design uses hinges on either side of the window glass frame. Unlike awning windows, the casement windows swing outwards or upwards when you open them.

They are ideal for large window spaces and will give you an expansive view of the outside. Still, it helps with ventilation, creating a massive opening for adequate air to enter a room. It helps freshen up the spaces through air circulation. 

Casement windows.
Casement windows.

4. Awning Window (Top hung window)

If you live where it rains frequently, awning windows can fit the environment. The design is great for preventing rain from entering the house.

They function similarly to casement windows but extend outwards by pushing the bottom part away from the house. Awning windows are a suitable choice if you want to let a lot of air indoors. 

Awning Window.
Awning window.

5. Bay Window

The frame in bay windows extends outwards while the design covers a large central portion of the wall. It gives you an extensive view of the outdoors and is an excellent addition to a bedroom or a common area on a higher floor.

They usually have a fixed middle section with two smaller panes on the sides that can be opened and closed. Bay windows are great for maximizing natural light and conserving energy.

However, in tropical climates, they might allow too much sun in, and that might make the space too warm.

Large bay window on high floor.
Large bay windows.

6. Fixed Glass Window (Fixed Glass Panel Window)

Architects use fixed glass windows to give a person a sizeable outside view. They will not help with ventilation as they are immovable.

You can make the frames as wide as possible to get an uninterrupted view. Also, combining the fixed glass window with another variation like the sliding windows you can open will make them more functional.

It is advisable to select a type of glass that will not break easily. Laminated glass is a possible option. 

Fixed Glass Windows.
Fixed glass windows.

7. French Window

They are functional window frames and will improve the property’s aesthetics. The french window designs are oversized and will open outwards or inwards, with a structure that will let maximum air and light into the house.

The extensive panels can cover an entire wall length from top to bottom. Although they are classic designs, the French window is becoming more common in modern house plans as their outlook is elegant and timeless. 

French Window.
French window.

8. Aluminium Window

The aluminium window works great in the Malaysian climate. Unlike wood or synthetic materials, the alloy is durable and suits weather conditions.

The outer frame will be made of alumnium and you can choose a fitting glass to compliment it. Professional aluminium windows will give you a maximum product lifespan as the material is more durable and robust than the alternatives.

It will not rust or degrade quickly. Also, it helps with energy consumption through its thermal conductivity features. 

Aluminium windows.
Aluminium windows.

9. Sliding Windows

If you have limited space for opening windows, you can solve the problem with sliding windows. They are not uncommon with urban property designs because  they have limited space.

The windows slide horizontally to open and close. These tend to be the choice of function rather than aesthetics. 

Sliding window.
Sliding window.

10. Picture Window

Picture windows are great for framing the outside scenery into what starts to look like an actual picture or painting. This thick framing helps highlight the scenery and there are often no window grills that will interfere with the view.

If you live where nature is omnipresent, the picture window is the perfect choice for you. Many have thought it therapeutic to stand in front of a picture window and simply gaze outdoors. 

Picture window.
Picture window.

11. Pivoted Window

The pivoted window is similar to the casement window design since they have movable parts. However, the pivot is central and can select a design that moves horizontally or vertically.

The design has different variations to suit your preference and make the windows appealing. You can choose a rectangular or circular shape depending on the house’s exterior design.

Consider the glass features to ensure it is a functional addition to your house. 

Pivoted window. Source: Pinterest
Pivoted window. Source: Pinterest

12. Louvre Window (Jalousie Window)

The frame in Louvre windows will have features known as slats that move together when opening or closing. They can let in adequate air and light to rooms while keeping the rain out.

This makes them highly functional for residential or commercial property. Still, you can choose from various raw materials for slats and frames. Aluminium and wood are standard options for jalousie windows. They are an excellent choice for patio or rooftop windows.

Louvre Window. Source: Pinterest
Louvre window. Source: Pinterest

13. Round Window

Round windows fit both traditional residences and modern buildings. The cyclic windows are available in round or oval shapes and can truly complement the house’s interior design.

They will add some personality to the living room and give it a unique outlook.

Despite its size, they will let natural light into the house. A functional design will integrate other window types that you can open to allow air into the home. 

Round window.

Smart Glass Window by Chiefway

Chiefway offers smart glass windows that add to home automation efforts. By leveraging technology to manufacture superior products, you gain ultimate convenience from a small investment. Products with smart glass design are becoming widely popular and can be adapted for residential and commercial settings. 

Smart glass windows offer increased privacy, and you can use them in place of blinds. The technology enables you to alter the window opacity. You can switch from translucent to clear glass using a switch. Smart glass windows give you the best of daylighting architecture, ensuring that you receive a healthy dose of natural light.

At the same time, when it’s too bright, you can decrease the light transmittance without the use of blinds.

Smart Glass - Chiefway Malaysia

The available options at Chiefway will give your home an elegant and minimalistic theme. With all these benefits and more, it become clear that smart glass is well ahead of traditional windows. 

Although they do require electricity to operate, they are affordable as it consumes minimal power. Smart glass technology is ideal for corporate buildings, healthcare facilities, residential houses, entryways, interior design and much more. 

Hop on the smart glass trend today and combine smart glass with any type of window in Malaysia!


Make sure to pick a reputable company to help with a first-time smart glass installation. Chiefway is an award-winning company that adheres to industry standards while utilizing trained technicians and state-of-the-art technology to manufacture the best smart glass products.

Check out the different types of smart glass we offer and reach out to tell us about your project!

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