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6 Simple Tricks to Save Your Electricity Bill

There are many things in the world that you cannot control, like the weather or a virus pandemic. But when it comes to the electricity bill, you can definitely pick up and apply these simple tips to reduce energy consumption at home while reducing damage to your pockets in no time.

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Admit it, almost all of us cannot live without electricity these days. From air conditioners to TVs to fridge to laptops and desktop computers, all these devices are powered by electricity to function accordingly. 

Which is fine, but that also means they work at a cost. Each month, the beloved abang meter reader will give you the one love letter you dread: An oblong piece of electricity bill.

Which is expected and not too bad, provided you can understand the complexities of the reading breakdowns well enough to plan on lowering your power usage for subsequent months. However, some of us may frown at the billing tariff and find ourselves saying,“I don’t understand, how do they calculate my electricity bill?”

Not only that, but 2020 also has us landed in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic, causing the government to enforce Movement Control Order (MCO) throughout the country to curb the spread of the virus. What can you do during MCO except to engage with more of your electronic gadgets, like bingeing on Netflix, cranking up your air-cond all day and working on your computers from home, leading to higher electricity consumption?

No doubt, the government introduced a stimulus package in their bid to ease the nation’s financial burden with their electricity bills. Do bear in mind though, you will only know the actual bill amount at the end of the MCO period since meter reading activities are temporarily suspended, and that’s where you don’t even realise you might have used way too much electricity in the meantime. 

How to Save Electricity Bill Then? What are the Tips and Tricks?

Thankfully, it’s not the end of the world for this. There are several simple yet effective tricks you can use to save electricity that the next time you see the bill, you might be rubbing your eyes at the reduced payment amount in amazement.

Switch off and unplug whenever you can

This childhood mantra of switching off lights and appliances when not in use is not to be taken lightly. In fact, this simple (albeit boring and commonly heard) action works wonders. 

Also, many of us are not aware that leaving our devices on standby mode, and electronics like our computers and phones plugged in continue to drain power despite switching off the socket. Hence, remember to disconnect the main power plug after using – you could save up to 30% of the electricity bill! Using power strips and extensions also helps to make saving electricity easier since you only need to unplug the main plug.

1. Use LED lights 

Still using fluorescent lights? It’s time to ditch those in favour of LED lights unless you need them for interior decor purposes. LED lights are more energy-efficient, converting 95% of the electricity used to give you the light you need. Plus LED lights last way longer than other types of incandescent.

2. Do full load laundry washing

Washing machines are one of the household appliances that consume lots of power, especially the ones that can heat up water and have dryer function. Collecting a full load before washing definitely helps to save electricity bills instead of doing a half load laundry or less. 

Consider using cold water for washing and if you need to wash a few pieces of clothes, do it the manual hand wash way.

3. Have more plants and trees at home

How do plants and saving your electricity bill even relate? Truth is, plants help to cool the air in your home, which means you can make do without turning on the air conditioner 24/7, and that’s how electricity consumption is greatly reduced, hence, a cheaper bill. It’s an effective chain effect not to be underestimated though! It doesn’t matter whether you opt for indoor plants or have trees in the garden – both work in creating a fresh environment and minimising the effect of unbearable heat.   

4. Use natural light

When your home interior is dark, that’s where you use plenty of lights to keep the rooms lit. Why not take advantage of natural light to brighten your living space while cutting cost on electricity usage?  Let’s draw the curtains aside and enjoy the sunlight, people!

5. Use Smart Glass for a more energy-efficient home

Bothered by the heat while allowing natural light into your home? Consider installing Smart Glass panels in the house then! With just a small amount of power and a flick of a switch, you can enjoy the natural light you deserve plus UV protection and privacy minus the heat, helping to convert your home into an energy-efficient space at your convenience. 

What’s Smart Glass? What are the Benefits?

Smart Glass is a technology whereby glass can be changed from clear to frosted with just a low voltage applied. Smart Glass products come in a few forms, each catering to different needs of a space or building. They are becoming a popular solution due to their multiple benefits:

Promote natural light & prevent UV rays.

Smart Glass helps to keep UV rays at bay while allowing natural light to brighten your space. Source: Chiefway FB

Smart Glass acts like normal glass in allowing natural light to pass through. The difference is that Smart Glass has a layer that filters off 98% of the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun, giving you a sense of security knowing you are protected while enjoying the brilliant sunshine in which normal glass cannot do.

Promote green technology while saving cost.

Keep your space interior cool using only a low amount of resources while reducing carbon footprint. Source: Chiefway

By using Smart Glass, you are actually doing your part in promoting a greener, more environmental-friendly living. Rather than constantly using air conditioners that take up a huge load of power to cool your living space (not to mention, the constant cleaning of cleaning filters and servicing required, plus the high amount of carbon footprint), Smart Glass helps to regulate the room temperature with less energy used and waste produced.

Only a small amount of electricity is applied to operate the Smart Glass technology. Switch from clear glass to opaque screen and enjoy the heat and sound insulation it provides, all at a minimal cost.

Improve space interior.

Your interior design can be pretty and colourful even with Smart Glass! Source: Chiefway

Your home does not have to be boring in your commendable efforts towards conserving energy resources. Smart Glass products are available in different varieties to suit your interior needs, such as standard clear glass, hollow glass, fire-proof glass, one-way glass, blinds smart glass and pattern blinds smart glass.

You can even install and customise brilliant colour glass to give your space a nice splash of colours while maintaining the other benefits of this cool technology.

Keeping the Electricity Bill Low 

Saving your electricity bill can be done within your abilities with the simple tricks we mentioned above:

  1. Unplug appliances and gadgets when not in use
  2. Switch to LED lights for energy-efficient lighting
  3. Do your laundry only when there’s a full load
  4. Plant more plants and trees in your home
  5. Make use of natural light to cut down electrical lights usage
  6. Install Smart Glass as a cost-effective solution to electricity bill and lighting!

Have you been applying some of the tips in the article? Share with us your thoughts, and tell others about these simple tricks to help them save electricity bills too!

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