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Switchable Privacy Glass Window at Siaga Labs by Chiefway

Chiefway Malaysia, in conjunction with Jarsche Designs, recently completed a switchable privacy glass window project at Siaga Labs. 

This exciting project used advanced smart glass technology to improve the client’s privacy and security. 

Chiefway used its considerable smart glass experience and skilled manpower to guarantee project success.

What is a Privacy Glass Window?

Bathroom privacy glass windows. Source: Pinterest
Bathroom privacy glass windows. Source: Pinterest

A privacy glass window refers to glass fixtures that use advanced technology to enhance flexible privacy.

Although they vary in shape, texture, and design, a typical แก้วอัจฉริยะ window will feature two glass panes sandwiching a polymer-dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) layer activated by an electric current from a wall switch.

Once a current passes through the liquid crystal, the translucent glass turns instantly opaque, improving flexible privacy.

Other window glass for privacy types, like stained glass, frosted glass, smoked glass, or textured glass, use different technologies to achieve the same privacy conditions.

Key Reasons to Install a Laminated Smart Privacy Glass Window

There are numerous benefits to installing a smart glass window, door, or wall in a commercial building, including the following:

1. SIRIM – Certified

Installing a laminated smart glass window in an office block, museum, or showroom is an excellent idea since these products are SIRIM-certified. 

SIRIM (Standard of Industrial and Research Institute in Malaysia) certification means that these products satisfy international health and safety standards and are thus an asset to your organization.

Another reason for using a SIRIM-certified switchable smart glass window is that in case of any accidents or breakages, these products pose no threat to users, unlike products that aren’t SIRIM-certified.

A SIRIM-certified privacy glass window is also more acceptable in commercial buildings with high privacy standards, like banks and museums.

2. Flexible Privacy

Smart office walls. Source: Pinterest
Smart office walls. Source: Pinterest

A แก้วอัจฉริยะ window offers flexible privacy due to its advanced privacy control technology.

For instance, a privacy glass window uses a PDLC film activated by an electric current to instantly change an opaque glass fixture transparent, thus allowing light to flow through it freely.

Smart glass is important in commercial spaces like banks, hotels, or airports, where privacy is critical.

By turning instantly opaque or transparent, privacy windows in an office block improve employee productivity while maintaining clients’ comfort.

Installing a smart glass window in a glass office offers flexible privacy and improves occupants’ safety.

3. Seamless Integration

Unlike a smoked or stained glass window, smart privacy glass windows seamlessly integrate with modern home systems and different interior designs.

For instance, a smart window with privacy glass can be integrated with most modern automation and voice-activated systems like Alexa.

This allows building occupants to curate their living experience, improving comfort and productivity, especially in a commercial setting.

Additionally, privacy glass windows can be adapted to blend with different interior design ideas or themes.

4. Sound Insulation

Sound pollution is a big issue in commercial buildings, which flexible privacy glass windows can fix.

Due to their innovative construction technology and materials that include a double glass layer, switchable glass products drastically reduce sound flow by over 39 DB.

The application of sound insulation properties in smart glass fixtures finds relevance in numerous fields in a commercial setting, justifying a firm’s investments in these products.

Soundproof switchable glass windows can be used in a glass conference room, waiting bay, private cubicle, or dinner booth.

5. Energy Saving

Energy saving sky glass. Source: Pinterest
Energy saving sky glass. Source: Pinterest

Smart glass products are your best choice if you love to conserve the environment while saving on a building’s energy costs.

Thanks to their unique construction design and materials, switchable glass windows are ideal for an energy-efficient building,

Besides improving energy efficiency, switchable glass windows enhance security, especially when paired with tempered glass and natural light flow into buildings.

Energy-saving smart glass is widely used in energy-efficient office blocks, museums, schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and other commercial buildings.

Chiefway’s Laminated Smart Glass at Siaga Labs

As part of its mission to deliver professional services to clients, Chiefway Malaysia recently completed an elaborate smart glass project for Siaga Labs.

The privacy glass project entailed customizing and fitting switchable glass windows in the company to improve privacy and security.

By closely collaborating with the client and understanding their pain points, Chiefway delivered practical and relevant smart glass privacy solutions that appealed to Siaga Labs and its clients. 


Smart windows are extensively used in today’s corporate landscape since smart glass improves brand image.

Chiefway, the leading smart glass Malaysia company, boasts an impressive portfolio with numerous successful flexible privacy glass projects and a long list of happy customers.

ติดต่อเรา Chiefway, Malaysia’s leading switchable privacy glass company, for the best quotes and quality products.


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