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SIRIM-Certified Acoustic Double-Glazed Laminated Smart Glass

SIRIM double-glazed smart glass fixtures are widely used in hospitality, security, and residential sectors and offer numerous benefits to users, including added security and advanced heat and sound insulation.

These glass products also meet the stringent safety and quality standards of the Standards and Material Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM), making them safe to use in different areas.

Let’s explore in detail the double-glazed laminated smart glass by Chiefway.

What is Chiefway’s Double-Glazed Laminated Smart Glass?

Chiefway’s double-glazed แก้วอัจฉริยะ products feature an Integrated Glass Unit comprising a double glass layer enclosing an inert gas air layer with an attached PDLC film.

The double-glazed laminated smart glass fixtures from Chiefway leverage advanced smart glass technology, including heat treatment and lamination, to make them functional and durable.

Double-glazed laminated smart glass products are widely used in settings where security and privacy are desired, like hotels, libraries, interrogation rooms, hospitals, and restaurants.

Laminated glass office building facade. Double-glazed Laminated Smart Glass - Chiefway.
Laminated glass office building facade.

Benefits of Chiefway’s Double Glazed Laminated Smart Glass

Laminated กระจกอัจฉริยะที่สลับได้ fixtures offer numerous benefits to users, including the following:

1. SIRIM Certified

SIRIM (Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia) certification is a nationally and globally acclaimed health and safety standard conferred on products and services that meet stringent quality assurance requirements.

Chiefways laminated smart glass products are SIRIM certified, meeting internationally acceptable health and safety standards.

SIRIM certification also means these laminated smart glass products can be safely used in different building and glass facade designs while meeting statutory compliance.

In short, using Chiefway’s acoustic double-glazed smart glass products in Malaysia will help you avoid getting in trouble with building authorities.

2. Sound Insulation

Sound flow in or out of a building is a major design consideration since it directly affects the comfort of people living in or near a structure.

In settings where silence is highly desirable, like educational institutions, hospitals, or hotel rooms, minimizing the flow of sound into the building is paramount.

Chiefway’s double-glazed acoustic smart glass design ensures that the flow of sound in or out of a building is minimized, leading to greater comfort for a building’s occupants.

The double-glazed acoustic smart glass product uses an inert gas layer in the IGU to reduce sound flow up to 39DB, which makes these smart glass products excellent for areas that require high silence levels, like schools and hospitals.

Laminated glass soundproof meeting booth. Source: Pinterest. Double-glazed Laminated Smart Glass - Chiefway.
Laminated glass soundproof meeting booth. Source: Pinterest

3. Energy Saving

Chiefway’s energy-saving smart glass products are excellent for cost-conscious users who wish to minimize their energy costs.

Due to their superior design structure and high-quality materials, Chiefway smart glass products effectively control the light flow into buildings, reducing lighting costs.

Additionally, energy-saving switchable laminated glass reduces heating and cooling costs, especially during adverse weather conditions like summer or winter, thanks to its innovative PDLC smart glass layer.

A smart glass window, door, or wall also reduces the amount of sun damage to a building’s interior, meaning that users incur less replacement or repair costs.

4. Environmental Friendly Construction

Environmental responsibility in the building and construction sector is rapidly growing, with more modern facilities embracing environmentally friendly designs and materials.

Chiefway’s acoustic laminated smart glass products are perfect for this task since their superior design improves environmental conservation.

Chiefway’s switchable glass products use liquid crystals to improve thermal insulation, reducing the fossil fuels needed to heat or cool these buildings.

Additionally, these energy-smart glass fixtures also offer effective sound insulation, reducing any associated sound mitigation costs to the environment.

Therefore, if conserving the environment is an overarching objective in your building, consider harnessing the robust design and materials that double-glazed insulated glass fixtures offer.

5. Sturdy and Secure

SIRIM-certified double-glazed acoustic smart glass products offer enhanced security to buildings.

Double glazing, which involves toughening glass panes through heat treatment, also reduces the damage caused by brute force attacks during forced entries or break-ins.

And even in the event of a breakage, unlike normal glass, double-glazed glass doesn’t fracture into small sharp pieces rather, the glass pieces stick to the plastic interlayer between the glass panes,

Additionally, Chiefway laminated smart glass products can be further strengthened with advanced ballistic, heat, and fire-resistant properties, increasing their security levels.

Double glazed wall with frameless door. Source: Pinterest. Double-glazed Laminated Smart Glass - Chiefway.
Double-glazed wall with frameless door. Source: Pinterest

6. UV Protection

Laminated smart glass products offer advanced UV protection, whether used in glass panneling, windows, doors, or skylights.

Due to their innovative Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) layer and low e-glass ratings, these products block more than 99% of UV rays in visible light that flows into buildings, reducing sun damage to building interiors.

The advanced UV blocking offered by smart glass, thanks to its switchable technology, also reduces the chances of building occupants suffering skin cancer or other conditions associated with UV rays exposure. 

UV-shielded glass facade in an office block. Source: Pinterest. Double-glazed Laminated Smart Glass - Chiefway.
UV-shielded glass facade in an office block. Source: Pinterest


SIRIM-certified acoustic double-glazed laminated smart glass products from Chiefway are excellent additions to any modern building that wishes to enjoy the benefits of advanced glass technology.

The best part is that double-glazed acoustic smart glass products work in numerous building designs and settings.

If you want to enjoy all the benefits that smart privacy glass offers, contact Chiefway, the leading smart glass Malaysia producer, for original products and the best prices.


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