Privacy Glass Window - Chiefway Malaysia Trusted Smart Glass Solution Provider Malaysia

Switchable Privacy Glass Window at Siaga Labs by Chiefway

Chiefway Malaysia, in conjunction with Jarsche Designs, recently completed a switchable privacy glass window project at Siaga Labs.  This exciting project used advanced smart glass technology to improve the client’s privacy and security.  Chiefway used its considerable smart glass experience and skilled manpower to guarantee project success. What is a Privacy Glass Window? A privacy

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What is Toughened Glass - Chiefway Malaysia Trusted Smart Glass Solution Provider Malaysia

What is Toughened Glass, and How Does Smart Glass Compare?

Glass is fast becoming a major building component in modern architecture due to its numerous benefits. Due to its advantages, more commercial building owners are incorporating toughened, smart, and laminated glass fixtures into their designs. But what is toughened glass, and what is toughened glass used for? Continue reading to understand the benefits of toughened

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Low E Glass - Chiefway Malaysia Trusted Smart Glass Solution Provider Malaysia

What is Low E Glass & How It Compares to Chiefway Smart Glass

Since the 1970s, when the low e-glass technology was first developed, the innovative technology continues to find practical applications in today’s building industry. The advanced low e-glass technology helps laminated glass fixtures control the amount of ultraviolet and infrared rays flowing through a hot glass surface. Keep reading to learn more about low e-glass and

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Smart Glass Gym Pod - Chiefway Malaysia Trusted Smart Glass Solution Provider Malaysia

Smart Glass Gym Pod Private Gyms: Creative Smart Glass Use

Gym pods are rapidly gaining popularity in the fitness industry, with more fitness professionals using them. Made from intuitive energy-saving smart glass and boasting excellent features, gym pods offer users a private gym experience thanks to their advanced instant privacy features. What is a Smart Glass Gym Pod? Smart glass gym pods are sleek, modern

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Glass Office - Chiefway Malaysia Trusted Smart Glass Solution Provider Malaysia

Corporate Smart Glass Office: DNB, Menara HLX & Nanostix!

Chiefway smart glass products have numerous applications in commercial offices due to their special features and benefits. Besides their robust security features, switchable glass provides excellent heat, light, and sound insulation. Chiefway’s switchable smart glass products are extensively used in commercial buildings, prominently featuring in banks, hotels, and corporate office towers. Key Benefits of Installing

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