5 Smart Glass & Smart Film Inspired Tips for Modern Office Spaces

Ever walked past some offices or buildings and wondered at the beauty of their display screens, glass windows and presentation panels? 

Ever felt amazed by the marvelous technology behind modern architecture, thinking of it as an absolutely mind blowing design?

Well, that’s the expected idea and effect when businesses are willing to try and embrace innovative solutions such as installing Smart Film and Smart Glass technology or even changing the way offices usually look into cost-effective yet functional spaces. 

So goodbye boring workplaces, say hello to modernisation!

Importance of Modernisation for Businesses 

Modernisation is slowly yet surely taking place in businesses. Source: AllTopStartups

We all know 2020 has been a bad year for almost all of us as the world is hit by the coronavirus pandemic — businesses suffer from the slow economy, people become more skeptical and fearful of touching objects and traveling from one place to another, and companies begin to enforce the concept of “New Normal” in workplaces.

Imagine how the world has changed in just a few months’ time. Especially in the business landscape.

That’s why modernisation is crucial — in a time where the conventional workspace is no longer that feasible nor inspiring, technology becomes the lifesaver of the day.

And these are the ways technology help reinvent businesses like never before:

  • Increase overall productivity 

Modern technology helps you achieve a more efficient workplace. Work can be quickly completed through automation, thus saving time, effort and resources.

  • Provide environment-friendly solutions 

Most modern tech these days are built to be environmentally friendly, especially since concerns about global warming and climate change are increasing day by day. These green technologies help in global conservation efforts by minimising carbon footprints apart from providing benefits to businesses such as reduced energy usage and subsequently, cost.

  • Generate ideas and innovation

When you no longer need to do many things manually at work thanks to technological advancement, the time saved can then be used to brainstorm more creative ideas and innovation to take businesses to another level. 

  • Give good first impressions

Implementing modern technology in commercial spaces certainly improves the first impressions. Your space will look more aesthetically pleasing and cool, which will also increase people’s trust in your brand or company.

5 Tips & Must-Haves for Modern Workplaces

If you own offices or operate event spaces, there are some factors and considerations that you definitely won’t miss out when constructing these workplaces and ensuring your business activities go smoothly.

#1 Privacy, Privacy, More Privacy

Smart Glass act as an electric curtain and provide instant privacy when needed
Enjoy privacy at work with ease using smart film. Source: Chiefway

Privacy is important at work and in business. You wouldn’t want to distract or disturb your other co-workers with your private meeting discussions. Hence, having insulated walls or automatic smart glass panels that can change between transparent and opaque states are great features to add to your workspace.

#2 Encourage Natural Lights

Smart film has UV blocking property to protect users against the harmful ultraviolet rays. Source: Chiefway

Who doesn’t love the feel of natural lighting gracing your working spaces? Natural lights are known to boost moods, energy and productivity, which is a plus point to businesses. Smart technologies like Smart Glass and Smart Film serve as the perfect tool to let you enjoy the radiant sunshine without contracting harmful ultraviolet rays thanks to the UV blocking property.

Not only that but smart technology also has a heat reduction feature, helping to keep rooms cool, comfortable and quiet without putting in too much effort. That certainly sounds like a happy money-saving tip right there, you’re welcome.

#3 Build An Efficient Layout

The world is your oyster when employing modern tech for an efficient, productive workspace. Source: Arrow Glass and Mirror

An efficient layout is a must for companies no matter your business niche because a good workspace environment contributes to overall productivity and efficiency. Since the advent of smart innovative technology, modern office culture or open space culture is becoming a norm. 

Such work culture gets popular over time as businesses realise the need to allow employees a casual comfortable setting to socialise at work. This includes creating oversized lunch and recreational areas, and even brewing stations. 

Put up a Smart Glass with frosted state for an instant partition when you need privacy in team discussions. Turn on the transparent screen to allow communication or flip to projection display when you need to present ideas in business meetings. 

And the best part of technologies such as smart films and smart glass is that you can effortlessly revolutionise your entire space layout with just a flick of the remote switch.

#4 Create Aesthetically Pleasing Environment

Smart glass also comes in colours to add variety to your commercial space design. Source: Chiefway

Who needs fiddly, messy, awkward privacy curtains and blinds when you can simply switch on an opaque screen with just one touch? That spells smart technology for you — this awesome Smart Glass & Smart Film technology does not only stop at giving you control of privacy but also looks great and gives that contemporary touch to your overall company environment.

Users can alternate arbitrarily between multimedia creative materials, transparent display windows, and TV screen modes as featured by smart film types such as Smart Window and Smart Window Touch.

#5 Consult An Expert!

Consult an expert for advice and recommendations before you decide to change your workplace design layout. Source: Darcor

Before you start tearing down walls to make way for modern tech like smart film and smart glass, consult an expert first to integrate your business spaces into a design that allows for an easy transition for all, especially for employees (since they spend most of their time in the workspace anyway).

If you don’t know where to go, don’t worry — just talk to us at Chiefway!

Wonder what are the benefits of getting an expert for a consultation like Chiefway?

  • We understand what works best for you and your business
  • We help you customise solutions based on our expertise and experiences
  • We are professional & knowledgeable in the field
  • We help you save time and cost through expert recommendations

4 Modern Commercial Spaces Inspired by Smart Glass

One touch of a switch to keep your office private from the outside while making your office a trendy place to work in. Source: Chiefway
Enjoy excellent control flexibility as you easily toggle between crystal clear and opaque states. Source: Chiefway 
The easy application of Smart Glass means you don’t need a total makeover on your existing glass panes. Source: Chiefway 
Elevate the design of your office to the next level with just minimal resource usage. Source: Chiefway

Global Leader in Smart Glass & Smart Film Industry in Malaysia

Chiefway is a leading smart glass and smart film manufacturer in Malaysia, providing high-quality smart products for businesses ranging from smart film and smart glass to adhesive LED film.

We have helped clients of various niche transform their commercial spaces with our experience and expertise ranging from interior designers, architecture and even contractors. As modernisation of office spaces becomes more important in the fast-paced business world, we at Chiefway remain committed on coming up with the best, ideal solutions tailored to your space.  

Interested to modernise your business space? Contact us to get started right away.

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