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12 Minimalist Design With Smart Glass Solution

Minimalist interior design makes use of bare essentials to create a simple and uncluttered space.

Nowadays, designers are incorporating smart glass onto windows, walls, and doors. Minimalist interior design trends are set to reach new heights of popularity.

All this may be linked to the numerous benefits that come with it such as reduced clutter, increased peace of mind, and better aesthetics.

Unfortunately, not very many people know about its applications and benefits in Malaysia. We are here to change that!

One way in which to increase the awareness of Smart Glass into your minimalist designs is to shout out the benefits of it to public.

But how you might ask? Creating a warm and cozy interior is the answer!

Incorporating switchable smart glass to your minimalist interior design means that you’ll no longer require any curtains, blinds, shades, or any other window treatment.

Creating a warm and cozy home with minimalist interior design. Source: DecorAid

Application Of Smart Glass In Different Industries

As mentioned previously, the application of Smart Glass and its benefits might not be known to public.

But here is what you need to know!

Switchable smart glass is now redefining the architectural and interior design industries. It is now used in various industries such as:


Switchable glass has so many benefits when integrated into smart homes. They’re applied on windows and doors to make houses more energy-efficient and thus saving on electricity bills.

Apart from smart glass privacy and the overall living conditions in the house, the glass also increases the aesthetic appeal of the house which ultimately increases the resale value.

Smart glass application in the bathroom. Source: AliExpress

Office Interior or Corporate Building

Modern office design made of smart glass increase privacy and muffle noises from outside. This makes them a great solution, especially for use in conference rooms. Meetings are held with the privacy they deserve.

Office partitions made using switchable smart glass. Source: Gauzy

Healthcare Industry

This technology has come at a time when high-level sanitary conditions are needed in hospitals.

Smart glass in healthcare, as it’s very easy to clean so bacteria, viruses, and other microbes don’t stay on surfaces. Thanks to the transparency of the glass, doctors can check on their patients without needing to be in the same room with them.

Patient room with smart glass partitions for easy monitoring and privacy on demand. Source:

How Do I Customize My Switchable Smart Glass?

Smart glass technology is clearly soaring in demand and one of the biggest drivers for this growth is the numerous options for customization. One thing that people love about smart glass is that it can be customized to meet their specific project requirements.

Let’s take a look at the different ways you can customize your smart glass and apply to your project!

1. Shape. The shape can be customized for any project. The glass can even be curved at whatever angle the customer requests.

2. Color. Apart from the default clear and opaque shades, smart glass can be colored into whatever color that complements your project.

3. Size. Single panes can be manufactured in a wide range of sizes depending on the project being worked on. The multiple single panes are then incorporated into discrete frames to allow a complete glass façade to be constructed.

4. Security. Using smart glass, you can strengthen the security of your space by applying a polycarbonate protective shield. This enables the glass to withstand the pressure that’s exerted on it without breaking. 

12 Minimalist Design With Smart Glass Solution

So, does Smart Glass solution and minimalist design comes together?

Absolutely! Smart Glass can be customized into any ways you wanted – whether it be residentially – your bathroom, living room and bed room, and even your office design – meeting room!

Want more ideas? Read this 12 Minimalist Interior Design that you can consider with Smart Glass solution!

1. Perfect Dream House

The versatile nature of smart glass allows you to beautify your space in a modern way, to create your perfect energy-efficient dream house. The thing we love most about the glass is that it’s multifunctional and dynamic, thus eliminating the need to hang filler wall clutter. The glass can be customized into whatever shape or color you like. Its creative versatility is super impressive.

Turn all your dreams house into a reality – literally. Source:

2. Perfectly Fitted Privacy Glass For Meeting Rooms

This new technology not only makes spaces more attractive but also increases the number of privacy solutions. Any room can quickly transform into a private and quiet space where board members or employees can hold their meetings.

The glass changes from clear to frosted in a fraction of a second. The walls can either be controlled using a remote control switch, a fixed control switch installed on a wall, or a voice-activated control switch.

Open spaces can easily be transformed into private meeting room. Source:

3. Maximum Flexibility – Instant Privacy When Needed

If you’re looking for maximum flexibility, it’s about time you considered exchanging your traditional walls with these smart panels.

Smart glass is a fantastic alternative to curtains, sheers, or blinds. This versatile solution may be applied on walls, large windows, interior partitions, skylights, or even on contemporary glass floors. When used in these areas, it provides privacy instantly whenever needed.

Get instant privacy in your office whenever you need it. Source: AliExpress

4. Aesthetic Appeal

You have a whole lot of limitless style design ideas when you’re working with switchable smart glass. It adds some sort of high-end luxury to all interior design projects.

Most people love how the glass designs can be integrated with other already-existing designs to come up with elegantly functional and beautiful results.

All walls, windows, and partitions can feature switchable glass with changing light transmission properties. Imagine how beautiful the building would be! Allowing you to alter the glass’s transparency by passing electricity, heat, or light through the glass.

Upgrade the appearance of your office with smart glass. Source: ElectraTint

5. Electronic Curtain

Curtains, blinds, shades, and drapes are all non-minimalistic solutions that offer privacy. What gives the glass the name “electric curtain” is how it switches instantly from transparent to opaque for complete privacy.

Unlike other traditional curtains, the glass can be integrated into any type of partition system or profile. It may be used in conference room partitions, personal offices, entryways, waiting areas, bathrooms, walls, etc. and whenever the room’s occupants feel that they need privacy, the glass can be transformed electronically.

There’s no need for traditional curtains if you have switchable glass. Source: dimmingglassfilm

6. Modern Office Interior

In as much as you want a modern minimalist office, you shouldn’t have to compromise on your comfort or that of your employees. You should also ensure that the experience visitors get when they come to your office is out of this world.

To achieve all this, you should maintain an open and airy atmosphere with simple furniture and walls.

Smart glass is guaranteed to make all your modern office interior design dreams become a reality. Source:

7. Selfie-Perfect Bathroom

When a voltage passes through the switchable glass, the liquid crystal molecules align. This causes the glass panels to become clear and light can pass through. When the electricity supply is cut off, the liquid crystal molecules become randomly oriented. This causes the glass to become opaque.

When the glass is opaque, it acquires a mirror-like look, especially if it has a shiny film applied to it. If you’re a mirror-selfie addict who can’t walk past a mirror without taking selfies, use this glass to transform your bathroom into the selfie-perfect bathroom you always dreamed about.

Highly reflective smart glass that functions as a mirror and as a TV (the smart tv is built-in) . Source:

8.  Let There Be Light – And A Lot Of It

Light generally makes us happier, more comfortable, and increases our productivity. Incorporating smart glass into your minimalist interior design project will make the rooms feel bigger than they actually are.

The amount of light getting into a room has a lot to do with how spacious the room looks and feels.

Smart glass allows lots of natural light to come in without compromising on privacy. This minimizes the need for using artificial lighting and ultimately reduces your electricity bill.

Smart glass allows in lots of natural light without compromising on quality. Source:

9. Get The Spacious Look

Smart glass partitions and walls make spaces to feel open and fluid, just like regular glass which is a pillar of minimalist interior design. If you’re looking to create an open atmosphere that provides privacy whenever needed, go for switchable smart glass.

Instead of going for traditional walls, use smart glass to maximize on your limited square footage for a more spacious look. Normally, a standard wall measures about 5 inches while a standard glass partition measures about 1 inch or even less.

That’s about 4 inches saved on space, per wall. This means that you can save up to 16 inches per room.

Tight spaces tend to feel and look larger when glass is used. Source: TRIAD

10.  Colours, Colours and Colours

Glass is the ultimate construction material that’s sleek, light, transparent, and easily customizable into different colors. Even though it’s still possible to customize other solutions using shading systems, they don’t come out as naturally as they do on glass.

Smart glass keeps things simple and the custom designs and patterns can be dynamic.

Whatever color you need be it white, black, or anything in between, you can get it. Tell me if there’s a better way to marry your brand colors into the entire project in a very minimalistic way.

Smart glass is customizable into a wide range of colors. Source:

11.  Minimalist But Cozy

Making spaces look and feel comfortable is a key ingredient when you decide to go the minimalist way. If you are remodeling your home or office, it means that you will be spending a lot of time there.

If the rooms are uncomfortable, this can take a huge toll on the occupants’ mood, leading to unhappiness or lack of productivity.

Just because you’re a minimalist doesn’t mean that you should compromise on anything. Your comfort and that of others should always be a number one priority.

The minimalist trend is quickly catching on especially in bedrooms. Source: homedesigning

12.  Less Is More

The motto with a minimalist is that less is always equal to more. This applies to everything ranging from the layout, furniture, décor, etc. All this is achievable without sacrificing the comfort of your occupants.

If, for example, you’re using regular glass instead of smart glass, it means that you’re using other privacy solutions such as curtains. These add bulk into the room, can be an eyesore, and also require that you first install curtain rods.

At the end of the day, there’s so much going on and that gives off less of a minimalist vibe.

A home stripped to its essentials looking homely. Source: thelifestyle-files


The popularity of smart glass as a construction material stems from so many factors.

The main one being its advanced functionality wrapped up in unprecedented aesthetic appeal and how it provides easy workability in the world of interior design. Not only does it marry with everything inside the room but also connects the building to its environment while at the same time, offering protection from the elements.

Are you interested in an innovative Smart Glass or Smart Film solutions that provides maximum possibilities to your project?

If yes, then visit us at Chiefway and let’s discuss ideas o your project!

We guarantee that our cutting-edge products will help you strike the perfect balance between style and utility. Reach out to us today and contact us!

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