How Smart Glass Makes Your Home Feel Bigger, Brighter & Safer

Out with the old and in with the new!

Innovation has, once again, blessed us with a technology that is improving our quality of life – the smart glass.

Smart glass is a type of window that changes its appearance from clear to dark when electricity is applied to it. The technology comes as a relief to homeowners as it offers an effective solution to some of their pain points.

Some of the issues homeowners face that smart glass helps address include:

Low privacy

Unfortunately, due to the transparency of regular glass windows, they offer less privacy to homeowners. The thought that strangers and other unwelcomed persons have visual access to your home is nothing short of unsettling. However, since smart glass can turn dark with the touch of a button, they offer much-needed privacy. As a result, homeowners can rest easy knowing that the interior of their home is safe from the prying eyes of unwelcomed persons.

High Costs of Window Treatments

The price of custom window treatments can rise to a staggering high. That alone comes as a disadvantage to people who are looking for cheaper options that offer the same functionalities as window treatments, if not more. With smart glass, homeowners get a cost-effective way of safeguarding the privacy of their homes, among other things.

Small Windows That Block Sunlight or Large Windows That Allow Too Much Light

In some residential homes, windows are too small and bring insufficient natural light. For others, windows are placed in areas where trees and other buildings block sunlight from reaching their homes. In this case, smart glass is a great option as it allows additional light to shine through.

On the other hand, large windows tend to bring in too much light. Smart glass can be used to shield us from the light and heat by acting as a blind.

6 Ways Switchable Glass Can Make Any Space Feel More Like a Dream Home

Everyone deserves to have their own home paradise, and it is one of those wishes that are in nearly every adult’s bucket list. As people envision their dream homes, they see cool and beautiful homes in either minimalistic or contemporary designs. However, the reality is that most people’s homes are ‘meh’ looking.

One of the ways to transform a house into a dream home is to do an entire home renovation. Unfortunately, this is expensive, to say the least.

The good news is, installing switchable glass is a cost-effective home remodel project that can help transform any house into a dream home.

Here’s how!

Add More Glass

Is your living room small, but you would like to experience an expanded sense of space? Add more glass. Doing so eliminates visual barriers and opens up your space. Naturally, glass promotes a sense of continuity that gives the illusion of a bigger space. Hence, you feel like you are living in your dream home.

Privacy Glass in Bathrooms

Installing privacy glass in your bathroom is a great way to add a luxurious feel to your home. It is an ideal way to incorporate natural lighting as well as improve the aesthetics of your bathroom. You can also use it to make your bathrooms appear larger.

Additionally, privacy glass increases the functionality of your guest bathroom. For instance, if you have children, one may take a bath while the other is brushing their teeth. The fact that privacy glass allows people to proceed with multiple activities simultaneously makes it a worthwhile addition to your home, especially in the bathroom.

Source: JOANB

Add Skylights

The importance of bringing in as much natural light as possible into a home cannot be over-emphasized. In this case, adding skylights is beneficial to any home as they bring in extra daylight. It is especially essential to certain rooms that, for structural reasons, have no windows on the walls.


In this case, using smart glass is a clever idea as it allows you to capture the early morning sun rays. Using its technology, you can turn the glass opaque, protecting your home from the scorching afternoon sun.

Smart Glass Doors & Entryways

In most cases, your door and entryway are the first interaction visitors have with your home’s interior. Unfortunately, entryways are often dark. By installing smart glass doors and entryways is a sure way to open and brighten up your home.

For optimum results, do not only focus on the main entryway. Depending on the design of your home, you will find that other entryways lead to various rooms. Where applicable, incorporate smart glass doors and entryways to make your home bigger and brighter.

Enhance Motion Sensor Integration

Motion sensors are a great tool to ensure the security of your home. To integrate motion sensors in your home and ensure their functionality, you need to place them where there is a clear line of sight; something that you cannot achieve when your stone wall is blocking the view.

In this case, installing more smart glass in your home allows you more room for your motion sensors to work properly.

Smart Glass modern tech for an efficient, productive workspace. Source: Arrow Glass and Mirror

Go With Smart Lighting

Another notable perk of switchable glass is that they work hand-in-hand with smart lighting technologies such as motorized curtains.

Motorized curtains are a smart lighting technology that allows you to increase the amount of light coming into your home. However, if you have smaller windows, you may not experience the full impact of motorized curtains. It is for this reason that installing smart glass is a great idea.

Smart glass gives the sun more room to penetrate your home while making it brighter. If you want to minimize the amount of light coming into the living space and do not want to darken the switchable glass, drawing the motorized curtains and leaving a smaller space to bring in light offers such convenience with the click of a button.

Benefits of Using Smart Glass and Smart Film in Your Home

Over the past few years, we have noticed an increase in the number of smart glass applications in both residential and commercial buildings, and for good reasons.

Let us dive into details.

1. Clear, Relaxing View

If you are looking to achieve a relaxing environment in your home, investing in a smart glass is a great option. Not only does it provide a clear view of the outside, but it also gives you scenic views of the surrounding, creating a better living environment for you and your household.

2. Enjoy the health benefits of natural light

A smart glass allows in natural light that is essential in boosting our moods, warding off depression, and improving sleep. It also plays a significant role in allowing us access to the benefits of vitamin D.

3. Privacy, Privacy & Privacy

Since you can switch the smart glass from transparent to opaque with a touch of a button offers increased privacy to homeowners. Whether it is during the daytime or at night, you can have the privacy you desire on demand.

Source: Homify

4. A Brilliant Alternative To Curtains

Curtains are a common option for most people. However, if you are looking to achieve a unique vibe and would like to wow your visitors, smart glass is a brilliant alternative to curtains.

Smart glass also comes in colours to add aesthetic views to the architecture. Source: Chiefway

5. Gives excellent control flexibility

Who does not love to have control?

With switchable glass, you have the flexibility to control the amount of light you want in your home. Also, you have the luxury of choosing the level of privacy you desire.

Controlling via remote control, given user the flexibility of privacy when needed. Source: Chiefway

6. Transforming Your ‘meh’ Looking House Into A Modern Dream House

Thanks to the need for modern living, the real estate business is ever-changing. Unfortunately, not many of us have the luxury of moving to a more modern home or have the finances to plan a remodeling project. However, smart glass installation offers a more cost-effective method of transforming your ‘ordinary’ house into a luxuriously-looking modern home.


With smart glass and smart film applications, your aspirations for a dream house are an installation away. 

Apart from their ability to offer privacy and make your home feel bigger, brighter and safer, they improve your home’s aesthetic appeal, increasing its resale value.

Besides that, Smart Glass & Smart Film technology is currently deep-rooted in the healthcare industry. 

For starters, it allows medical practitioners to examine their patients without the need to draw curtains, thus contaminating their hands. Whether in the operating theatres, wards, or examination rooms, patients have increased privacy, thanks to the switchable glass technology. 

Besides, as compared to curtains, smart glass is easier to clean and sterilize, which goes a long way in promoting high standards of hygiene in hospitals.

Fortunately, Chiefway can make this happen for you. Being the leading manufacturer of both smart glass and smart film, they can apply this next-level technology to your residential or commercial property.

Discover the unique applications smart film technology may have for your space, and share your project details with us!

We will send you a personalized quote free of charge.

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