18 Top Decor Ideas to Try While Working From Home – by Chiefway Malaysia

18 Top Decor Ideas to Try While Working From Home – Inspired by Smart Glass

Over the years, brick, metal, and wood have been the go-to solutions for building materials.

However, if your home is predominantly made of any of these materials, you may have noticed that they often shield your home from natural lighting. As a result, some spaces in your home may remain dark and chilly throughout the day. 

Given the fast-paced lives that most of us lead, you may have been oblivious to the lighting situation in your home. However, with work from home becoming a norm due to Covid-19 you may finally be feeling the pinch of diminished sunlight.

If you are in doubt, answer this: how long does it take you to find a well-lit space to work or hold online meetings in?

The good news is, by trading some light-blocking brick walls and wooden doors for smart glass installations, your home could go from dark and dull to bright and cheery. More importantly, smart glass:

  • Can be switched from transparent glass to a privacy screen with the flip of a switch
  • Provides sound insulation and allows you to work in peace while still allowing great flow of light

Come along and let us explore some design ideas you could use aside from incorporating a modern application like Smart Glass in your home workspace.

Smart glass can keep your home workspace private.
Source: Behance

18 Amazing Decor Ideas To Work From Home – Inspired by Smart Glass Technology

Are you ready to transform your space and make it a joy to work and live in? Here are some decor ideas you can work with.

1. Minimalist Design

A minimalist decor approach creates space and improves lighting. Source: Slidingdoorco

Clutter and bulky walls rob a space of light and can make it feel smaller than it truly is. If you have been feeling claustrophobic in your own home, this might be the cause. 

Start by arranging or getting rid of any unnecessary clutter in your home. Once that is done, consult a building expert about replacing suitable walls with smart glass. It would make your home office more modern and the free flow of light could make the entire space feel more spacious. It is a minimalist design approach that yields high-impact results.

2. Greenery

Greenery livens up home office decor. Source: Loop Living 

Greenery adds a touch of nature to your home office decor and softens it up. Your preferences will, nevertheless, determine what kind of greenery would work best for you.

Flowery plants require more care but are ideal if you enjoy the brightness that they offer. Green leafy potted plants are also beautiful and are available in low and high maintenance varieties. Remember to place your plants in the path of natural light to allow them to thrive.

3. Repurpose a Room

Attics can easily be repurposed into home offices.
Source: Elmueble

Do you have a guest room that hardly gets any use? Or perhaps an empty garage or an attic? Consider transforming these or any other rooms that are not being used to their full potential into a workspace. 

The first step would be to clear the room and clean it. Take time to observe how light flows into the room so that you know where to position your desk. If the light flow is poor, consider installing larger smart glass windows or a skylight.

4. Use Space-Saving Techniques

Sliding help save lots of space. Source: Sawdustgirl

If you have limited room in your home or have to share your space with family, it is essential to get creative. Otherwise, it may soon become impossible to find anything in your home. 

Space-saving techniques simply entail maximizing the space you have. For example, instead of typical doors, consider installing sliding doors. They do not take up any space in a room and allow you to install storage units like shelves. Desks that double up as storage units also enable you to meet two needs with one furniture unit.

5. New Accessories

Elegant lamps are great home office accessories.
Source: Unique Piece Furniture

It is said that a change is as good as a rest. After so many months of WFH, it is normal that you may be feeling tired of being in the same old surroundings. How about you get some new accessories to spice up your decor?

Home office accessories range from miniature writing boards to scented candles and classy lamps. It all comes down to what you feel would liven up the space for you. 

6. Maximize on Storage Solutions

Glass shelves do not obstruct light. Source: Foter

Shelves and chests of drawers are lifesavers. They keep your book, documents, and stationery organized and can be great statement decor pieces. Reflective chests of drawers are a new catchy trend that is ideal if you prefer sleek modern decor. Glass shelves are equally nice especially if you are keen on maintaining the free flow of light.

7. Wall Hangings

Minimalist art pieces make for tasteful decor.
Source: Chiktalkch

Online backgrounds of the Amazon rainforest or your country’s flag are fun for video calls. However, if you would like to up your game, a more natural sophisticated background would be the way to go.

Art and tasteful light fixtures never go out of style. Aim for pieces that are interesting but not distracting though. Abstract art pieces, for example, would work well for this.

8. Use Mirrors

Mirrors enhance decor and lighting . Source: Ballard Designs

If decor was a set of cards, mirrors would be aces. They are a perfect way to add some sophistication to a room. More so when they have ornate frames. Additionally, due to their reflective nature, mirrors help improve lighting in a room by having a ‘multiplier effect’. Whatever light is cast on them, they reflect it to the rest of the room. 

9. Aim for Elegance

Tasteful decor and lighting create an elegant home office. Source: Livingetc

Your work environment directly affects your productivity. While you may have had little to no say regarding decor at your workplace, you have complete control over your home office. Try and incorporate elegant touches such as: 

  • An area rug
  • A comfortable ornate desk and chair
  • Quality wallpaper

10. Windows

Large windows offer much better natural lighting.
Source: Marvin.com

Windows are fundamental as they provide proper air circulation and lighting. If you repurpose your garage or basement, for example, without addressing the windows, chances are your work days will be quite miserable.

The beauty of smart glass is that it is highly versatile. It works for both small and large windows and can be used as clear or privacy glass. Its insulative properties would also help keep the temperature in your workspace well-regulated.

11. Add a Burst of Color

Brilliant color smart glass is available in different shades

All work and no color makes you a dull worker bee. So, how do you feel about adding some color to your home workspace? Before you object, you do not even have to pick up any paint or wallpaper. Brilliant color smart glass is available in a variety of colors and comes ready for installation. The best part? It still offers all the normal advantages of smart glass.

12. A Gallery Wall

A gallery wall breaks the monotony of plain walls .
Source: Society 6 

Gallery walls are a common feature in fancy hotels and office spaces such as law firms. They are a nice way to break the monotony of plain walls and add a sentimental touch to your home office. All you need to do is get a couple of framed pictures and hang them on a plain wall to form some kind of collage or constellation.

13. Glass Partitioning

Glass partitioning makes it easy to separate workspaces. Source: Cotemaison-fr

Making space for a home office is a difficult task in most homes. This is because space is often limited and most people do not ordinarily plan for a home office as it has never been as much of a necessity as it is now. 

Glass partitioning can help you carve out a little private nook to create a workspace. It is applicable in your bedroom, living room, or even a balcony, among other areas. Smart glass portioning can also come in handy if, for instance, you have to share your home office with your children as you supervise their online learning. 

14. Make the Most of Natural Light

Smart glass walls can help you maximize access to natural light. Source: Dwell

The flow of light in a room is a science all unto itself. As such, when you set up your home office, it may take a day or two before you figure out how natural light flows into the room at different times of the day. Be patient as this will help you find the best position for your desk and chair. 

It is equally important to figure this part out before you decide if and how to install larger windows, skylights, or clear smart glass doors. You will make a more informed decision by observing before remodelling.

15. Shutters

Shutters provide shade and privacy.
Source: Cotton Wood and Co

Shutters are essential for times when you need to:

  • Limit sun glare into your home workspace
  • Have some privacy
  • Take a nap or reflect in silence

That said, while shutters are lovely, using smart glass on your windows, glazing, or glass doors is a far better option. Smart glass switches easily between transparency and privacy, takes up less room than shutters, and is much easier to clean. 

If you want something really cool, you may want to try blinds smart glass. It is an edgy alternative to traditional blinds and shutters. 

16. Treat Yourself to a View

A home office with a view could boost productivity.
Source: Chaylor and Mads

Being cooped up in four walls can easily stifle your creativity or make you less productive. Try and create a view of the great outdoors for your home office. It could be a view of your backyard garden or the sky. The goal here is to simply ensure that you can look out and be rejuvenated by nature

Smart glass windows or walls allow uninhibited views. If you do not wish for peering eyes to see inside your home workspace, consider using one-way smart glass

17. Install Cabinets or Refurbish Existing One’s

Refurbishing old cabinets improves your home office decor. Source: Builtinsolutions.co.uk

Cabinets provide loads of storage to keep all your files and work-from-home paraphernalia all squared away. Plus, they are usually mounted on the wall and thus take up little space. Before installation, weigh the amount of space you have versus how much storage you need. Too many cabinets that you do not need can be unappealing.

If you have existing cabinets, you can refurbish them by: 

  • Painting them
  • Replacing their knobs/handles with sleeker options
  • Replacing their doors with glass ones

18. Use Corners to the Fullest

Corners can be used for refreshments stands.
Source: Lilly Ann Cabinets

Corners are taken for granted in most rooms when they can otherwise be put to lots of constructive use. Some of the important items you can place in corners include: 

  • Potted leafy plants 
  • Coat hangers
  • A water dispenser/ coffee maker/ refreshments stand
  • Scent diffusers
  • Corner design storage units 

Final Word

Understandably, you may have a hard time adjusting to working from home after years of commuting to commercial workspaces every day.

However, none of us can control the pandemic. All we can do is adjust and stay home to protect ourselves and our loved ones. 

Now that you have tips on how to create a cozy home office, perhaps you will have an easier time creating a home workspace that inspires and motivates you.

Moreover, the multiple benefits of smart glass make it easy to set up a workspace just about anywhere in your home.

Ready to start your home office project?

Contact us at Chiefway Smart Glass and let us provide you with the right smart glass solutions for all your needs.

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