Important of smart glass in healthcare industry

Why is Smart Glass Important in Healthcare Industry?

Most of us would only marvel at the cool technology Smart Glass has to offer but little did we realise, this innovation actually plays a great role in the healthcare industry. 

In the past, hospitals and clinics are using traditional blinds in their efforts to maintain privacy and keep their patients comfortable during consultation away from potential staring eyes of others waiting in the queue or along the walkway. It was quite a hassle though — one has to manually adjust the blinds, which can be time-wasting and tiring.

Traditional blinds used to be the way to go for privacy before the emergence of Smart Glass technology. Source:

Nowadays, most healthcare institutions are switching to the use of Smart Glasss within their buildings, especially after realising the wonderful benefits such technology can provide them. There are many potential applications of Smart Glass here — in operating theatres, treatment rooms, dialysis rooms, research labs and even meeting rooms for healthcare employees and more.  

So apart from convenience, what makes Smart Glass a better alternative to traditional blinds that it is becoming an important part of medical building design and architecture? 

Useful Benefits of Smart Glass in Healthcare 

One Smart Glass, two visibility modes. Source: Chiefway

Smart Glass operates on the principles of Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (also known as PDLC) technology, whereby the transparent state of a glass panel can be rapidly transformed into an opaque state, and vice versa, via a flick of the switch. This innovative switchable Smart Glass opens up many advantages and possibilities in hospitals and clinical settings as follows. 

Here are five major benefits that Smart Glass contributes to the healthcare industry:

  1. Health benefits of natural light
  2. Increased patient privacy & security
  3. Hygienic alternative to blinds and curtains
  4. Excellent control flexibility
  5. Modern transformation of medical spaces 

1. Health Benefits of Natural Light 

Natural light is known to bring positive benefits to people. Source: Healthcare Facilities Today

Imagine feeling the natural light shining through the windows as you are stuck in the hospital — such radiance tends to bring a smile or two even to the grumpiest sickly individual. 

Natural light is known to promote positivity, enhances vitamin D absorption and improves our sleep. This helps to reduce risks of depression, heart health issues, cancers and even weight gain

And imagine getting that maximum dose of happy sunlight streaming through a transparent pane of adjustable glass layer whereby both the staff and patients have absolute control on its light admittance via a switch. Well, that’s Smart Glass for you. 

2. Increased Patient Privacy & Security

Smart Glass helps doctors to monitor patients in contagious cases without entering the room. Source: Radio Free Europe

Need to give patients some quiet, private moments to themselves to rest and recuperate? Smart Glass allows you to do that without having to go in and out of the rooms or wards, but just with a press of a switch. 

This glass state conversion feature is also extremely useful when there is no need for privacy or when it becomes a clear open area. Smart Glass is also useful for medical staff to monitor patients’ progress and make observations from afar without contamination or disturbing them, especially when dealing with contagious cases. 

3. Hygienic Alternative to Blinds and Curtains

Cleaning and maintenance are made easier with switchable Smart Glass in place. Source: Lifesavvy

Traditional blinds and curtains are more difficult to clean as dust and germs are more easily trapped on their surfaces. Thankfully, that is not the case with Smart Glass.

Medical facilities emphasise strongly on cleanliness to prevent any potential spread of bacteria, viruses or diseases. Since Smart Glass can be installed on existing glass windows, this makes cleaning and maintenance easier, providing a more hygienic alternative on privacy in hospital rooms. 

4. Excellent Control Flexibility

Changing the state of the window from transparent to opaque and vice versa is extremely simple with the Smart Glass technology. Source: Intelligent Glass

Smart Glass provides a degree of unparalleled control and flexibility as compared to normal glass. With just a small amount of electricity applied, medical staff can have a crystal clear window to make observations and activate a frosted state when the power is switched off.

Not only that, but the Smart Glass like Pattern Blinds Smart Glass also maintains its high performance-environment friendly with safety functionality, something that normal glass cannot do. Medical professionals will be able to hold meetings and present their findings on a flat piece of projector glass panel using this Pattern Blind Smart Glass technology, which gives a vivid display of high transparency and clarity apart from engaging design and easy maintenance.

5. Modern Transformation of Medical Spaces

Who would have thought fireproof Smart Glass glass can look this modernly beautiful? Source: Chiefway Malaysia

Medical spaces do not have to look boring or messy. And Smart Glass offers itself an aesthetically pleasing, hassle-free alternative to installing privacy curtains in such settings. 

As society progresses, simple is beautiful, and modern minimalism is the way forward. Smart Glass applications such as Fire Proof Smart Glass and One-Way Smart Glass help to promote and elevate such a simple yet calming interior design without compromising safety or security, since these applications have zero-radiation.

By incorporating this technology in medical facilities, hospitals and clinics look less dreary but brighter and more contemporary with increased soothing vibes.

Great Possibilities for Healthcare Begin with Chiefway Smart Glass

Chiefway has been the leading manufacturer of Smart Glass and Smart Film industry in Malaysia since 2016. Our company has helped many businesses and organisations, including private residences in applying this innovative technology to enhance the aesthetics, safety and security plus reducing cost and other resources of the premises.

Smart Glass is a much-needed innovation when it comes to improving settings in the healthcare industry. In its transparent state, a Smart Glass allows a high amount of visible light to pass through yet blocking harmful ultraviolet rays up to 98%, brightening the medical spaces without any increase in air conditioning costs. 

The switchable Smart Glass technology also uses very low power consumption to operate and provides the privacy you need plus the functionality of a projector screen via an effortless flick of the switch. 

With so many benefits and advantages to offer, the Smart Glass application is not to be missed towards making medical facilities a better place not only just for the staff but also the patients.

So what are you waiting for? 

Discover the unique applications the Smart Glass Technology may have for your medical space. Share your project details and we will send you a personalised quote free of charge.

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