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9 Ways on How To Implement Smart Glass For Office

What is Smart Glass?

Smart glass is a type of switchable glass whose transparency can be altered by applying an electric current through it. The glass changes from transparent to translucent and vice versa.

When it’s transparent, it allows light to pass through but when it’s opaque it blocks different wavelengths of light from passing through.

The secret behind smart glass is the adjustable opacity.

With the flick of a switch, what was once an ordinary glass partition can turn into something completely different.

Companies all over are benefiting greatly from using switchable glass as a way of enhancing their employees’ working productivity in the office.

If you’re a cool company that’s looking to keep up with the latest tech trends and keep your team productive, then you need to jump on the smart glass Malaysia bandwagon.

An automatic sliding glass door in an office. Source: GuangzhouCN

Why Is Smart Glass A Superior Solution For Use In Offices?

As more and more businesses are switching to smart glass technology to help with efficient solutions for their needs. Over the past couple of years, we are seeing a steady increase in the demand for switchable glass.

In this section of this post, we’ll look at some of the major benefits of smart glass in the office and see why it is a superior solution as compared to other traditional solutions.     

9 Ways on How To Implement Smart Glass For Office

1.  Create Barrier And Privacy

Thanks to smart glass’s amazing privacy credentials, it is used in all kinds of privacy applications ranging from office partitions to modern display barrier – smart glass privacy is the answer, always!

This solution gives users the power to add more privacy when needed.

The most commonly used option is installing blinds or curtains which tend to make a modern office feel more old school.

The smart privacy glass is not only available in transparent, translucent, and opaque but is also available in a wide range of colors making it easy for you to customize the partitions into your brand colors.

Keep in mind that when we talk about privacy that does not mean that the glass brings total darkness when it’s opaque – giving total privacy without totally blocking the light out.

Smart glass partitions in an office meeting room. Source: made-in-china

2.   Noise Reduction

Who would have thought that smart glass has sound insulating properties?

Another obvious advantage of smart glass is that it offers noise reduction on demand.

The use of smart glass conference room provides unprecedented control over the amount of sound that gets into a room.

What once looked like regular glass can quickly transform into something completely different – a soundproof solution. 

Sounds mind-blowing, isn’t it?

Switchable glass can provide a quiet environment without necessarily obstructing the views so the room’s occupants can still see what is going on around them.

Power OFF vs Power ON. Source: Alibaba

3.   High Durability

Normally, the smart glass installation features two planes of glass, two sheets of the interlayer, and a PDLC layer sandwiched between the glass layers.

All these layers provide immense strength to the smart glass such that it doesn’t shatter when damaged.

This PDLC liquid crystal film, especially, provides high durability, reliability, and extra safety.

Smart glass withstands all elements of weather. For this reason, it may be used on the exterior of buildings and not just the interiors.

For example, it may be used in the central skylight above the employee lounge and it’ll serve its purpose for as long as needed.

The glass may be left on permanently and doesn’t require shutting off to prolong its lifespan.

If used internally where there’s no direct sunlight, the glass may last for anywhere between 15-20 years and if used externally the glass will last between 5-10 years.

Highly durable smart glass installations in an office. Source: Gauzy

4.   Enhance Flexibility

There are endless possibilities when it comes to smart glass. It isn’t just used as privacy smart glass.

The glass’s flexibility and versatility are two things that we cannot ignore in this post. S

mart glass technology boasts the biggest and most effective range of products that amaze and excite.

There are so many smart glass product options and this pretty much guarantees that there’s a solution for you no matter what application you’re interested in.

The glass can be customized in so many ways.

For example, you can find smart glass on sliding doors or on doors that are either battery operated or have a push/pull sign.

If you like laminated smart glass to use in wet areas like bathrooms, bulletproof glass, or fire-resistant glass you’ll find it.

Thanks to its flexibility, smart glass may be used in the most innovative places you can think of such as healthcare, stairs, aquariums, etc.

Smart glass is highly customizable. Source: my laminated glass

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5.   Aesthetically Pleasing – Modern Interiors

You should never compromise aesthetics for privacy or energy savings considerations.

Smart glass is a more aesthetically pleasing alternative compared to other options such as frosted glass, curtains, and blinds.

Whether you prefer simple, decorative, or elaborate designs, smart glass is a versatile solution that can fit perfectly into your already existing office design.

Thanks to the timeless aesthetic appeal of smart glass, customers can submit their design ideas for personalized pieces that will coordinate perfectly with the rest of your modern office design.

The fittings blend in well and are such an eye candy. Source: ProDisplay

6.   Instant Display Screen For Presentations

There’s just no matching that this Smart Glass technology on its multi functionality!

This technology offers users a functional high-definition projection screen – taking the glass on its appearance alone

Rather than its functionality only tells half the story as this controllable solution offers so much more than just privacy and an optical style choice.

The smart glass may also be used as a multifunction projection screen to present videos and visual arts to audiences.

When not in use, the glass is switched back to clear.

These glass screens are an ideal way to wow visitors with a practical and efficient screen that enforces the company’s brand message, passing along a general message of credibility.

HD Projections onto a smart wall. Source: TechnicalDisplay

7.  Act as Whiteboard

It can easily be overlooked that smart glass has more than just one major purpose which is privacy.

The solution can also double up as a whiteboard where employees can make notes or draw images for presentations. This makes it great for use in meetings.

It eliminates the need to purchase a whiteboard, therefore, reducing costs.

In most applications of smart glass, it blends in extremely well with the surroundings, ensuring that it always looks the part.

Switchable glass may be used as a whiteboard and at times supports interactivity with just the touch of a finger.

All these capabilities come together to create a collaborative marvel – and this is just the beginning.

Smart glass is not only a novel platform for projection but also act as an instant white board and touchscreen effects that can transform windows in boardrooms into dramatic visual displays.

Smart glass being used interactively. Source: Yuen-Fon

8.   Enhances Security

Smart glass is one product that will suit all your safety needs and requirements.

This solution meets society’s need for better security and safety.

It does so by providing advanced protection in different forms as bulletproof or anti-bandit glass.

The glass is also fire resistant so you can trust it to keep you safe in case a fire breaks out.

On matters of safety and security, smart glass also works by switching from transparent to opaque to help seal rooms from prying eyes during confidential security.

In the long run, you’ll realize that this solution saves you money because you don’t need to have other security measures in place such as security guards.

Using smart glass on doors doesn’t compromise on security. Source: Noyark

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9.   Boosts Productivity

Productivity should be the number one motivation driving any kind of changes or modifications to an office space.

With improved productivity at the very heart of this technology, it makes sense that all companies embrace it.

Modern offices are now following the sleek all-glass look which means that there can be a number of distractions out there.

Again, if someone feels like they need to relax and recharge, smart glass may be used to provide a more open-plan feel to the office.

The views will clear your mind and enable you to come up with more smart ideas.

The natural light that comes in has also been shown to contribute to boosting employees’ productivity and overall wellbeing.

Employees being productive in an office. Source: ygsmartglass


Chiefway is the leading specialist, manufacturer, and supplier of smart glass Malaysia and even Smart Film technology.

Smart glass differs from regular glass in that it can easily turn from a clear and opaque state on demand, providing unprecedented control over privacy and the amount of light or heat that enters your office!

Windows on which the smart glass is installed do not need blinds, shades, or any other form of window treatment – as a result, you will enjoy unobstructed views of the surroundings.

Smart switchable glass for meeting room. Source: huichipdlc

Interested to install our Smart Glass technology into your office?

Chiefway offer unbiased advice on the best smart products for even the most diverse end-user needs.

No matter how difficult the design requested is, trust us to deliver solutions that work every time.

We are proud suppliers of customers from a wide range of local and international industries including architectural, commercial, residential, marine, healthcare, and financial institutions.

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