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8 Ways How Smart Glass Enhances Security

Smart Glass has, over the years, reaped the benefits of advancements in technology.

This has made glass highly desirable for use in residential, commercial buildings and building facade.

Smart Glass is also often referred to as Switchable Glass or Intelligent Glass.

This glass can easily transition from being transparent to opaque with the flip of a switch.

How it works is that it’s coated with a layer of liquid crystal molecules that are randomly oriented when there is no electricity passing through the glass.

When a current is passed, these crystals line up and the glass becomes clear.

Frosting on electrically switchable glass. Source: Recipepes

This technology is used in homes, offices, museums, schools, restaurants, airports, hospitals, salons, and spas.

Some common applications of this cutting edge technology include:

·      Windows and doors

·      Walls and partitions

·      Floors and staircases

·      Museum display cases

·      Mirror TV overlays

However, Smart glass technology is not only useful in insulation and blocking out light but also enhances privacy and security.


There are a few ways you can enhances the security with the uses Smart Glass brilliant technology.

8 Ways How Smart Glass Enhances Security

Smart glass offers instant and controllable privacy, style, and energy regulation.

This glass offers a versatile remote-controlled solution that may be utilized interactively and as HD projection screens as well.

However, these aren’t the only benefits that people enjoy from electronically switchable glass – security is a huge added advantage.

We’re going to look at the different ways that Smart Glass is used to enhance security

Switchable glass with adjustable opacity. Source:SmartGlass International

1. Instant Privacy When Needed

As previously mentioned, these glasses go from transparent to opaque with the flick of a switch, adding unbeaten speed and control to privacy solutions.

Smart Glass allows users to frost the windows or doors to provide different levels of privacy throughout the day without compromising on natural light.

These options don’t entirely block all the light from coming in, are an eyesore that detracts from the room, they don’t stop heat from coming in, and are difficult to install and maintain.

Smart Glass is far more efficient and doesn’t have any maintenance or installment problems.

With this technology, you won’t need curtains, blinds, or shades to maintain privacy as these are downright outdated and not entirely reliable.

An illustration of ON and OFF modes. Source: lighttheminds

2. Safety Glass

The capacity to switch between transparent and opaque has proven to be very useful in temporarily sealing spaces from prying eyes during confidential processes.

This gives a sense of safety and security.

Smart Glass has merged with Security Glass to create the perfect security solution for doors, windows, walls, and even your roofs.

For maximum security and protection, Smart Glass may be combined with advanced ballistic and attack-resistant glass.

The strength and durability of Smart Glass, once enhanced, offers great barrier protection even against blasts.

It’s worth noting that once the Smart Glass has been reinforced, it becomes shatterproof.

When it’s broken, it doesn’t shatter into many sharp pieces that would otherwise be very dangerous when touched or stepped on.

What’s more, is that this glass can also be made to be bullet-proof for use in high-risk areas such as banks.

Switchable Smart Glass used on doors. Source: pdlc-glass

3. Noise Reduction

Most people function better in quieter places.

Apart from privacy, another huge reason why people opt for Smart Glass installation is for some silence and peace of mind.

The soundproofing property has made it popular for use in interrogation rooms.

But is Smart Glass really soundproof?

Absolutely. Turns out that Smart Glass is not only effective for heat insulation but noise insulation too.

This glass was born to muffle sound and is very effective when used for noise control. It does so in two ways:

·      Reflection. The glass reflects the noise towards the source

·      Absorption. The glass absorbs the noise energy within the glass

So, how well the glass insulates the sound depends on its thickness – more mass equals better soundproofing.

Most times.

Smart Glass is manufactured with two glass panels and an interlayer in the middle. Such construction creates a complex obstacle for sound to pass through.

Interrogation with half mirror made from Smart Glass. Source:

4.  High Durability

Smart glass is usually processed with thermal treatment to give it maximum hardness and strength.

If it is installed inside a building where it’s not exposed to direct sunlight, the glass can last for up to 2 decades.

Smart Glass also protects your regular glass from solar cracking and fracturing.

This means that it’ll last so much longer and this way you get to enjoy the value for your money.

The initial installation cost may be high but considering that you won’t need to regularly replace it translates to it being a more economical option.

High-quality multi-functional Smart Glass. Source:qualitysmartglass

5. High Energy Efficiency

The high energy efficiency of Smart Glass means that it helps reduce the amount of heat that gets inside a room during the warmer months.

It also reduces the amount of heat leaving a room during cold weather.

This capability minimizes the need for using air conditioning and, therefore, decreases energy consumption.

Ultimately, customers save more money with this high level of energy efficiency.

Other energy-efficient functions fulfilled by Smart Glass include providing natural light to avoid artificial light.

It does all this without bringing in the heat that comes with it.

Installing Smart Glass, especially in high-rise buildings helps cut down consumption by 40%.

Within just a few years, more and more businesses and homeowners are realizing the difference in the cost of bills for switching to Smart Glass.

Smart windows darken when the sun is shining too bright. Source: sciencemag

6. Infrared Blocking

Smart Glass is capable of creating an environment of isolation.

Fantastic for shutting down spaces from the outside world and, thus, protecting the interior from any harmful radiation.

The glass rejects up to 90% of infrared rays.

The good thing about rejecting infrared rays is that it reduces heat radiation and transmission which prevents indoor overheating.

This glass can block out varying levels of sunlight throughout the day.

It ensures that harmful Infrared rays don’t penetrate buildings and protects facility owners and eliminates the need for them to rely on permanently opaque glass.

High-tech walls that enable infrared regulation. Source: Optics & Photonics

7. Fire-Proof Glass

Smart Glass can also be reinforced to make it fire-retardant.

This allows you to have your cake and eat it by offering a multi-functional solution that’s stylish, safe, and compliant. It comes in handy in a matter of milliseconds during times of emergencies.

For example, in the event of a fire, the glass can be made to enforce a lockdown situation.

Fire-proof glass is perfect for areas that are at a high risk of fire.

It’s strategically placed in areas where it’ll contain any fire that may break out.

This is a great way to safeguard valuable office equipment, server rooms, or even peoples’ lives.

The glass will not only prevent the fire from reaching the other side but also holds back the heat so that people on the opposite side don’t experience unbearable thermal conditions.

Fire rated Smart Glass still standing after building is damaged by fire. Source: ifpmag

8. UV Resistant

The primary function of Smart Glass is to provide privacy but there’s no better way to compliment this than by adding health benefits to it.

UV-resistant glass systems block ultraviolet rays from entering buildings while blocking 99% of the UV rays

The light transmission properties of Smart Glass are altered when voltage is applied to it.

When the glass changes from transparent to opaque, the wavelength of the light that’s allowed to pass through changes.

This protects people inside protected rooms from harmful ultraviolet radiation which is responsible for some skin conditions.

UV radiation also causes furniture, fabric, floors, and other materials to fade and wear off.

However, you can now stop all this from happening with Smart Glass.

Dimming on Smart Glass to reduce ultraviolet radiation. Source:ZZ Group

Different Applications Of Smart Glass In Various Industries

The applications of Smart Glass Technology keep growing each day.

The way interior spaces are designed in different industries has significantly changed over the last couple of years. One of the things that has changed so much is glass.

Most people might not have noticed it yet because smart glass sometimes looks like normal glass, especially during the day.

Switchable Glass is a smart long-term investment whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or designer who wants to give their property an edge using new technology.

You’ll, no doubt, love the aesthetics and practicality it brings.

And now, we’re going to look at 4 different application areas of smart glass in interior design in the hope to creating a creative juices flowing and ideas on how to revamp your space going forward.

A rising trend of Smart Glass application – thanks to its ease of installation. Source: hvmcompany

1.  Residential

There are concerns about the safety of Smart Glass for use in homes.

Lots of people are concerned about whether the glass conducts electricity when in use and if it’s safe to have in a household with kids.

The glass doesn’t conduct any electricity.

Instead, it acts as a capacitor and stores electricity that is later used to rearrange the crystal molecules when required.

The Smart Glass has so much more to offer homeowners.

Not only does it improve the home’s appearance and energy performance but Smart Glass also enhances privacy at home and prevents burglary – with a touch of class of course.

What’s more, is that this smart-tinting glass also protects families against infrared and ultraviolet rays.

Smart Glass replacing curtains in homes. Source:VentureBeat

2. Corporate Buildings

The performance of employees in a corporate setting and whether or not they contribute to the success of a company depends on if they feel safe, calm, and comfortable.

If you expect to hold effective and productive meetings, invest in Smart Glass to enjoy all the related benefits.

The growing demand for Smart Glass for use in corporate offices is driven by factors such as energy-saving and auto-dimming properties.

These properties make it ideal for applications where privacy is given whenever needed, sound insulation, and heat or glare control.

Power off on smart glass used in a corporate setting. Source: noyark

3. Healthcare Industry

The versatility of Smart Glass in the healthcare Industry makes it an ideal solution for building hospitals too.

It offers a host of advantages over traditional options making it an ideal choice.

More and more treatment facilities such as hospitals are resorting to Smart Glass to strengthen their patient’s privacy and hygiene standards.

They do an amazing job as compared to blinds and curtains especially in examination rooms and operating theaters.

Wondering why Smart Glass products are preferred in the healthcare industry?

It’s because curtains and blinds can hold allergens and germs.

The future of medical technology – smart glass is taking over. Source: Chiefway Malaysia

4. Commercial Display / Retail Shop

Smart Glass offers a great opportunity to create dynamic spaces with natural light flowing and privacy on demand.

The frosted look of the glass provides a sleek, minimalist appearance that would otherwise get lost if curtains or blinds are used. Architects can now construct commercial buildings that have blast-proof capabilities.

This not only ensures that the equipment is protected against burglary and the workers are safe too.

Installing Smart Glass would be beyond instrumental for commercial use.

If premises are safe and protected against theft, there’s no need to reinforce by hiring security guards.

This results in significant cost savings.

Privacy glass adds a “wow” effect to your retail stores. Source: HUICHI

So, What are the Benefits of Applying Smart Glass?

Switchable glass has a wide range of benefits.

On a bright and sunny day, you can keep the glass transparent if you want to enjoy the views.

If it gets dark outside and you don’t want other people to see what’s going on, you can make the glass opaque.

But that doesn’t end there.

Let us explore the benefits of this innovative glass technology.

#1.  Easy Installation

Smart Glass is not only easy to install but it’s also easy to use.

This glass is installed like regular glass or laminated tempered glass.

It can be installed by a local certified glazier and connected to the power by a certified electrician.

We have had the pleasure of seeing Smart Glass used in some of the most creative and exciting installations.

The main reason behind this is that it’s so easy to install.

The technology works well and may be easily installed in a wide range of environments, including but not limited to hotels, homes, restaurants, hospitals, and so much more.

One feature that makes Smart Glass unique to the market is that there are films that can be fitted to existing glass, making it even more accessible than ever. 

Smart Glass is easy to install and customize. Source: smartglasscompany

#2. Saves on Electricity

This new technology allows customers within the building sector to save energy without compromising on the desired design.

Smart Glass automatically changes the tint depending on the outdoor temperature thus improving the comfort of people inside the building.

For example during summer when it’s hot outside, a heavier tint reduces heat transfer from sunlight.

As a result, the need to use cooler air conditioning reduces and this saves you money.

Smart Glass also fulfills other energy-efficient functions such as providing natural light to avoid artificial lighting, without bringing in the heat that comes with it.

The ability to enable people to control the amount of heat passing through has seen the technology soar in demand, making it the brilliant way to save your electricity bill at home! 

Energy-efficient tint on switchable glass. Source:glassonweb

#3. Customizable to Suit Different Needs

Smart Glass can be designed and manufactured specifically to meet the customer’s project requirements. Not sure how to customize Smart Glass?

No worries, we have you cover!

Once you have already figured out your needs, whether privacy, insulation, or illumination, and narrowed down your budget, now it’s time to find an expert who has worked on multiple projects in the past.

Custom-shaped Smart Glass is available on request.

The shape of the glass will be configured to offer bespoke solutions for any project.

Apart from the shape, other aspects that may be customized are size and color to match your brand.

Some available color tints include blues, greens, grey, and bronze.

Customized architectural Smart Glass. Source: smartglassltd

#4. Minimal Maintenance Required

One of the main reasons why Smart Glass is preferred over other solutions is that it’s far more low maintenance.

Just like any other window, door, or partition, Smart Glass can be easily wiped clean.

This minimizes the possibility of collecting layers of dust over time.

Additionally, the glass doesn’t get stained.

Proper management of Smart Glass equals minimal maintenance requirements. Source: glassonweb


Smart Glass is a good way to create openness throughout your space without compromising on privacy and practicality.

It adapts to the specific needs of your home or building.

The market for smart glass has grown significantly over the last few years.

This solution might be a little pricier compared to other options but they’re definitely worth it in terms of aesthetics and efficiency.

Its energy efficiency, high durability, and innovative design are some of the qualities that make it stand out.

Head over to Chiefway Malaysia for great deals on the best smart glass and smart film in Malaysia.

We pride ourselves on our wide range of unique products as we’re dedicated to quality, reliability, flexibility, and class-leading performance

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