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How Smart Glass Design is Transforming Architecture?

Glass is used to bring a modern edgy look to both residential and commercial buildings. Smart Glass, however, ups the ante by providing dynamic functions that typical glass does not provide. 

So, what exactly is Smart Glass?

It is a cool innovative type of glass that consists of 3 layers: crystal glass, Smart Film, and tempered glass, in that order.

The Smart Glass is connected to a low-voltage electric current. When the current is turned on, the molecules in the Smart film align and the glass becomes clear. When it is turned off the molecules become distorted and the glass becomes translucent. 

Smart Glass promotes innovative architecture while maintaining privacy. Source: Pinterest

With a simple flip of a switch, you can switch a room, house, or building from being fully exposed to complete privacy.

Plus, the opaque setting of Smart Glass would shield a room from solar exposure and even reduce noise transmission.

As cities become congested and people yearn for more privacy Smart Glass qualities seem to be a god-sent solution. It is no wonder that office buildings, hotels, and even residential projects are quickly embracing it in lieu of ordinary glass.

Add to that its eco-friendly properties and it becomes clear that this is a trend that is here to stay. 

Applications of Smart Glass in Various Settings

The beauty of smart glass, aside from its many features, is that it is versatile and customizable. If you would like to include this type of glass in your construction or renovation project, here are some of the ways it can be applied in different settings.

Smart Glass in Residential Projects

Over the years, glazing has been the go-to solution for most people that wanted large glass windows in their homes. The catch, however, is that glazing does not provide a privacy option.

Smart Glass provides a great blend of the classy look of glazing and improved functionality where you control the privacy of your space. If you are worried about your electricity bills going sky high, don’t be. Smart Glass operates using less than 6 watts per square meter. 

Smart Glass for Corporate Spaces

In corporate spaces, Smart Glass can be used for both exterior construction and interior partitioning. Here it also provides multiple benefits including privacy and sleek modern office decor style.

It is important to note that Smart Glass application in corporate spaces also extends to other commercial spaces. A spa, for instance, can benefit from the privacy offered by such glass. Retail shops can also use the multimedia display function of Smart Glass to display advertisements.

Smart Glass in the Healthcare Industry

Like corporate spaces, Smart Glass in hospitals can be used for both the exterior and the interior. It also meets the core qualities required of materials that can be used in healthcare construction:

  • It allows free flow of light for visibility
  • It is easy to sterilize 
  • It is aesthetically pleasing 

8 Different Ways that Smart Glass is Transforming The DArchitecture 

Construction materials impact architecture because they determine how buildings can be designed. For example, in designing a home, an architect would have to consider how to position walls to allow light in for as much of the day as possible. 

Innovative materials like Smart Glass give architects more design freedom and allow them to offer clients more creative building solutions. With this in mind, let us take a look at how Smart Glass has impacted different segments of architecture and the benefits it brings. 

1. Commercial Building

How Smart Glass can be applied for commercial branding. Source: Pinterest

Commercial building architecture aims to meet the needs of businesses that will operate in the building and their customers.

With ordinary glass, a business owner would have to install an LED display screen on their display window if they wanted to run retail advertising. This presents extra costs.

Smart Glass allows architects to include such functional aspects in the design phase. If you would like to advertise your brand or services, your display window would be fitted with Smart Glass. You would then beam adverts on it for customers using devices such as an HD projector.

Smart Glass additionally offers a sleeker way to keep your store safe when it is closed. Whereas ordinarily, your architect would include opaque sliding doors or pull-down shutters, with this innovative glass you can simply switch to an opaque setting when closed.

2. Building Facade 

Smart Glass can be used to display images on building facades. Source: Pinterest

Building facades are arguably the most defining aesthetic feature of a building. Smart Glass is a great fit for them because while it can be shattered, it does not fall apart into shards that could cause injuries.

Incorporating Smart Glass further makes it possible to give a building a dynamic facade that can switch from one mode to another. This would easily make it a famous landmark. On the other hand, during festivities and special events, the Smart Glass can be used to display specific messages through video or color displays. 

3. Healthcare Facilities

Patient privacy can still be maintained while still allowing light to flow. Source: Pinterest

One of the key principles of healthcare is discretion. Consequently, this is something that always has to be incorporated in hospital architectural designs. It, however, is not always easy to achieve this because aspects such as hygiene, light and comforting hospital decor are also essential.

Enter Smart Glass panels and architects now have a dependable solution that ticks all these boxes. They are ideal for partitioning spaces to offer patients and caregivers privacy in place of bulky walls. They also maintain a good flow of light which is essential in caregiving. Additionally, Smart Glass improves the healthcare sector as admitted patients and hospital staff who work long hours get to enjoy a refreshing flood of natural light.

On the flipside, in situations where light is not required, such as during night shifts or for light-sensitive patients, Smart Glass windows or partitions can be darkened. It is also worth mentioning that, as opposed to drywall and curtains, Smart glass is easier to keep sterile using the right precautions.

4. Corporate Office

Smart Glass can deliver flexible privacy in corporate spaces. Source: Pinterest

Studies show that natural light is great for boosting productivity in the workplace. It is also much healthier for eyesight than artificial blue light.

With Smart Glass, corporate spaces benefit from the flow of natural light. Its distinct feature, compared to ordinary glass, is that when the sun is directly beaming into workspaces you can always switch to translucent mode. This is in keeping with the architectural principle of designing buildings that are liveable and functional

Smart glass options, like Blinds Smart Glass, can also be used to partition private work areas like meeting rooms and private offices. The best part about this is that it provides both visual and sound insulation. Walls made of this type of glass can also be used as projector presentation screens when in dark/opaque mode.

5. Hotel Building

Shower cubicles in hotel rooms can be fitted with Smart Glass for privacy. Source: Pinterest

Hotel architecture is a blend of breathtaking aesthetics, privacy, and functionality. Materials such as brilliant color Smart Glass lend themselves well to these requirements. It can be used to decorate interiors and infuse color into a room. Just like standard Smart Glass, you can switch back to transparency when you need to. 

For guest privacy, standard Smart Glass can be applied in areas such as shower cubicles and private rooms. Restaurant areas could also be made safer using fireproof smart glass.

6. Residential Building

Smart Glass allows homeowners to control visibility into their homes. Source: Pinterest

One of the reasons why owning a home is so important is that it gives you a private space to unwind. In search of said privacy, most people resort to blinds, curtains, or tinted glass. Architects thus have to make provisions for such installations.

Sometimes, the need for residential privacy can also limit how properties in public view like beach fronts are designed. This is because while you may wish to enjoy the view and the sun, you may also not want prying eyes having access to your home.

Smart glass allows for more versatile residential design options. Houses can be designed with large view-facing windows while still giving you a way to maintain complete control of your privacy. You can switch between opaque or reflective and clear glass whenever you need to. 

Better yet, you can have your smart glass customized such that only parts of it remain clear to let light in while the others stay frosted. 

7. Entryways

Smart Glass entryways can be adjusted based on privacy needs. Source: Pinterest

On one hand, entryways should be well-designed such that they appear inviting to guests. On the other, some entryways, like those of private clubs, require privacy.

Smart Glass bridges these two requirements as it can deliver both a stunning stylish entryway design and privacy. It is also more affordable than other entryway alternatives in the market. 

8. Interior Trends

Brilliant color Smart Glass is a dynamic interior decor trend. Source: Chiefway

Interior design trends comprise trendy decorative and structural additions that help make a space more inviting and pleasant to be in.

For many years mirror glass and glazing have been used as a tool of interior design. The catch, however, is that they do not offer any flexibility.

In contrast, Smart Glass takes decor a notch higher. It can be used to incorporate patterns, color, and transitions from clarity to opacity. Alternatives like the one-way Smart Glass can also be used to create a mirroring effect. To top it all off, Smart Glass can be integrated into a home automation system.

All things considered, these cool and functional features are a futuristic approach to decor that would make your space envy-worthy.


From smart homes to smart cars, it is evident that innovative technology is the way forward when it comes to living solutions.

So, it is only fitting that architecture is also enhanced by advancements like Smart Glass. More so in the face of benefits such as: 

  • Energy conservation in buildings
  • Improved versatility in architectural design
  • Improved decor options
  • Better quality of life for occupants of residential and commercial buildings

If you would like to learn more about the best Smart Glass options for your project, Chiefway Malaysia is a patented manufacturer that offers a wide range of Smart Glass solutions.

Contact us today and let us help you transform your project with Smart Glass fittings. 

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