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What is a Smart City?

A smart city is an urban living area using digital technology and sensors to collect data that effectively manages public assets and resources.

The smart city implementor framework centers around intelligent city planning, innovative technology and infrastructure, and innovative city development that protects, enhances, and connects citizens in a smart and sustainable nation.

As for the smart city Malaysia, can our capital be considered a smart city yet? Let’s see where Malaysia stands on the smart city initiative.

Proposed model of a smart city. Source: Pinterest
Proposed model of a smart city. Source: Pinterest

Smart City Initiatives in Malaysia

As part of the global urban development trends, Malaysia has embarked on an adventurous plan to develop smart cities in four major Malaysian federal territories.

Here are some of Malaysia’s goals and visions for digital technologies in the private and public sectors:

Connectivity and Digital Infrastructure

The Malaysia Smart City Framework hopes to create a working connectivity and digital infrastructure program to support the establishment and growth of smart cities.

Among the measures to make this possible, the government plans on improving connectivity, road infrastructure, non-motorized accessibility, and the provision of ICT infrastructure.


Using advanced programs like smart office solutions, Malaysia plans to create sustainable, self-sufficient, and technology-advanced forward smart cities that effectively use available resources while protecting the environment.

Creating and maintaining a sustainable environment is a vital cornerstone of the smart city concept, and by getting this right, Malaysia will be well on track to set up intelligent cities for the future.

Digital Services

The Malaysia smart city framework plans to initiate, maintain and upgrade its digital services sectors as part of the push towards developing smart cities.

This digital transformation involves setting up robust 5G systems, expanding public wifi, setting up internet kiosks, and automating essential functions in the transport, health, and hospitality sectors using big data analytics and IoT. 

7 Major Components of Smart Cities

Singapore, a neighboring smart city. 
Singapore, a neighboring smart city. 

Like many other smart cities, the smart city Malaysia concept is hinged on various components that allow smart cities to thrive.

Here are the definitions of the smart city implementation concepts.

Smart Economy

Innovative economies revolve around resource efficiency, high social welfare, and technological innovations that improve the quality of life of smart communities. 

In a smart economy, citizens often use digital currencies, smart contracts, digital identities, and other digital payment solutions to trade digital assets.

Smart Living

Smart living is automating a home using technology for more sustainable, fulfilling, efficient, and comfortable living.

The concept of smart living leverages the interoperability of smart devices to automate mundane tasks, such as setting your lighting on a timer to improve resource efficiency and comfort.

Smart Environment

Smart environment or Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) refers to environments where computers and smart devices are linked to everyday tasks and settings that make daily living more comfortable.

The three main types of smart environments include virtual computing, physical, and human environments, encompassing intelligent homes, cities, transport, and manufacturing.

Smart People

High e-skills characterize smart people who thrive in an ICT-enabled environment with access to capacity management and education while contributing to innovation and data management in smart cities.

Additionally, smart people can participate in democratic processes effectively, adapt to environmental changes, and use all resources in a smart city effectively.

Smart Government 

A smart government refers to a government that leverages technology for better planning and data-driven decision-making, including innovative policies and business models.

The top elements of a smart government include open information sharing, stakeholder participation, openness in decision-making, and enhanced public-private ecosystems.

Smart Mobility

Smart mobility refers to technology-advanced, intelligent transport and mobility network that focus on cleaner, more efficient, and safer modes of transportation.

Some facets of smart mobility include digital ticketing, route optimization, and the use of optimized public transport systems that use renewable energy sources.

Smart Digital Infrastructure

Smart digital infrastructure refers to all tools used to collect, sort, analyze, categorize, and compile digital data to improve and maintain a smart city’s efficiency, sustainability, productivity, and safety goals.

This flexible and user-centric technology system combines digital and physical infrastructure for better, faster, cheaper, and more effective decision-making.

Chiefway’s Smart Glass for Smart Cities

Smart glass is a revolutionary product that perfectly fits the sustainable smart city concept due to its high energy savings and thermal and sound insulation.

Here are the top reasons why smart glass technology is a modern and advanced architectural choice of the future.


Energy saving smart glass promotes the efficient use of resources which is one of the core principles of smart cities.

Smart homes can reduce heating and cooling costs by leveraging advanced switchable smart glass technology for more sustainable living.

Thermal Insulation

A smart glass window, door, or wall is very effective in thermal insulation owing to the PDLC layer and advanced construction technology used to make these fixtures.

Smart glass fixtures, thus, improve the comfort of a building’s occupants, satisfying one of the main goals of smart living.

Green Energy

Switchable smart glass is a major proponent of the Green Energy Malaysia movement and, in extension, the smart city in Malaysia initiative.

Using smart glass fixtures (sunroofs, walls, windows), Malaysians can now better harness the power of nature to light, heat, or cool their living spaces which is integral in reducing fossil fuel use and enhancing the use of green energy.

Flexible Control

Switchable glass supports the concept of home automation at the core of smart living by granting users the ability to gain instant privacy remotely.

Smart glass fixtures can turn transparent or opaque through a simple turn of a switch which is perfect for flexible control. Additionally, smart glass operations can be integrated into the central home automation IT system, thus improving flexibility.

Smart Infrastructure

Smart glass is part of the future smart city infrastructure since its environmentally friendly and automated, thus improving the lives of Malaysians living in a high-performance building of the future.

Additionally, with the advancement of technology, smart glass will continue finding more relevant, functional, and innovative uses in a smart hotel or city.

Chiefway, as the Best Smart Glass Provider

The smart city trend is catching up with many countries, including Malaysia, which plans to invest heavily in the coming years.

Smart glass Malaysia is poised to be an integral part of this development because of its enormous benefits to this sector.

Chiefway, Malaysia’s leading smart glass manufacturer, produces high-quality products that fit perfectly in the smart city Malaysia concept.

Contact Chiefway for professional, smart glass advice today!

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