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9 Signs You Chose the Wrong Smart Glass Manufacturer

There is a lot that goes into glass manufacturing, and when it comes to choosing the proper smart glass manufacturer, you have to pay attention to a lot of factors. Otherwise, you could end up with the wrong product. 

There are so many manufacturers right now who handle the production of different types of smart glass, and narrowing it down to the right one can be a little hard to find the best smart glass manufacturer.

Good quality switchable smart glass is a great investment. Source: iCrowdNewsWire 

To better help you nail down the right manufacturer and supplier, we are going to explore the signs to be on the lookout for if you happen to have chosen the wrong smart glass manufacturer. 

By knowing these signs, you will have the ability to tell apart high-quality and low-quality smart glass. If you have been on the lookout for a smart glass supplier, then you are in the right place.

Signs That You Have Chosen the Wrong Smart Glass Manufacturer

There are some clear signs you can use to tell that you have chosen the wrong smart glass manufacturer.

To avoid falling into this trap, keep the following factors in mind, aside from the key considerations for smart glass, when hunting for a smart glass manufacturer.

1. Low Standard of Products 

It may be hard to tell low-quality products from good ones at first glance and this is the biggest mistake that newcomers into this industry surely make when selecting a smart glass manufacturer.

It takes an expert eye to be able to differentiate between high quality and poor quality based on three indicators that include flimsiness, inadequate adhesives and haziness.

Where smart glass is concerned, you always get exactly what you pay for and sometimes cheap will always come back to bite you later on. A lot of manufacturers take shortcuts when it comes to making smart glass products and this leads to products that have very thin smart films which peel away too easily, making them unsuitable for you.

A good smart film should be able to have a film that is thick enough to stick to a surface of the glass for as long as it can using its own pressure.

At the same time if you notice smart glass products that are too heavy, then that’s a clear indication that the manufacturer did not pay much attention to the production process. 

Avoiding haziness is almost impossible but a good manufacturer should be able to minimize the appearance as much as possible. 

2. Little to No Product Knowledge 

A good manufacturer to be able to know their products in and out. When setting up a manufacturing plant people usually take the time to research the markets and come up with a product that best addresses a gap in the side market.

Therefore, lacking product knowledge is a very bad look for any manufacturer and a sign that you should avoid them at all costs.

A good provider knows their product better than anyone else.
A good provider knows their product better than anyone else.

Everyone dealing with smart glass manufacturing from the owners of the plant all the way down to the workers handling the assembly line should have a good idea of every product they make.

This is how you show confidence to the clients when they ask questions about the product. 

You should be able to give exhaustive answers on all aspects of the glass products you’re making from how they function, where they can be used best and how long they will ask the user among many other things.

3. Lack of Transparency

A lack of transparency is another factor that you should be keen on when looking for a smart film manufacturer.

When you are looking to purchase smart glass products it is always recommended that you try different sources fast to see the type of products they have and whether they can fit what you need them for. 

Information like this is usually sourced through phone calls or emails to the manufacturer.

The moment you feel like the manufacturer is not being straightforward with information regarding their smart glass design then that’s the first red flag that they are not honest and their products are not up to the standards. 

Therefore be on the lookout for vague responses or situations where the manufacturer takes too long to respond to a single straightforward question. 

4. Lack of Certification

A manufacturer that lacks any form of certification that shows their past work or even something as simple as client testimonials should be avoided at all costs.

One of the many ways where you can get to know if you’re dealing with a general manufacturer is by checking out their social media pages or looking for some form of acknowledgment from a relevant authority on their website. 

Every single manufacturer of smart glass for building facades will always include every certification they’ve been awarded as a form of showing their potential customers that they’re genuine. 

Lacking this kind of information anywhere between the website or the social media pages is the only proof you need to know that the company might be dealing with low-quality products. You may lose a lot in the long run.

Chiefway’s ARCHIDEX Star Award 2021 win demonstrates proof of product quality.
Chiefway’s ARCHIDEX Star Award 2021 win demonstrates proof of product quality.

5. Inflexible Packages and Customization

Lacking options, as well as customizations, is another sign that you’re dealing with a company that is not serious with smart glass products.

A reliable smart glass manufacturer will go that extra mile to ensure that their packages and deals are up to par, and that they are good enough to attract people. 

At the same time they can customize smart glass products for some of their clients who may be looking to create unique products that suit their needs.

Therefore, if the energy-saving smart glass manufacturer you are looking up doesn’t offer any of these services and instead is rigid and inflexible, you might want to avoid doing business with them. 

6. No Warranty

Warranties are important especially where bulk purchases are involved. When dealing with smart glass manufacturers, the chances of buying everything in wholesale is usually high and to safeguard yourself from poor quality products then getting a good warranty that allows you to return faulty products is important. 

If the manufacturer dealing with doesn’t offer any kind of warranty then that is suspect and you should avoid doing any business with them completely.

Without any proper guarantees on the products that you spend your money on then you will be exposing yourself to a lot of potential losses.

Warranties are important for bulk purchases. Source: Potentash

7. Poor Delivery Service

Another area of contention is poor delivery service. These days nobody goes to the factory physically when they want to purchase products once they’ve seen the samples and are satisfied with the quality.

They usually just order everything online and have them shipped directly to the premises.

However, if you feel like the manufacturer you’re dealing with is not being straightforward with the delivery methods or the time that the products arrive to you then you should give them a wide berth. 

You need someone who can deliver products promptly and safely as agreed without any delays or excuses.

8. Inexperienced and Inefficient Installation

Inexperience when it comes to installation is a very serious issue that you should focus your attention on the most.

There are a lot of safety hazards involved when installations are done haphazardly without any proper organization. 

This is very true for installations that involve electrical wiring. Any wrong move could end up with a fire hazard or risk electrocution.

Therefore you should only deal with manufacturers who are able to provide experts on the ground to help you set up everything without missing out on any safety precautions.

A manufacturer that doesn’t take this seriously should not be on your list.

Smart glass installation should be done by an expert.

9. Poor Customer Service

Nobody wants to deal with rude staff who are unhelpful to the client. Customer service is very essential to the survival of any serious manufacturer of any type of product.

When it comes to smart glass production, clients will always have a lot of questions and the ability to address all the concerns is part of customer service. 

When dealing with the manufacturer who cannot answer questions and even goes a step further and becomes rude and dismissive then that’s a sign you should not deal with them in any capacity.

Chiefway as Your Ideal Smart Glass Provider

Chiefway smart glass is high quality and highly trusted.
Chiefway smart glass is high quality and highly trusted.

So after nailing down all the signs that you should be on the lookout for what is the next step for you?

Every smart glass company claims to be the best in what they do. However, of the many that exists Chiefway, which is one of the most reliable providers. You should trust us with your project for the following reasons.

  • Chiefway is an experienced player in the market having been around for close to a decade. This means that they understand the trends and the best manufacturing practices that ensure every product that leaves the assembly line is up to standards.
  • Chiefway makes quality smart glass window products that have been tested and tried across the globe. You will be getting high-quality products that will serve you for a very long time with very amazing warranties that protect you from product failure.
  • Chiefway offers flexible customizations for all the products. This ensures that every client can come up with their own design which can then be transformed from an idea into reality using the best manufacturing technologies and the most skilled glass artisans around.
  • Chiefway has an excellent support staff who understand every single aspect of the Chiefway brand. They will be able to handle every single question and address all the concerns and fears that may come up during the partnership.


Finding the right smart glass manufacturer and supplier is not easy. Not many of them are in the business of making quality products but rather, they focus on quantity.

Therefore, take your time researching before you settle down on a particular manufacturer. 

For more information on how you can do this check out our website. We are a smart glass Malaysia company that equips your projects with smart glass technology and switchable smart glass solutions.  

Feel free to contact Chiefway with any questions and concerns that you may have and our team of experts will be at hand to address them to your satisfaction.

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