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Shower Curtain vs Glass Door – Which is Better?

Every bathroom has a shower space, but what separates it from the rest of the bathroom? Does your bathroom use a shower curtain or a glass door?

Home automation is advancing and with this, shower curtains are taking a back seat while regular bathroom glass doors and smart glass windows are becoming increasingly popular. 

In this article, we’ll discover the pros and cons of each privacy option, and we’ll leave the decision of selecting between the shower curtain vs glass door to you.

Shower Curtains

Pros of Shower Curtains

Shower curtains are popular and affordable, making them popular in many households. You can source them in different colors, patterns, and materials to match your bathroom theme. They are also available in various sizes and materials such as cotton, vinyl, polyester, linen, and hemp fabric among others.

It is important to select the curtain material carefully, as some fabrics are stronger than others and therefore will be more durable. Polyvinyl chloride shower curtains, while affordable, do not last long, and present health risks due to chemicals present.

On the other hand, Hemp fabric shower curtains are strong, mold-resistant, but costly. It all depends on how much you want to spend.

Furthermore, shower curtains take a few minutes to install because all you need is a supporting pole, a liner, and the curtain itself. You will also need clips or hooks to keep the curtain suspended on the pole, but these are easy to find and replace. Metal hooks or clips are more durable compared to plastic clips, but ensure they are rustproof to avoid rust stains on the curtain.

Shower curtains come in a variety of designs.
Shower curtains come in a variety of designs.

Cons of Shower Curtains

Shower curtains have many pros, but they can also be challenging to keep clean, and they need replacement frequently. Due to high moisture levels in the bathroom, it is easy for shower curtains to get moldy and succumb to soap scum. Regular cleaning of the curtains and proper ventilation of the bathroom will help prevent mold from growing.

Another issue that may arise is off-gassing, which poses a threat to health. This is especially related to Vinyl shower curtains that emit harmful gasses, especially when newly installed. To dissipate the smell, wash the curtains before use or air them out for a few days before installation.

Shower curtains do a great job of providing privacy, but they don’t prevent water from splattering on the floor. After every shower, you’ll have to mop the floor, which takes additional time.

Multiple designs and colorsNot completely sealed off
Very affordableOff-gassing
Straightforward installationProne to mold
Easy to useHard to clean

Shower Glass Doors

Pros of Shower Glass Doors

Shower glass doors have an excellent reputation in sustainable interior design, as they add elegance to the bathroom without affecting the environment. Thanks to the glass, light seeps through the bathroom, making the space look bigger and more aesthetic. You have many options in designs, patterns, and even color if you want to stick to a specific color scheme or seek a minimalistic vibe.

Shower glass doors compared to shower curtains are more expensive and take time to install. However, once installed, bathroom glass doors last longer; therefore, saving you money over the years. Besides, installing glass shower doors raises the value of your property just in case you decide to sell.

Offering a full enclosure, shower glass doors prevent water from splattering on the floor. As we all know, wet floors are slippery which may lead to accidents, so shower doors are safer to use. Additionally, your shower mats will not be soaked daily, therefore reducing damp odors in the bathroom.

Not all houses have big spacious bathrooms, but this does not stop you from installing shower glass doors. You can customize the glass doors to fit angled ceilings or tight corners without spending a fortune.

Shower glass doors offer a full enclosure.
Shower glass doors offer a full enclosure.

Cons of Shower Glass Doors

If you choose to install shower glass, be ready to spend a pretty penny for the initial installation. From purchasing the unit to professional installation, it is expensive compared to the shower curtains.

Also, budget for professional maintenance once in a while to ensure the glass remains clean and joints secured. Alternatively, if you are a DIY enthusiast, you can decide to properly clean and maintain the bathroom glass door yourself. There are plenty of videos online you can learn from, however, if you are not very handy; seek professional services.

Easier to cleanHigh initial cost
Bathroom feels bigger and brighterRequires professional maintenance
Offers full enclosure
Increases property value

Shower Curtain vs Glass Door – Which is Better?

In the battle of shower curtain vs glass door, which privacy method wins? Well, this depends on personal preference because another man’s meat could be another man’s poison.

However, both have various advantages over the other, as you will discover below.

Visual Appeal

Most of us want to have a bathroom space we enjoy looking at and showering in. In terms of visual appeal, shower glass doors take the win.

This is because, despite their cost, they have the ability to transform spaces without doing much. Shower glass doors have made their mark in interior design trends and don’t seem to be going anywhere fast.

This is not to say that shower curtains cannot transform your bathroom space. You can find shower curtains to brighten up your space and within your budget.

Shower glass are a mark of modern interior design. Source: Elegant Showers
Shower glass are a mark of modern interior design. Source: Elegant Showers

User Experience

Shower curtains are easy to install but need frequent cleaning to keep them appealing. If you are not up for frequent cleaning expeditions, opt for bathroom sliding glass doors

Glass doors are easier to clean and do not get moldy regardless of the humidity in the bathroom. You can show off your fantastic shower and keep your floors dry when you shower.

Shower glass doors can show off your beautiful shower. Source: Designing Idea
Shower glass doors can show off your beautiful shower. Source: Designing Idea


Glass is more durable compared to fabric, therefore in the case of the shower curtain vs sliding glass doors, the glass doors win.

There are various types of glass doors available and the higher the quality, the more durability you get. For shower curtains, they will require replacement after a short while, especially the ones made of light synthetic materials.

Health Concerns

Shower curtains of high quality and made from natural fibers are safer than chemical-infused vinyl curtains. Although PVC shower curtains are cheaper, they expose chemicals that are toxic to humans. If you want environmentally friendly products, avoid plastic fibers.

Shower glass doors are safe as long as they are properly installed. They sometimes explode by themselves, but at least they don’t have harmful chemicals. Incidents with the glass itself are extremely rare so don’t worry.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Both privacy options have their cleaning demands, but most people find glass doors easier to handle in the long run. If your shower curtains are machine washable, it should not be an issue keeping them clean. 

The problem comes in when you have to manually clean them to prevent mold. With shower glass doors. Cleaning is needed occasionally and all you need is a squeegee and some vinegar.

Cleaning your glass door regularly is easy with vinegar and a squeegee. Source: Home Depot
Cleaning your glass door regularly is easy with vinegar and a squeegee. Source: Home Depot

What About Smart Glass Shower Doors?

Smart glass showers elevate your bathroom experience by providing instantaneous privacy. These shower glass doors are durable, tempered/laminated to handle heat changes, and are easy to keep clean. 

The unique characteristic of smart glass technology is that it gives you the best of both worlds; you can still show off your bathroom when you are not using it, and engage privacy by clicking a switch.

Some models automatically activate the smart glass feature as you can see here, and this guarantees that you can do your business peacefully even in the office.

Smart glass shower doors are not cheap, but they are safe and come in sleek designs to complement your bathroom style. Smart glass installed anywhere will cost a lot more, but considering the benefits, it will be worth it.

You can also customize smart glass, providing even more decor options for your home.


Shower curtains have served us faithfully for centuries, but now the tide is slowly turning in the shower curtain vs glass door battle. Switchable smart glass shower doors are taking over, and soon, privacy at will might become the norm. 

If you are looking for reputable smart glass Malaysia suppliers, look no further than Chiefway

Contact us today and elevate your home with smart glass!

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