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How to Boost Up Your Retail Advertising with Interactive Smart Window Glass?

What Exactly is Retail Advertising?

Retail advertising refers to the process by which retailers advertise both online and offline to drive awareness and interest for particular products in the hope that they’ll make sales from their target audience.

This brings products directly to the customers via different channels such as vending machines, shopping malls, and even to each of the brand website itself.

Due to the nature of smart window glass, it can be used in a wide range of industries and today we’re going to focus on its use in the retail advertising industry.

Smart window display offers a unique and innovative way to impress customers and goes a long way in contributing to a positive customer experience.

The effect of the display creates something more memorable that adds context more excitingly.

Application of smart glass for retail marketing. Source: Gauzy

How To Boost Your Retail Advertising With Switchable Glass?

Nowadays customers have very demanding needs that manufacturers and sellers have to meet to remain competitive.

Smart glass advertising helps bring in customers, especially for small retail stores, and all this gets better with smart glass.

Smart glass technology makes it possible for normal stores to transform from transparent walls that shoppers can see through into opaque displays that act as HD projection screens that keep customers engaged with dynamic adverts.

This results in 100% utilization of the window smart film.

Here are some of the ways in which smart glass may be used by merchants to boost their retail marketing concept – 8 Ways on How to Boost Up Your Retail Advertising with Smart Glass

1.   From A Regular Glass Window To An HD Projection Screen

New innovative retail stores are greatly relying on smart glass Malaysia and are putting it at the forefront of their customer experience to stay ahead of the competition.

For example, they’re using smart retail technology on their modern windows that can be easily transformed with the flick of a switch into opaque high-definition projection screens.

These screens may be used to show different types of visuals such as videos, images, or texts that customers can interact with.

If the shop owners wish to not obstruct the customers’ view of the shop, they can dim the screens a little.

This way potential customers who are outside the shop can still see what’s inside.

Interactive smart glass being used for projection. Source: ProDisplay

2. Minimize Efforts And Optimize The Returns

Smart glass eliminates the need for old-fashioned stickers or billboards that often require manpower to make constant modifications.

This gets rid of all the headache that comes with replacing faded stickers and billboards.

Out with the old, and in with the new high definition displays!

Imagine a world where you can showcase all your retail marketing ideas automatically 24/7 with minimal effort from humans?

This technology allows businesses to have their ads running all the time and at the same time without blocking customers’ view of inside the store.

As a result, the shoppers can see adverts that pull them in and what’s being sold inside the store, simultaneously.

This win-win scenario will bring you maximum returns and that is guaranteed.

High-definition displays for passersby. Source: Vimeo

3. A Privacy Glass Window For Discretion And New Product Reveals

If you have new products that you want to introduce to the market, you need to come up with a well-thought-out retail marketing strategy.

Maybe one that includes smart displays.

This is the only way you can be sure that you won’t lose any valuable space inside your store.

People outside the store will be tempted to come in and see what the new product being revealed is.

A store whose windows or partitions are made of smart glass provides privacy in an instant.

If, for example, the store sells clothes, the glass can be transformed to opaque so that customers can try on the clothes in private.

During night times, the windows can also be switched to opaque to stop the temptation of passersby to break in and steal from the store.

Privacy on demand – with switchable glass. Source: huichipdlc

4. Customized Ads For Existing Storefront Windows

Switchable glass always ensures that dynamic customized ads are constantly being displayed on the store’s walls or windows.

All this happens without having to compromise on what is at the center stage (the actual items on sale.)

If you’re looking to embrace the technology without necessarily replacing the existing walls or windows, the good news is that you can do this by adding the smart window film.

The film can be cut into the shape of the pre-existing glass on the windows.

From this, you can still get to enjoy all the benefits of smart glass technology.

Self-adhesive window film being added to an already existing solution. Source: ProDisplay

5. Fitting Room Partitions With Intelligent Glass Solutions

As we previously mentioned, switchable glass can easily transform from transparent to opaque in a matter of milliseconds.

These can offer a sense of privacy to customers from the eager eyes of onlookers.

The level of transparency may also be used as an indicator of room occupancy.

If a changing room is already in use, the walls will be opaque and the other customers will have to find an empty one that will switch to opaque.

Once a customer is done, the partitions turn back to transparent and another customer can go in.

Modern stores that are fitted with smart glass don’t require curtains or blinds that can sometimes take away the aesthetic value of a room.

The smart glass partitions look elegant and sleek, and the best part is that they can blend in well with the shopfront or your retail storefront design.

The glass switches from transparent to opaque in a matter of seconds. Source: ProDisplay

6. Flaunt Your Products With Security And Privacy

Displaying high-definition images and video with 180° viewing on a store’s windows sounds like a brilliant idea.

But how safe is everything else that’s inside the store including the cash register and the inventory?

Can smart glass guarantee to keep your store safe long after the dark kicks in?


Smart glass is built for durability so you can rest assured that all your merchandise will be safe from burglars.

As if that isn’t enough, the glass will protect your property in the event of a fire.

This is because the glass is made of two planes of glass, two sheets of the interlayer, and a liquid crystal film in between.

All these layers give it immense strength, durability, and reliability for extra safety.

Smart glass offer security and durability without sacrificing its aesthetic display for your storefront. Source: beyondsmartec

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7. Enhance Communications With Your Customers

The customer experience should always be at the top of your list of priorities as a business.

The same way you value your brand, and the products or services offered, you should also care for the customer experience as it’s a very important aspect of sales.

When handled well, customers will make a purchase and you can almost always expect repeat business.

Smart glass should be used to promote positive communication with customers from the moment they show interest in your business all through until they leave.

Customers that feel valued will always come back.

Retailers need to take advantage of the smart glass technology to synchronize transactions, stage promos, advertise discounts, and promote sales.

With a setup like this, customers will always want to come back. Source: AveryD

8.  Positive Hygiene & No Maintenance Is Required

This is yet another reason why smart glass fixtures are being preferred as an alternative to other solutions like curtains and blinds.

Smart Glass offers a far more low maintenance approach to privacy.

Normal curtains are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria.

By fitting smart glass partitions in your store, you eliminate all possible hygiene concerns that may possibly arise.

Switchable glass provides privacy just like curtains but it accumulates far less dust and requires far less cleaning.

Also, there’s no chance of the glass being stained and needing replacement if that had happened.

Smart glass is very easy to clean and maintain. Source: smartfilms.lt


The application areas for smart glass keep growing with each passing day as it gets used in some of the most creative and exciting ways we have ever seen.

Switchable glass technology serves several unique purposes in retail marketing.

For example, it may be used to offer customers some privacy in dressing rooms, in the manager’s room, or even as a smart window display.

Additionally, the glass may also be used as a projection screen to show the different offers available, the dates when there will be a sale, or to create a dramatic product reveal.

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of smart window glass in Malaysia, Chiefway Malaysia has been producing its own range of smart glass and supplying it to customers around the world.

We have come across some incredible applications of our products that leave us impressed with its multi functionality varied healthcare industry, installation of Smart technology in your residential, to incorporating Smart Glass technology into your modern office.

By offering endless possibilities of application to our customer, Chiefway Malaysia are dedicated to quality and reliability as our products are designed to offer instant and controllable privacy with reasonable cost.

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