10 Modern Interior Designs for Inspiration in Homes & Offices

The concept of modern space is no longer foreign but rather, has become quite a norm in today’s world. A space is defined as having contemporary design when its interiors are focused on minimalism, sporting clean and clutter-free decorations that enhance the idea of “simple is beautiful”.

You will notice many corporate interiors are now furnished with modern decor, and they have a solid reason to do so though. A modern interior design tends to spark creativity and provide just that soothing calmness you need when faced with endless work stress or stumped with generating new ideas.

And with the increasing need to work from home due to the coronavirus pandemic, ensuring your home or office has the right kind of modern environment will help you stay motivated at work.

Here are 10 contemporary interior inspiration and ideas we think will spark joy to your work station or workplace!

#1 One Two Three, Go!

Source: Pinterest

Who would have thought that plain full-length glass door and windows can be installed in a fun way by adding patterns like 1-2-3 over them? This modern office in Smarket, London demonstrates that an office design can be as simple as one, two, three yet pleasing to the eye without sacrificing effectiveness as a workspace. We adore the richly coloured walls and cushioned seatings that match the overall simplicity this design offers.

#2 Be One with Plants

Can’t get enough of plants? This interior arrangement allows for your plant babies to surround and keep you company as you work from home. The big glass windows provide plenty of natural light to brighten the space, though if you want a touch of privacy, some options include putting curtains or installing Smart Film to let you be in private with your plants.

#3 Modern Industrialisation

This industrial theme is quite a refreshing take on modern office settings despite being a heavy reminder of all things work. Have rough brick walls and huge glass windows, put up cool abstract paintings of the muted colour scheme and pick office furniture that complements the industrial vibe such as greyish tables, chairs and drawers. Complete the look with wooden flooring, and you’ll have a warm, grunge-like setting for a nice change.

#4 Hanging Wooden Table with Full-Length Glass Panels

Source: trendir.com

Whoever says that an office can only provide you with a proper and nice place to work in? Your home can also be converted to a wonderful workspace with a hanging wooden table that is attached to a fullscreen glass overlooking the garden, city or whichever neighbourhood you are in. Not only does this make your home office looks cool but it certainly creates a conducive work environment you need to get things done.

#5 Knights of the Round Table (Modern Office Edition)

Inspired by Knights of the Round Table during King Arthur’s time, you can also have your own round table discussion with this design that is spotted at Telefónica Quito, Ecuador. The circular motifs are strong for this theme — round tables are a must, while the circular ceiling and floor pattern enhance the fluidity of a round table conference. Meanwhile, the floor-to-ceiling glass panels seem to add an outer space element…perhaps this is a cross between the legend of King Arthur and Star Wars?

#6 Symmetry is Key

There is beauty in achieving symmetry in modern decor for your home to create that perfect workspace. This symmetry theme focuses on balance by having the same floor lamps and a well-centred desk upon an elevated platform as well as matching wall lamps on each opposite side of the walls. Add some indoor plants and you’re on your way to a minimalist, symmetrical home office.

#7 Colourful Cube for Cuteness

Source: Pinterest

Want to add some colour to your otherwise boring office space? Why not establish a cute glass cube in the middle, and a coloured one at that? If you want extra privacy, consider installing Smart Glass or Smart Film to flick between privacy screens or clear glass.

#8 Black and White Scandinavian Style

Source: Pinterest

Black-and-white theme is an all-time favorite, and it’s also easier to apply to your office or home interiors. The setting requirements are simple — just grab onto black and white furniture to create that Scandinavian contemporary design! Opt for light wood tables and flooring, and have glass windows installed to let a healthy dose of natural light come in. Finish the overall decorations with some small plants, and you’re good to go– we mean, start working of course!

#9 A Walk through an Indoor Carpeted Park

Love the garden or park but cannot enjoy it in the office? This modern interior design will remind you of the times where you get to take a nice long walk in the park, except this corporate interior is done ala carpet complemented by fluid transparent glass walls. Add some indoor plants and trees with gravels and small stones, and voila — You can now have an indoor carpeted park space at work!

#10 Glass Wall of Text

Source: behance.net

What if you can secretly motivate your coworkers while keeping the office environment cool and creative? We think this wall of motivational text on glass spells perfect to enhance your corporate interiors. Imagine applying Smart Glass technology to the walls — when you turn it off, the screen goes opaque, giving occupants of the room a good sense of privacy plus great inspiration to those on the outside. What a brilliant idea!

Smart Glass & Smart Film for Enhanced Modern Interior Design

Installing glass panels as walls or windows, especially from ceiling to floor, adds charm to the overall contemporary look in the workspaces for homes and offices. 

The best part is that, you can even upgrade these plain glass panels to Smart Glass or Smart Films to allow you flexibility when it comes to establishing privacy. Turn on the power when you need some natural light in the room, or turn it off when you need the opaque screen to avoid prying eyes, it’s that simple!

Chiefway is the one company you can go to for all your Smart Glass & Smart Film needs. We offer a comprehensive range of smart solutions applicable to homes, offices, commercial buildings, medical facilities and more. We are here to help you find the best smart tech solution for your space — just connect with us anytime and we’re more than happy to help!

Hope you enjoyed reading our list of modern interior design for inspiration though! Remember to pin this article so you can check back our interior inspiration and ideas.

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