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8 Modern Glass Balcony Design Ideas (Featuring Smart Glass)

Balconies have existed since the 18th century and were primarily used to fend off invaders. Modern glass balconies are now for enjoying the outdoors, making homes look bigger, and giving living spaces a modern, sleek touch. 

Modern glass balcony railings made of stainless steel, wood, and aluminum also help keep building occupants safe while using these fixtures.

Keep reading to learn more about modern glass balconies!

Benefits of Installing a Modern Glass Balcony

A modern glass balcony design has numerous advantages in the residential and commercial sectors, which include the following:

Unobstructed Views

Nothing beats a great outdoor view from a high performance building or premium hotel; a glass balcony does that!

The advanced design of modern glass balconies, paired with the transparency characteristics of glass, including frameless railings and smart glass, guarantees an unobstructed outdoor viewing experience.

Versatile and Customizable

Glass is versatile and can be customized into various shapes, sizes, and colors, making it excellent for commercial building glass balconies.

With glass, you can create straight, curved, or wavy switchable smart glass balconies for hotels, offices, or homes.

Furthermore, glass balconies can be used in numerous settings, such as viewing decks, windbreaks, DJ decks, or sunrooms.


Modern glass balconies, especially those made from energy-saving smart glass, are sustainable, helping to reduce energy costs in commercial and residential properties.

The advanced smart glass technology relies on a PDLC layer and uses green energy to maintain temperatures, thus reducing pollution from fossil or electric heating and cooling.

Easy Maintainance

Unlike other types of balconies like stainless steel, aluminum, or mild steel, glass balconies are easy to maintain.

Due to their nature, cleaning glass balconies is a simple process requiring mild detergent and water.

Unlike other balconies, if frequently cleaned, glass balconies don’t require extraordinary maintenance like welding, tightening bolts and screws, part replacements, or varnishing.

These particular apply to smart glass for restaurants, commercial offices, doctor’s waiting rooms, and other professional settings that need to maintain high levels of hygiene.

Modern Glass Balcony Design Ideas

Modern glass balcony design ideas are a dime a dozen. Here are a few of the top ones you should consider.

1. Patterned Glass Balcony

Patterned Glass Balcony with metal railing. Source: Pinterest. Modern Glass Balcony - Chiefway.
Patterned glass balcony with metal railing. Source: Pinterest

Patterned or textured glass balconies are perfect for privacy while still allowing the flow of natural light.

With patterned glass, a design or pattern is engraved on the glass surface that maintains translucency while improving privacy.

Patterned smart glass balconies are perfect in a smart hotel, medical, or educational setting for their instant privacy and energy-saving benefits.

2. Frameless Glass Balcony

Frameless glass balcony. Source: Pinterest. Modern Glass Balcony - Chiefway.
Frameless glass balcony. Source: Pinterest

A frameless glass balcony is a modern design that gives buildings a contemporary look, perfect for restaurants, hotels, and homes with panoramic views.

Incorporating smart glass technology into frameless glass balconies makes it even more appealing for all the right reasons, including improved privacy and energy savings.

3. Curved Glass Balcony

Curved glass balcony. Source: Pinterest.  Modern Glass Balcony - Chiefway.
Curved glass balcony. Source: Pinterest

Curved smart glass balconies are excellent for the bold who wish to experiment with different balcony designs.

While aesthetically appealing, curved glass balconies serve the dual roles of acting as windbreaks and sound barriers while offering building occupants more safety on their balconies.

Curved glass balconies of smart glass are popular in the entertainment, hospitality, and tourism industries due to greater user flexibility.

4. Juliet Balconies

Juliet balcony. Source: Pinterest.  Modern Glass Balcony - Chiefway.
Juliet balcony. Source: Pinterest

A Juliet balcony, also called a false balcony, is a small protrusion from a building bound by a decorative modern glass balcony railing typically accessed through a large smart glass window or French door that gives buildings an outdoor, airy feel.

Although developed in the 13th century, Juliet balconies are still quite popular in modern house designs and are primarily used to improve natural light flow into buildings.

5. Enclosed Glass Balcony

Enclosed glass balcony. Source: Pinterest.  Modern Glass Balcony - Chiefway.
Enclosed glass balcony. Source: Pinterest

An enclosed glass balcony is a modern balcony design that acts as a sunroom bound on all sides by glass panels, held by glass railings and balustrades that turn it into an indoor space with all the benefits of the outdoors.

The main advantages of an enclosed smart glass balcony include reduced noise pollution, increased energy savings, less maintenance costs, and more design space.

6. Cantilevered Glass Balcony

Cantilevered glass balcony. Source: Pinterest.  Modern Glass Balcony - Chiefway.
Cantilevered glass balcony. Source: Pinterest

Cantilevered balconies are sleek. These modern balcony designs are popular in contemporary buildings.

These balconies extend from buildings with no visible support, creating a contemporary and modern look with a minimalistic touch, especially when paired with large glass windows.

Cantilevered balconies are popular due to their superior design and space maximization, making them suitable for office and other commercial buildings, especially when paired with smart glass for flexible control.

7. Glass and Metal Balcony

Glass and metal balcony. Source: Pinterest.  Modern Glass Balcony - Chiefway.
Glass and metal balcony. Source: Pinterest

Glass and metal balconies incorporate these two materials to create a strong and lightweight balcony structure able to resist environmental damage while allowing natural light flow, energy conservation, and unobstructed views.

Most smart glass balconies employ modern style glass railing design for balcony which makes them popular for residential and commercial buildings.

8. Smart Glass Balcony

Smart glass balcony glass. Source: Pinterest. Modern Glass Balcony - Chiefway.

Smart glass balconies come in various designs and shapes and may incorporate metal, composite material, or even wooden railing in their structures.

The overarching priority in all smart glass balcony designs is flexible privacy, energy conservation, and heat and light control.

For the best results, smart glass should be enclosed for occupants to enjoy all the benefits provided by smart glass, including reduced noise, heat, and energy costs.

When paired with modern glass railing design for balcony, smart glass balconies can be used in any building and find applications in the hospitality, educational, healthcare, and residential sectors.

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As the push for green energy Malaysia grows stronger, incorporating smart glass into your modern glass balcony designs is a smart and environmentally savvy choice.

For high-quality smart glass Malaysia, modern glass balcony products, and fixtures, contact Chiefway, the smart glass market leader in the region.

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