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8 Benefits of Using Smart Glass for Office Meeting Pods

Modern smart glass office pods have taken the office architecture space by storm.

Besides saving on space, these free-standing meeting booths are easy to create, install, and maintain.

Additionally, they provide high power savings, maximize the use of open spaces, and create a welcoming office atmosphere that’s excellent for staff and visitors.

But what exactly is a smart glass meeting pod, and do you need it?

Read on for the answer to this question and much more.

What’s a Meeting Pod?

An office meeting pod is a free-standing, self-contained glass structure installed within a larger open-plan office space.

With numerous unique configurations, these quiet and functional office spaces are integral in enhancing employee privacy, productivity, and wellness during normal office operations.

A modern meeting room pod typically features a table, comfortable chairs, power outlets, soundproof walls, and adjustable lighting that create a quiet, private, and relaxing work environment.

Office pods in an open-plan office setup. Source: Pinterest
Office pods in an open-plan office setup. Source: Pinterest

Top 8 Benefits of Installing an Office Meeting Pod

You may wonder why you need pod offices despite already having a dedicated office meeting room.

Read on to learn the top reasons for investing in a pod meeting room.

1. Space Saving

Renting office space is expensive, and organizations must find better ways to use the available space efficiently.

One smart way of improving space efficiency is investing in meeting booths.

A meeting room pod is typically installed within an existing office space which is perfect for saving space.

The best part of using office meeting booths is the benefits of sustainable interior design they bring to an office space.

2. Privacy

Finding a quiet place to sit and conduct your private phone conversation or meeting in a busy open office is no mean feat.

Besides the frequent interruptions, the integrity of your private and confidential business isn’t guaranteed while using public office amenities.

Organizations should invest in a pod meeting room to guarantee the integrity of private meetings and conversations.

Due to its excellent construction design, an office meeting pod can significantly improve workplace privacy.

High-privacy phone booth. Source: Pinterest
High-privacy phone booth. Source: Pinterest

3. Versatile

Modern office meeting booths are versatile open-plan office extensions that perform numerous functions.

Besides offering a quiet and private place for meetings, an office pod is perfect for unwinding, making conference phone calls, and boosting concentration.

And unlike standard meeting rooms that are immovable, the versatile office meeting booths made with lightweight materials are highly mobile.

Additionally, the accessories in office booths allow them to serve different purposes.

Comfortable discussion pod. Source: Pinterest
Comfortable discussion pod. Source: Pinterest

4. Improved Productivity

All organizations work hard to maximize the output of their staff, and there is no better way to do that than with modern office pods.

Office meeting booths, by their unique design, help improve overall employee productivity.

Office pod features like soundproofing, dedicated working spaces, customized lighting, and comfortable seating help improve productivity.

The different meeting booth types, like the outdoor and garden pods, are perfect for reducing employee stress and anxiety.

Smart office work pod. Source: Pinterest
Smart office work pod. Source: Pinterest

5. Easy Installation

Installing an office pod is simpler and faster than building a traditional brick-and-mortar meeting room.

You can now quickly and efficiently design and customize an office meeting room using advanced smart glass technology.

The lightweight, durable, and custom-built office pod parts ensure that the installation process is fast, simple, and seamless.

6. Cost-Efficient

A company should invest in meeting pods to realize savings on its meeting room infrastructure projects.

The minimalist design of a modern pod meeting room significantly reduces material wastage and labor costs, reducing overall setup costs.

Additionally, most meeting booths use recyclable materials and employ advanced energy-saving techniques that reduce energy bills.

Using solar panels, smart temperature, and lighting controls, office meeting pods greatly reduce the overall setup and maintenance costs.

Affordable and private office pods. Source: Pinterest
Affordable and private office pods. Source: Pinterest

7. Noise Cancellation

A quiet and peaceful working environment is critical in increasing an employee’s efficiency and productivity.

Smart glass pod offices are one of the best smart office solutions to create a quiet and peaceful work environment.

Most office booths use advanced noise cancellation technology and high-quality acoustic material to reduce background noises.

You can now conduct private meetings, phone conversations, and other office duties with office booths with minimal interruptions.

8. Stylish and Futuristic

One of the major reasons why office pods are the rage right now is due to their unique construction design and architecture.

Most office pods feature futuristic construction designs that go a long way in making office spaces more fun and welcoming.

And since smart glass improves brand image investing in an office pod will help you change the vibe and energy of your workplace.

The best part about office meeting booths is that they’re highly customizable and can quickly adapt to the unique designs of any workplace.

Stylish outdoor office pods. Source: Pinterest
Stylish outdoor office pods. Source: Pinterest

Smart Glass Meeting Pod

The right materials often elevate an excellent product into a superior one; that’s what smart glass technology does to meeting pods.

Designing meeting pods with smart glass has numerous benefits.

Privacy On Demand

The ability to provide workplace privacy is critical to an organization’s success.

Smart glass meeting booths use advanced light control features to automatically restrict or allow visibility with a touch of a button.

Using smart glass for office pods provides users the freedom to enjoy privacy on demand which improves overall productivity.

Increased Strength and Durability

It’s a fact that smart glass enhances security due to the advanced building technology it employs.

Modern office pods use the three-crystal layer design that involves heat and resin treatment of two glass and one film layer.

This smart pod building technology increases the strength and durability of these office structures, that’s critical in securing and maintaining employee safety.

Reduced Costs

Using smart glass to build office pods is cheaper than building traditional meeting rooms.

Although smart glass is relatively expensive, the ease of customizing and assembling a smart glass partition wall in office booths offsets the initial smart glass material costs.

With higher energy savings, reduced human resources, and maintenance costs, a smart glass office pod offers considerable cost savings not available to other types of office meeting rooms.


The smart glass pod meeting room is a game changer in today’s office architecture that every organization should embrace.

If you’re interested in enjoying the numerous benefits of smart glass technology in meeting pod designs or a smart glass window for your office space, don’t hesitate to engage with Chiefway Malaysia. 

Chiefway is Malaysia’s largest smart glass solutions provider that will cater to all your smart glass meeting pod needs.

Visit our website and social media handles to learn more about our integrated smart glass solutions!

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