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Smart Glass for Restaurants, Bars, and Entertainment Venues

The coronavirus pandemic triggered an unprecedented crisis in the hospitality sector. With the measures introduced to contain the spread, bars, restaurants, and entertainment venues have had to rethink and revise their recovery strategies.

A huge part of which has something to do with redesigning and rebuilding. 

That is where the smart glass comes in – it has played a big role in how establishments’ resumption of activities during and after the pandemic.

Keep reading to find out ways in which you can restore your visitors’ confidence and make their stay more comfortable with smart glass technology. The action you take today will shape the market of tomorrow.

The entertainment and hospitality industry is very competitive. Stay ahead of your competition. Source: bdcnetwork

How to Install Smart Glass for Restaurants and Entertainment Venues?

Glass is a very versatile material that has been used in architecture for the longest time. Over the years, it has reaped the benefits of advancements in science and technology.

There are so many creative uses for smart glass in the hospitality industry. The fact that it comes in a variety of styles means that architects can implement forward-thinking designs to satisfy guests who are always looking for new and exciting experiences.

Restaurants are seeing a rising demand for the installation of electronically switchable glass that can change its visibility at the touch of a button from clear, to murky translucent, and opaque. This feature has made smart glass extremely desirable in commercial spaces. 

Some of the ways to incorporate smart glass customization in restaurants include:

1. Smart Glass Windows

Natural light is a very crucial aspect of any space yet it’s one of the most underrated. The simplest thing you can do to increase natural light and make your restaurant appear brighter and bigger is to upgrade your windows.

The installation of smart glass windows makes buildings more energy-efficient since glass can be a very useful and eco-friendly material for providing optimum daylight.

Due to its transparency, smart glass is used in windows to maximize the amount of natural light that gets in. This means that the use of artificial electric energy during the day is significantly reduced.

Bright light creates the illusion of more space. Source: thehoneycombers

2. Booth Partitions

Switchable smart glass enables restaurant owners to make the most of their space. Using smart glass in booth partitions increases the guests’ privacy while still serving as an attractive design feature that helps to maximize the use of space.

With smart glass, you can create partitions without barriers that make rooms appear bigger. On the other hand, concrete and brick barriers cut out on the light source and make the space look smaller.

The glass booth partitions lend the room a suave feel and if someone needs privacy, they simply switch on the button, and in an instant, the partitions turn into cool walls.

Nowadays, this design idea is mostly used for dressing rooms and bathroom cubicles. The glass partitions fade from opaque to transparent when the booths are unoccupied.

Privacy on demand – transform exposed areas to isolated areas with the flick of a switch. Source: stylepark

3. Skylights

Even the darkest areas of the restaurant can be transformed with a little help from a cleverly placed skylight. Using smart glass on skylights is a fantastic idea as it allows sunlight and moonlight to carry into the space.

The scenery during the day and the night sky is usually breathtaking.

In rooms with low ceilings, skylights create the illusion of height. If you’re thinking of an ideal roofing solution for your restaurant, we suggest that you consider installing smart glass roofing.

Your guests will love the views from the establishment as they dine or relax.

 Skylights completely change the aesthetics of any interior. Source: openaire

4. Smart Glass Revolving Doors

Are your doors making the most of the transition between your indoor and outdoor space? Get rid of the old school doors with large frames and embrace more modern design doors such as revolving, bi-folding, or sliding doors.

Switchable glass can be used effectively on revolving doors in a restaurant because they provide unobstructed views even when closed.

Smart revolving doors have the benefit of controlling both privacy and security. Each of the revolving doors fitted with these glass panels can be individually controlled and as needed.

These elegant solutions can be set to automatically respond to human presence near the door, electronic key cards, or biometric features like fingerprints.

Enhance the drama of a building facade with smart glass

5. Concealed Displays

While bringing a sense of openness to your restaurant, smart glass can also provide a canvas for your brand’s advertising on demand.

You can project promotional videos or images onto the walls, making your very restaurant an effective advert display medium.

These exciting, eye-catching concealed displays engage and wow your restaurant guests as they walk by. When in opaque mode, the walls act as a high-definition rear projection screen further elevating it into a stunning design feature.

Restaurants are getting more creative ways to use digital signage displays. Source: mvixdigitalsignage

6. Escape Rooms

Nowadays, the entertainment industry has stepped it up by offering immersive team games. Among those are escape-the-room games, which require players to follow a plot line and solve puzzles to escape an enclosed space.

Smart glass, particularly one-way smart glass, is sure to add to the thrilling atmosphere. The one-way smart glass offers an immersive experience and is a great addition for police station replicas and the like.

Usually, smart glass installations are designed for the benefits of smart glass in building facade and functionality they provide.

They can be used in escape rooms because of their clarity, high transparency, and versatility.

High-tech escape rooms are a hot trend in the entertainment industry. Source: Lhuwenkai

10 Key Benefits From Innovative Smart Glass for Restaurants, Bars, and Entertainment Venues

There are so many potential benefits of smart glass for restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues. Venue owners in different parts of the world are trying various techniques to get customers to keep coming back.

Here are some of the key benefits you’ll reap from installing smart glass for various of retail and entertaiment venues

1. Aesthetically Appealing

When used in construction, smart glass makes the buildings look more beautiful. Most architects and interior designers love it for the design flexibility that it has to offer.

Their neat finish and utility make them a much-preferred installation as compared to traditional solutions like curtains and blinders.

One great thing about smart glass is that it can be customized into brilliant color designs that stand out and are visually striking. This offers a more practical alternative to tinting, painting, and other forms of decoration.

Positive first impressions are very important in hospitality. Source: Alaziziyah Boutique

2. Boosts Customer Experience

If you’re looking to impress your customers, you need to make sure that your establishment is the place to be!

One of the ways you can truly wow your customers is by making sure that the light, air quality, and temperature are right.

Clever bar and restaurant owners are addressing these important issues through the use of switchable smart glass.

The innovative, sleek aesthetic of smart glass not only complements both modern and classic bar design to offer greater comfort but also enhances the customer experience by creating low lighting hence a more relaxing environment.

\The ambient mood translates to a memorable venue that customers will want to come back to.

Impress customers with premium luxury when they visit your business.

3. Protection From Sun

During the day, restaurant, bar, and entertainment venue owners want as much natural light as possible to get in their establishments.

But is it possible to allow natural daylight without bringing in UV rays? Yes!

Smart glass helps with thermal insulation and controls glare enabling the patrons to feel cool and comfortable. Otherwise, they would suffer the deep glare and discomfort from the scorching sun that passes through traditional glass windows and doors.

Beyond your customers’ comfort, your restaurant’s furniture faces a risk of sunlight damage with windows that don’t filter UV rays. These cause furniture discoloration, bleaching, and cracking.

More natural light but with less glare and heat. Source: archdaily

4. Energy-Saving

As opposed to curtains and blinds, switchable glass permits natural light in restaurants and lowers the cost of electricity bills. Hollow smart glass maximizes light without heat.

It also controls heat loss from the building when it’s cold. This eliminates the need for your HVAC system to work overtime.

With proper insulation, there’ll be no more uneven distribution of temperature which creates awkward pockets of hot and cold areas. This can lead to very uncomfortable customers.

A sustainable and aesthetic solution that helps control external conditions inside your restaurant. Source: Cordis

5. Privacy

Smart glass doesn’t just create a superior-looking finish to a building but also aids with the regular day-to-day functioning within.

Installing smart glass is instrumental in controlling the amount of light entering a room while still keeping away the prying eyes of passers-by.

At the flick of a switch, smart glass can make it impossible for outsiders to see what’s on the other side of the glass. This gives guests the privacy that makes them feel comfortable.

 Switchable smart glass allows for greater control to create privacy should you require it. Source: intelligentglass

6. Flexibility

The possibilities are endless with smart glass. Embracing this futuristic technology leaves your guests with numerous features to explore.

When in the opaque state, switchable glass can also serve as a rear projection screen. This allows bar and restaurant owners to customize their space according to their needs.

For example, if there’s a conference being held at the restaurant, the event organizers can use the glass as a projection board where the presenters show their videos.

Smart glass removes the need for expensive gadgets and disruptive cabling. Source: prodisplay

7. Sound Insulation

Traditional glass windows are very poor at noise filtering. While this may not be a problem for every location, restaurant locations can become unpleasantly loud due to noise pollution.

If your guests need private rooms to relax in or if there are some karaoke rooms in your entertainment venues, you’ll need to install sound-proof smart glass.

Smart glass helps keep unwanted noise and vibrations at bay. This is key in preserving a comfortable, pleasant atmosphere for your customers.

Create quiet spaces where your guests are not distracted. Source: trendhunter

8. Modern Trends

Smart glass is sleek and multifunctional. Add technological advancements to it and you will unlock the future of the hospitality industry. Modernizing your venue with smart glass makes it look better, inside and out.

There’s a reason why the vast majority of restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues are surrounded by windows. Customers love natural lighting and the breathtaking views outside.  

This modern trend also allows people who are walking outside your premises to see the view inside, from décor to the food. This in itself acts as an automatic and implicit advertisement.

Create incredible designs with ultramodern styling. Source: mindfuldesignconsulting

9. Enhanced Security

Smart glass can be toughened to offer enhanced security to prevent break-ins and minimize damage caused by natural disasters.

This makes it significantly more difficult for burglars to break into your establishment and also stops all sorts of debris, like rocks and branches, from damaging your building’s interior.

Fire-rated smart glass also provides a degree of protection for you and your property. This makes it the safest choice for commercial buildings like bars, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

The safety and security of your guests should be a top priority. Source: defenselite

10. Pandemic-Proofing

Smart glass has a smooth surface so it’s easy to clean. This makes a very hygienic solution for your restaurant interiors.

This is very critical with everything that is going on around us – as numerous come to your hotel, you need to put measures in place to ensure that they’re safe.

Regular cleaning of the surfaces prevents the spreading of the virus. Glass surfaces are easy to clean and maintain as compared to traditional curtains and blinds, which cannot be cleaned daily.

Custom smart glass in your premises is the ultimate way to pandemic-proof the venue.

It’s time to say goodbye to traditional curtains and blinds. Source: mastercleaners

Smart Glass Malaysia – Chiefway as a Smart Glass Supplier

Using smart glass in your building affects its design, appearance, thermal performance, and occupant comfort. There are numerous ways you can incorporate this technology if you’re looking to better your restaurant.

It’s time to attract guests with the right details and provide stylish discretion.

Chiefway Malaysia prides itself on its years of experience in the industry. This means we can provide you with the best professional advice at all times. We offer multiple high-quality smart glass products to meet different building needs for small-scale projects or even for larger projects.

Even in cases where a special need arises for special building designs, Chiefway comes up with solutions for these special applications. Our core products are:

Nowadays, glass is being used in construction for more reasons than just letting in light. Get in touch if you’re looking for a smart glass solution for your windows, doors, walls, skylights, walkways, etc. 

Chiefway Smart Glass at Gordon Ramsay Bar & Grill

You’ve no doubt heard about Gordon Ramsay Bar & Grill, which recently opened in Sunway City. However, did you know that Chiefway was involved in the restaurant’s interior design?

Find a Chiefway smart glass partition separating the kitchen and the VIP dining space of the Gordon Ramsay restaurant, Kuala Lumpur. Enjoy the extensive range of Gordon Ramsay’s signature dishes and appreciate Chiefway’s multi-functional smart glass while you’re there!

This is an excellent example of how smart glass technology elevates the interior design of fine dining restaurants.

If you would like further expert information on smart glass or need to get a price quotation, check out Chiefway’s website! We’re here to help you improve the appearance of your restaurant.

What’s Next?

Smart glass has numerous commercial applications in restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues.

The owners use smart glass for external windows and doors as well as for partitioning areas that require privacy, like bathrooms, bedrooms, and conference rooms. In bars, the smart glass may also be used as mobile or projection screens that offer great flexibility.

If you install this technology-forward glass you’ll get enough natural light while maintaining privacy for your guests. The best part is that you can advertise your products and services on the glass interiors and exteriors. 

So, think about what smart glass can do for your business, and get a Chiefway consultation today!

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