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Curved Glass & Bent Glass for Building Facades

Curved glass is not the regular delicate and inflexible glass that we’re used to. It’s no doubt that architects love it so much.

Key milestones in the architectural industry have made glass stronger than ever before, enabling architects to make a curved glass building façade or even use smart glass for building facades.

For many decades now, curved glass technology has been used in modern architecture to accomplish complex applications in varying design forms and shapes. 

What is Curved Glass / Bent Glass? 

Curved glass, also referred to as bent glass is a type of glass that’s bent into either a concave or convex shape. The shape is achieved by reheating the glass over a metal mold until it achieves the desired curvature. It is toughened and then left to cool to retain that desired shape.

The curved smart glass technology has numerous structural applications for example in glass dome skylights, see-through walls, revolving doors, large windows, and overall building facades.

Curved glass building reflecting the skyline.
Curved glass keeps up with safety, structural, and performance requirements. Source: Science Focus

The most commonly used types of curved glass technologies are:

  1. Curved Annealed Glass 

This is mostly used in storefronts for showcasing purposes where the necessity of safety glass is minimal.

  1. Curved Laminated Glass

This has an extra PVB layer that makes the glass very strong and shatter-proof. The lamination is time-consuming and similar to double glazing in that there are double or more glass panes used.

  1. Curved Tempered Glass

The tensile and compressive stresses applied before cooling make this glass very strong and shock-resistant.

Key Benefits of an Architectural Curved Glass 

Curved glass has continued to be a popular choice for those looking to build a modern exterior and functional interior.

With this glass, you can transform any space into an ultra-modern one in an effortless manner. This glass has endless uses and comes with numerous benefits.

1. Aesthetically Pleasing and Sleek

The first thing you notice about a building that has a glass façade is the beauty in its design. The curvy and flowing structural depth allows for beautiful interiors with unmatched level creativity levels. In the hands of an experienced architect, a curved glass panel offers an endless opportunity for flair without neglecting the important structural capabilities of a specific project.

Artistic glass building.
Curved glass for building facades is sleek and artistic. Source: New Glass Tech

2. Durable and Structurally Sound

The fragility of regular glass is a huge turnoff for architects. That’s where the curved glass comes in. It is strong and highly load resistant. Thick and high-performance glass can minimize deflections, and reinforce a building’s structural integrity.

The thickness of the laminated glass can also be reduced to lessen the overall weight without affecting the strength.

Other types are also shatter-resistant which means that if broken, they don’t disintegrate into small pieces that can hurt you. 

Modern staircase with curved glass barrier.
Durability and mechanical strength two are big selling points for curved glass. Source: Made in China

3. Maximize Natural Light Flow

Glass is such a good substitute for other building materials when it comes to daylighting architecture. It gives breathtaking views and angles of the outside through the building windows or walls which is more than welcome for those inside the building. =

If you’re looking to maximize nature’s gift of abundant light, leverage a curved glass wall which will also help you save a few bucks on artificial lighting.

Well-lit glass rooms.
Well-lit rooms boost the occupant’s mood. Source: My Modern Met

4. Extremely Versatile

Thanks to its uniqueness and versatility, curved tempered glass has gained so much popularity as the preferred material in building construction.

The glass may be custom-made into specified measurements to fit a specific project’s needs. It is also available in different colors so you can create a whole new look that matches your theme.

The mechanical strength of curved glass makes it highly versatile.
The mechanical strength of curved glass makes it highly versatile. Source: Glass on Web

5. Sustainable and Environmental Friendly 

Glass is completely recyclable, hence a more affordable and eco-friendly solution. Additionally, glass helps bring in lots of natural light into a building while providing a barrier for heat by reducing the number of UV rays that penetrate.

The insulated glass acts as a thermal insulator because it doesn’t conduct heat or electricity. All these sustainable interior design characteristics help the building perform better and reduce its energy usage.

Curved glass in a sustainable building.
Curved glass can help create a comfortable and sustainable place building. Source: AECCafe

6. Hygienic

Adopting bent glass in architecture is something that goes beyond the contemporary trend. It’s associated with a cleaner, minimalistic look when used both in fashioning indoor structures like a glass partition wall and the exteriors of residential and commercial buildings.

This explains why most modern buildings, especially hospitals, are utilizing curved glass. It’s because the laminated glass is so easy to clean and disinfect. 

Cleaning curved glass is easy and hassle-free.
Cleaning curved glass is easy and hassle-free. Source: Bob Vila

Curved Smart Glass by Chiefway 

In recent years, modern architecture has been designed around diversity, and bent glass has been able to meet all the criteria as opposed to regular glass which doesn’t come with the added functionality.

The curved smart glass window is energy-efficient, allows control over transparency, comes in dimensional façade skins, and makes the space appear bigger and wider.

One of our recent projects includes installing curved smart glass in a broadcast studio. It’s time to take your interior and exterior design to a whole new level with Chiefway’s curved smart glass, to keep up with the ever-evolving world of glass. 

At Chiefway Malaysia we manufacture the bent and curved glass solutions according to the customers’ needs and requirements. We also offer the award-winning double glazed tempered smart glass, an extremely modern and multi-functional material that pushes the boundaries of glass architecture. 

Come to us and explore the wide variety of reliable smart glass Malaysia options for your home, office, or hotel design. Our high-quality glass will last for years to come and deliver accordingly to all your architectural expectations.


Over the last couple of years, the number of building projects using curved glass has significantly increased. This glass is highly versatile, bringing limitless possibilities to the design world. 

If you’re interested in putting up a building with state-of-the-art features, consider using smart glass solutions from Chiefway for your project.

Contact us today for more info – our team of highly trained experts would be more than happy to walk the journey with you!

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