6 Key Considerations When Choosing Smart Glass for Your Project

The world of interior design and architecture is changing towards a modern, environmental-friendly approach as people are looking for ways to reinvent their spaces while being resource efficient. From cool, trendy designs to Nordic-inspired settings, the use of glass in such interior design projects is almost always present.

Best of all, even a normal glass gets an upgrade — thanks to the advanced polymer dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) technology, now you can incorporate smart glass and smart film in your space, from homes and offices to recreational parks and even medical facilities.

However, knowing that you can add some switchable privacy glass to your space isn’t enough. You need to know how to choose switchable smart glass to avoid installing a privacy glass or film type that isn’t suited to your space in the end.

And that’s what this guide is all about! Before you learn how to choose smart glass that is right for your project, let’s take a look at the various types of privacy glass and film we have in the market.

Types of Smart Glass and Smart Film in Malaysia

Smart glass and smart film operate by a one-click function, whereby with just one flick of a switch, you can easily transform the glass between clear and frosted states. 

How the privacy glass works is that, when electricity is applied, the glass molecules are forced to be in an ordered state to create a transparent panel. And when there’s no power applied to the glass, the glass molecules are no longer arranged in an orderly manner, hence the glass turns opaque. 

Despite functioning on the same principle, smart glass and smart film are two different products. Simply put, smart glass is formed by laminating smart film onto the glass panel, whereas smart film is a thin PDLC film by itself that can be applied onto existing glass panels.

There are a few variants of smart glass and smart film, which are as follows:

Types of Smart Glass in Malaysia:

  • Standard Clear Glass
  • Hollow Glass
  • Brilliant Color Glass
  • Fire Proof Glass
  • One-Way Glass
  • Blinds Smart Glass
  • Pattern Blinds Smart Glass

Types of Smart Film in Malaysia:

  • S-Film
  • S-Window
  • S-Window Touch
  • S-Mirror

Depending on your project requirements, the different varieties of intelligent glass and smart film available may or may not be suitable. That is why it is important to know how to pick the right smart glass for your project for the best outcome out of the switchable glass technology.

6 Key Considerations on How to Choose Smart Glass Malaysia for Your Next Project

Picking the best smart glass for your project, whether a small or a big one, is always a big deal. Here are some of the key criteria you should consider when choosing smart glass for your project:

1. Project Type 

An overview of a project before and during installation of smart glass for a home. You can even install smart glass as a partition for a small area such as this kitchen counter space. 

Is your project for home, or is it for an office building? Is the interior built with glass already or are you looking to add a smart glass to it?

If your project space is already built with normal glass, such as the doors, windows or partitions, chances are you can easily upgrade those to switchable privacy glass panels by applying smart films. Not only is smart film a more cost-effective solution but it is also easy to install since it can be adhered to existing glass panels instantly and flexibly.

However, if you are on a renovation project that requires new glass installation, then smart glass will be suitable. Do you need just a privacy glass to protect your privacy at home, or do you need one with extra features like a touch screen function or fire-proof feature for an office or clinic setting? Narrowing down your project requirements will help you understand the best smart glass to fit the space.

2. Quality & Reliability of Smart Glass

Not all smart glass is made the same so ensure you are getting your products from a reputable, reliable manufacturer. 

There may be many smart glass manufacturers but not all smart glass is made the same. Smart glass can differ in quality despite having the same working principle of a switchable glass.

Just like many other products, some intelligent glass may not be as durable as expected, and that you will only realise it after a short period of wear and tear. Some smart glass products may also yellow easily not too long after installation. 

Be sure to go to a reputable smart glass manufacturer that offers quality and reliable smart glass and smart film products. Being a pioneer in the smart glass industry in Malaysia, our brand, Chiefway, is one of the trusted switchable privacy glass manufacturers around so you can be assured of only quality products and services from us.

3. Value of Smart Glass

An example of a Brilliant Colour Smart Glass (turquoise panel) installed for a hotel that complements the overall setting. You should consider the project needs and cost to get the best value for money from installing smart glass. 

With every project type comes a specific budget. Is the smart glass variant affordable? Does it bring you value for money?

You definitely want a smart glass that not only fits your project needs but also cost-justified, especially if you are working on your client’s space. After all, installing smart glass is like investing in a tech or product — you want to be able to enjoy its benefits for many years to come without feeling as if you have dumped a sum of money on the wrong item.

Weigh between the intelligent glass types, space requirements and the costs before deciding on one.

4. Customer Support

A good customer support is a measure of a company’s reliability in caring for customers before and after sales.

Many people agree that after sales service is important, and it is for good reasons too. Does the smart glass company have good customer support to entertain your switchable glass issues? Is the customer service easily contactable, friendly, fast yet reliable?

Good customer service is also not limited to after purchasing the products, but is applicable to pre-purchase. Having someone who gives you a great customer experience as he or she personally attends to your questions and doubts about smart glass speaks a bit about the company’s dedication in providing good products and services. 

6. Ease of Ordering & Getting the Product

Consider the ease of ordering and getting the product from a smart glass provider or manufacturer when picking smart glass for your project.

Imagine waiting for almost indefinitely for the smart glass to arrive before you can start your project, and the hassle of ordering it. That’s definitely going to make you pull a long face from the unpleasant buying experience.

While smart glass technology may be rather new in the market, ordering one shouldn’t take ages to the point of costing your project way too much time and money. Consider getting your intelligent glass product from a provider or manufacturer that is committed to providing you a smooth ordering process from the start to the end, and after.

7. Access to Latest Tech 

Ensure you have access to the latest smart glass tech from your manufacturer to help you decide on the best smart glass option. Source: Intelligentglass.net

We know the switchable glass technology is somewhat new, so ensuring we have access to the latest technology is important. As with all technologies, they are always evolving at rapid rates that the system or product you once thought is the latest becomes outdated quickly, and smart glass is no exception to that.

You would want a smart glass provider or manufacturer who is able to keep you abreast of the latest privacy glass developments so you can continue to make informed choices when it comes to choosing the best smart glass. The last thing you want is to install an expensive smart glass panel only to realise it is already out-of-date and may have a shorter lifespan than expected. 


If you are in doubt as to how to choose smart glass for your project, the above tips will help you understand the criteria to consider and look at before you decide on a smart glass product or enlist the help of a manufacturer.

Apart from choosing the type of intelligent glass or film for a setting, you should also consider whether the smart glass manufacturer or provider is reliable enough to offer you affordable privacy glass solutions and a convenient ordering process. 

Not only that but your chosen smart glass provider should also provide you with timely customer support and keep you updated with the latest technology information. These criteria are crucial so that you can avoid unnecessary wastage of time and money.

Having a tough time deciding where to get your smart glass or smart film? Chiefway is the one smart glass Malaysia manufacturer that you can consider for your next project!

We are a leading switchable glass manufacturer and a pioneer in the smart glass industry in Malaysia, so when you work with us, rest assured you are in good hands of a dedicated brand who has years of experience dealing with smart glass and smart film. 

We welcome any question you have regarding the smart glass technology and how it can help reinvent your space — come talk to us and discover the wonderful possibilities our smart glass can offer!

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