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How to Clean and Maintain Your Smart Glass Windows

Smart glass is a growing trend used in homes, offices, and other buildings to offer privacy and protection from harmful rays.

The glass is built to withstand the harshest conditions hence can be used as exterior walls and windows.

Although smart glass does not require frequent maintenance like regular glass, eventually, it will need some care to remove all the build-up like fingerprints, grime, paints, dust, etc.

Cleaning switchable glass is effortless and straightforward; you do not need an expert for this.

Cleaning your smart glass windows has several benefits; smart glass makes a home feel bigger and brighter, gives complete visibility with no interference, becomes clear, sharp, and makes the glass look brand new.

This post guides you on the steps to take when cleaning and maintaining your smart glass window. Read on to know more

Cleaning and maintaining your smart glass increase its longevity. Source: Chiefway.

1. Precautions When Cleaning Smart Glass

Before any cleaning procedure, switch off the power first. Source: Unsplash

There are some precautions that you should remember when cleaning and maintaining a smart glass window or a smart film; they are as follows;

  • Turn off the power: always turn off the smart glass before cleaning it to prevent harming yourself. Smart glass is powered by electricity, and if handled carelessly, especially when wet, it might lead to electrocution.
  • The power should be turned back on when the glass is completely dry. After cleaning, give the window time to dry off first before turning the power back on.
  • Do not use a dripping wet cloth on the switchable glass window.
  • Do not drench the surface of the glass window with water.
  • Ensure the electrical connection to the glass does not get wet.
  • Ammonia-based solutions are not recommended. 
  • Avoid any contact between metal or hard equipment and the glass surface. 

There are differences between smart film and smart glass; however, the precautions needed when cleaning are the same. Always remember to follow the above safety tips for your safety and preserve the integrity of the switchable glass.

2. Routine Cleaning of Smart Glass

Using smart glass for windows and walls makes the home more inviting and tranquil. Source: Chiefway

The technology used to develop smart glass is advanced, allowing it to have superior properties to regular glass. If your smart glass is exposed to sun and rain, it will be self-cleaning, hence no need for frequent cleaning. 

However, the switchable glass still needs maintenance and cleaning after a certain period to work even more effectively. There are rules to observe when cleaning smart glass to promote its longevity. 

To begin with, remove all jewellery, watches, and any accessories that may scratch the glass. Remember to wear gloves for this activity, as fingerprints are leading build-ups on smart glasses.

3. Cleaning Agents to Use

The appropriate cleaning agent will facilitate glass hygiene without damaging its coat. Source:

Not any cleaning solutions can be used on smart glass as it has some properties that only require specific cleaning agents. The cleaning solutions that can be used to clean smart glasses are:

  • Plain water: plain water is used in most cases since most glass windows only have dust or fingerprints that do not require more potent agents to clean. Soft water is recommended as hard water tends to leave stains. If you are in an area with only hard water, you can use water softeners to soften the cleaning water.
  • Plain water with little soap: you can add small amounts of soap to direct water to increase the effectiveness of the cleaning.
  • Non-alkaline/non-abrasive solutions: abrasive solutions interfere with the glass’s surface coating, damaging it and reducing its lifespan. Ensure you check on the label of your cleaning agents to ascertain they are non-alkaline solutions. 

4. Recommended Cloth Material

Lint-free microfiber cloth does not leave behind any fluff when cleaning your smart glass window.

The cloth material that is recommended for smart glass cleaning is a lint-free microfiber cloth. This material is best used for delicate surfaces as it does not leave fluff on the glass surface. 

Materials that leave deposits on the glass will take longer to clean, and you may not get the desired results. Additionally, lint-free cloth does not create electrostatic charges when using it to clean windows.

If you are not sure whether the cloth you have is lint-free or not, you can test it on another surface before using it on your window.

5. How to Clean Your Smart Glass Window

Cleaning your smart glass window at home is a straightforward process. Source:

Cleaning windows made of smart glass is quite simple, especially since the glass technology prevents them from collecting too much dirt. After using the windows for a while, they will collect various dirt you need to wash off. 

Regular glass is a bit tiresome to wash as compared to switchable glass. So, how do you clean smart glass windows? Here are the steps to follow.

  1. Remove all the accessories from your hands, bracelets, watches, rings, etc., to protect the glass surface from scratches.
  2. Wear fitting gloves as this prevents you from leaving fingerprints when washing the glass windows.
  3. Spray the glass surface with the cleaning agent of your choice, or you can saturate the cleaning cloth with the solution.
  4. Use a good amount of solution to ensure you get the expected results.
  5. Use a clean, lint-free cloth to scrub the glass surface for a few minutes.
  6. Then wipe off the solution with a dry cloth until satisfied. To avoid streaking, leave the surface with some moisture uniformly across the glass and let it dry off.
  7. Avoid using a squeegee, especially on the interior surface of the glass.
  8. Ensure water does not accumulate on the edges of the glass. 

6. Spot Cleaning

Use vinegar plus water for tough stains on smart glass windows. Source:

Stubborn stains on the glass surface are predominantly oil, tape glue, grease, paints, wax, and so on. These stains can pose a challenge when cleaning; hence, they require special attention before proceeding to the general cleaning. 

Soap and plain water may not be effective when removing such stains; they require a more potent agent like vinegar mixed with water. To create this solution, combine water and vinegar in a 10:1 ratio.

when cleaning the spot;

  1. Remember to follow the precautions listed above before proceeding.
  2. Identify the areas on the glass surface with the stubborn stains.
  3. Start by applying the solution of water and vinegar on the spot or a lint-free cloth.
  4. Scrub the stained areas until all the stains are eliminated.
  5. For more stubborn stains, repeat the above step until it comes off.
  6. Wipe the surface clean using a dry cloth (lint-free) and let it dry off.
  7. You can then follow the routine cleaning procedure after the stain has been removed.

7. Routine Maintenance 

Regular maintenance of your smart glass window promotes its efficiency. Source:

Maintenance of smart glass windows is not complex as it is built with durable material and technology that gives it a long life. Nevertheless, some factors may hinder the glass from reaching its optimum lifespan if you do not maintain it.

Although switchable glass may not need regular inspections like regular glass, proper maintenance increases its usability. Below are some ways of maintaining your smart glass window;

  • Ensure that the proper voltage is maintained all the time, giving the glass the ability to self-clean.
  • Check the wiring at least once a year to ascertain that the glass is performing at its best.
  • Inspect the integrity of the structures attached to the glass, like walls and floors. Any damage to these structures may affect the proper functioning of the switchable glass. 
  • Assess if the transformer is in good condition and operating well.
  • Check the edges to ensure the sealant is still in place and if not, request the necessary maintenance from your supplier.

Care should be taken when maintaining smart films and glass; you can read more FAQs on smart glass and smart films to ensure proper handling.


Technological innovations like smart glass have made life easier and more enjoyable.

Using smart glass at homes for walls, windows, etc., has helped to make homes look posh while getting all the benefits like privacy, natural light, security, and many more.

Smart glass solutions are a worthy investment for anyone if they are well cared for because they will have a longer lifespan.

There are some key considerations for smart glass before placing an order as this is a longtime investment; select your supplier wisely.

In Chiefway Malaysia, we guarantee the best quality of Smart Glass & Smart Film solutions with a detailed guide on cleaning and maintaining the products upon purchase.

Contact us for any inquiries or issues, and you will be connected to our consultants to get a professional view of your issue. 

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