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Design a High-Performance Building with Double Glazed Tempered Smart Glass

The need for comfort, cost-effectiveness, and a better working environment called for practices that optimized commercial buildings.

These practices were geared towards improving their efficiency, sustainability, functionality, and security.

And that was the birth of high performance buildings! 

Generally, a high performance building is environmentally responsible, versatile, offers a conducive environment and can last for decades.

Defining Traits of a High-Performance Building

Several factors define a high performance building. Some of the defining traits of high performance building include:-

1. Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Energy-saving applications are a must-have for any high performance building. Energy efficiency is one factor that promotes sustainability, which is why it is vital in such establishments.

Various ways that builders can incorporate sustainability and energy efficiency in building exist.

Smart glass is one such innovative application that conserves energy. It features a technology that blocks heat and light as needed.

Thanks to smart glass, you can shut out excess heat during hotter temperatures, minimizing the need for an air conditioner.

It also has insulation properties that allow you to trap heat during the colder months, reducing the need for heating appliances.

2. Durable Structures

A sturdy building built with high-quality materials. Source: Modern Glass 
A sturdy building built with high-quality materials. Source: Modern Glass 

Natural disasters can strike at any time, compromising safety. Though weather forecasts can predict them, there are limitations to what can be done.

As part of protective measures to safeguard human life, high performance buildings are built for longevity. By implementing a disaster-resistant design, the building will stand the test of time during severe winds, floods, earthquakes, and fires.

Apart from being a ‘safe haven’ for its inhabitants if calamity strikes, durable structures have environmental benefits.

Using durable materials makes the building more attractive and gives it a timeless look. They also don’t need frequent replacements and curb the need to perform routine renovations that produce unnecessary waste – which goes against sustainability.

3. Enhanced Security

High-security glass door. Source: Indiamart
High-security glass door. Source: Indiamart

When designing a high performance building, the security of its occupants should be of the utmost importance. No matter where they are, everyone should feel safe and secure.

There are various ways to enhance security. For example, leveraging security surveillance tools and site zoning are excellent ways to safeguard the lives of the building’s users.

Additionally, applications like smart glass enhances security. You can instantly switch the intelligent glass opaque to shield yourself from the outside world. Furthermore, it is made from high-quality to improve its strength.

Reinforcements to make it bullet-proof or fire-resistant are possible, making it an ideal security solution for high-risk buildings.

4. Cost-Efficient

Contrary to popular belief, a high performance building is not too costly. At least not anymore.

As stated earlier, energy efficiency is one of the characteristics of high performance buildings. Being energy-efficient means adopting practices that minimize energy consumption.

Energy-saving smart glass is an energy-saving solution that is renowned for its insulating properties. It decreases the need for artificial heating and lighting – significantly reducing utility costs. 

Besides, smart glass is a durable material. It can withstand harsh climatic conditions and does not break easily. With proper care, smart glass may stay for two or more decades.

This eliminates the need for regular replacements, making it a cost-efficient investment.

5. Healthy Indoor Environment

Open window to encourage ventilation. Source: Linkayl
Open window to encourage ventilation. Source: Linkayl 

Since many people like to spend their time behind closed doors, many experts believe air pollution in confined spaces is more prevalent than in outdoor settings.

Overcrowding and a lack of adequate ventilation are some of the things that compromise indoor air quality, which is responsible for diverse health conditions, including coughing, sneezing, lung irritation, and respiratory problems.

The importance of creating a healthy indoor environment in a high performance building cannot be over-emphasized, and it starts with improving the air quality.

In that case, a high performance building needs proper ventilation. Installing large windows is one of the sure-fire ways to improve indoor air quality.

To further enhance the indoor environment, you can replace regular windows with smart glass for building facades as they do not need blinds and curtains that may trap dust and other harmful particles. 

ASHRAE’s new global headquarters is the perfect example of a high performance building. The building aims to use zero energy, provide excellent natural lighting, thermal comfort, and superior indoor air quality.

ASHRAE’s new headquarters – A high-performance building. Source: phcppros
ASHRAE’s new headquarters – A high performance building. Source: phcppros

Double Glazed Tempered Glass by Chiefway

Double glazed tempered smart glass is a type of smart glass technology that can be used to design a high performance building. It is manufactured using a double glazing technique, where two glass panes are separated by a gas-filled vacuum.

Double glazed tempered glass is popularly used for commercial buildings, and for good reasons.

First, its manufacturing technique gives it excellent insulation properties since heat will rarely escape through it. It is energy-efficient, which makes it eco-friendly while notably reducing electricity costs.

Double glazed tempered glass in action!

Besides, this type of smart glass window is also strong and durable. The extra pane gives it added security.

Even with hailstones or unprecedented falling objects, the smart glass roof  will rarely break. And when it does, the smart glass skylights might shatter into tiny pieces, lessening the risk of severe injuries—a quality that makes it safer than regular glass windows.

It’s also well-liked for its aesthetics.

These advantages are widely recognized. Chiefway recently won the ARCHIDEX Star Award 2021 for double glazed tempered glass – design excellence, which further emphasizes the legitimacy of double glazed tempered smart glass for designing a high performance building.


The advantages of double glazed tempered smart glass are undeniable. They are a great first step to ensuring sustainability in high-performance buildings.

Chiefway is a reputable smart glass Malaysia manufacturer with various smart film and smart glass options.

Contact us for a consultation!

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