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Green Energy Malaysia and the Role of Smart Glass Solutions

What is Green Energy Malaysia?

Green and renewable energy are trending topics currently due to global warming and other harmful environmental concerns. So what exactly is green and renewable energy? 

Green energy refers to all energy from renewable energy technology that causes zero or minimal greenhouse emissions, like wind, geothermal, and solar power sources. 

Renewable energy is energy from renewable sources that may have some carbon emissions, like large hydroelectric power plants.

Large-scale solar project. Source: Pinterest - Green Energy Malaysia
Large-scale solar project. Source: Pinterest

Malaysia Renewable Energy Goals

Malaysia is a fast-growing renewable energy hub in Southeast Asia, owing to the concerted effort of the Malaysian Government, private business sector, and Malaysians to reduce carbon emissions.

Renewable Energy Mix

The Malaysian Government aims to increase the percentage of renewables, including wind, geothermal, and solar energy, excluding hydropower, to 20% of the generation mix by 2025. 

This ambitious project makes Malaysia one of the most environmentally conscious countries in the world. 

In line with this ambitious project, Malaysia plans to increase its renewable energy capacity from 6 to 14GW, representing an increase from 18% to 30% of its energy mix.

Smart Grid Systems

The Malaysian Government is digitizing and automating its national electricity grid to be smart and efficient to minimize consumer costs while improving the environment. 

Electricity smart grid systems effectively monitor and manage electricity flow from the production point to the end user to improve customer satisfaction, reliability, and cost efficiency.

Some smart grid technologies adopted by the Malaysian Government include modern transmission and distribution systems, smart meters, net energy metering, and automated grid technologies and systems. 

Battery Storage

Battery storage systems are an effective way of storing and integrating high shares of renewable energy, especially from wind and solar PV systems, into the national electricity grid.

In an ambitious project expected to start in 2030, the Government of Malaysia seeks to grow its Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) from 500MW onwards.

The BESS will integrate large amounts of renewable energy from large-scale solar projects into the Malaysian national grid, improving the electricity supply to Malaysians while lowering energy costs and preserving the environment.

Renewable Energy Equipment

Wave power energy generation equipment. Source: Pinterest - Green Energy Malaysia
Wave power energy generation equipment. Source: Pinterest

The Malaysian Government’s intention to use renewable sources to generate power has created a huge demand for renewable energy equipment.

This, in turn, has caused the renewable energy equipment market to grow, with new players, especially from the US, joining this market.

Some of Malaysia’s more popular renewable energy equipment include solar panels, wind turbines, biogas digesters, and hydropower equipment critical in power optimization and performance tracking.

5 Benefits of Shifting to Green Energy

Green energy Malaysia has numerous benefits to electricity consumers, the environment, and the Malaysian Government. 

These are some top benefits of green energy solutions Malaysia.

1. Combat Global Warming

Global warming caused by irresponsible human activity is a rapidly growing catastrophe affecting the environment and all other life forms. 

Malaysia is particularly hard hit by global warming, with increasing cases of flash floods, droughts, and respiratory diseases from decreased air quality.

Fortunately, green energy is a viable way to combat global warming that the Malaysian Government is actively pursuing. 

Using green energy reduces the amount of greenhouse gases emitted to the environment, particularly carbon dioxide, a major cause of global warming.

The combined effort of different stakeholders in the renewable energy Malaysia sector is seeing a drastic decrease in greenhouse gas emissions which will go a long way in reducing global warming.

2. Energy Independence

Solar PV system battery bank. Source: Pinterest
Solar PV system battery bank. Source: Pinterest

Green energy is an excellent alternative to fossil fuel, widely used globally for electricity and power generation.

Large-scale hydro, wind, and solar energy adoption grants Malaysia energy independence since it doesn’t have to rely on countries with oil or other fossil fuel reserves to meet its energy needs.

Simple renewable energy concepts like smart glass technology and sustainable interior design that use natural energy sources to power Malaysian homes reduce the energy demand from Malaysia’s national grid and lead to energy independence.

3. Improves Public Health

Deriving energy from fossil fuels and non-renewable sources like coal and natural gas plants poses serious public health challenges, including respiratory diseases, neurological conditions, cancer, heart attacks, and premature deaths.

These non-renewable energy solutions require large amounts of water and cause massive pollution, affecting marine life and polluting drinking water sources. 

In addition, these plants cause significant air pollution from toxic fumes released when running power generators using non-green energy.

Fortunately, green energy poses non of these adverse public health challenges since most green energy solutions don’t cause any air or water pollution.

4. Cost-Efficient

Clean energy solutions offer more economic benefits to users in the long run than fossil fuel energy sources.

And even though the initial installation cost for clean energy solutions is usually higher than for non-renewable energy plants, the overall cost savings are significant.

Since the fuel sources for clean energy plants like water and solar energy are free, the electricity prices from these sources remain stable over a longer period.

Additionally, green energy systems’ maintenance and operation costs are much lower than conventional power-generating plants.

The attractive financing incentives, including solar leasing and power purchase agreements by the Malaysian Government, have made investing in clean energy attractive to Malaysians.

5. Technological Innovations

Bioreactor producing green energy and oxygen. Source: Pinterest - Green Energy Malaysia
Bioreactor producing green energy and oxygen. Source: Pinterest

Malaysia’s renewable energy industry is cutting edge, employing the latest technology to properly utilize natural green energy resources and meet renewable energy targets.

The growing demand for next-generation solutions in the clean power sector stimulates the rapid development and uptake of more advanced industrial green energy technology. 

Malaysia invests heavily in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other cutting-edge technologies in the solar and renewable energy sectors through the sustainable energy development authority.

The Smart Glass Solutions by Chiefway

Smart glass is an advanced construction technology from Chiefway, Malaysia’s leading smart glass company that uses advanced glass technology to conserve the environment.

Here are some of the top benefits of switchable smart glass.

Reduce Energy Requirements

Energy-saving smart glass rejects up to 98% infrared and 99% UV light, effectively heating or cooling residential and commercial buildings, thereby reducing energy requirements.

A high-performance building is a classic example of how effective smart glass is in reducing a building’s energy requirements.

Added Security

Smart glass Malaysia products like double-glazed tempered glass offer buildings increased security due to their advanced construction technology and robust materials.

Sound Insulation

Smart glass is widely used in the construction industry for sound insulation. Usually, an acoustic smart glass window or wall will feature a double glass layer sandwiching an inert gas medium that muffles sound improving sound insulation.

Increased Privacy

Smart glass uses a PDLC layer controlled by an electrical current to turn smart glass fixtures opaque or transparent at the touch of a button, increasing privacy.


Smart glass sunroofs, windows, and walls improve daylighting, which is critical in enhancing the mood, productivity, and comfort of a building’s occupants.

To enjoy all the benefits of smart glass, consider using smart glass products from Chiefway, Malaysia’s most reputable manufacturer.

Watch this interactive video to learn more about Chiefways products and how they can improve your life.


Green energy is a viable concept changing the world and saving the environment through modern and responsible clean energy technology.

In Malaysia, smart glass for building facades reduces energy costs while providing increased security and robust insulation.

Contact Chiefway, Malaysia’s leading smart glass manufacturer to learn more about this innovative technology!

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