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Glass Whiteboard vs Traditional Whiteboard & Smart Glass Whiteboard

While the non-stop growth of smart glass technology in Malaysia is astonishing, it’s still hard to understand its uses as a next-gen whiteboard. To simplify things for you, let’s compare it to traditional whiteboards.

The glass whiteboard vs traditional whiteboard comparison will help you understand more if you’re curious and looking into using glass boards in Malaysia.

What is a Glass Whiteboard?

The primary material of the glass whiteboard is tempered glass. It’s a thicker and more durable type of glass than you may see in a window. Furthermore, it comes in more colors than traditional whiteboards.

In essence, it’s a heavy, thick panel of tempered glass that you can use as a whiteboard.

A glass whiteboard is the true future of the chalkboard. Source: Designer All Boards
A glass whiteboard is the true future of the chalkboard. Source: Designer All Boards

What is a Traditional Whiteboard?

Traditional whiteboards are melamine, steel, and ceramic boards. Melamine whiteboards use compressed, laminated resin as base material.

Steel whiteboards sometimes use aluminum as a metal frame with a porcelain-coated or ceramic surface. A traditional whiteboard might be magnetic due to the metal component, but it’s less interactive than a magnetic glass whiteboard.

A traditional whiteboard is an outdated way of doing business.
A traditional whiteboard is an outdated way of doing business.

Glass Whiteboard vs Traditional Whiteboards

Aesthetic Quality

A tempered glass whiteboard takes less room, looks modern, and fits in any space. It has fewer hardware requirements than traditional whiteboards. It’s also low-maintenance, and you won’t need to install new upgrades or replace broken parts more often. A professional team takes less than an hour to install a magnetic glass whiteboard or you can do it yourself.

Furthermore, you can use magnets to hang your sticky notes on a magnetic glass whiteboard. As a result, smart glass improves productivity by keeping your space tidy and organized. Therefore, you’ll enjoy a clutter-free, organized workplace in your office or classroom.


The days of chalkboards are long gone, but glass whiteboards are cleaner than traditional whiteboards. For starters, dust can’t settle on glass surfaces. Glass is also highly sanitary and easy to clean. You don’t have to worry about debris or broken pieces.

Furthermore, you can disinfect glass surfaces with wipes or spray without worrying about erosion. Glass whiteboards never lose their luster or shiny appearance with constant cleaning. On the contrary, the more you clean them, the more they shine. Most of all, they won’t trap bacteria or other harmful pathogens.

Glass whiteboards are easier and look nicer. Source: ARTnews
Glass whiteboards are easier and look nicer. Source: ARTnews

Environmental Impact

By nature, magnetic glass whiteboards never emit harmful gases or disintegrate. Likewise, it won’t affect the indoor air quality. Thus, you can feel safe while using your glass whiteboard. On the contrary, it’ll reflect infrared and ultraviolet rays to reduce energy waste.

Glass whiteboards are also 100% recyclable. As a result, your next glass whiteboard will have elements from thousands of glass materials. It is clear that traditional whiteboards consume more energy to make and use than glass whiteboards. Even if you use a smart glass whiteboard with wires, metal sheets, and LED screens, energy consumption will be very low compared to traditional whiteboards.

Staining Susceptibility

Unlike traditional whiteboards, tempered glass whiteboards are pour-free. So, glass doesn’t absorb liquid spilling on its surface. For example, ceramic-coated whiteboards will trap air particles inside. With time, it’ll start to crack and eventually fracture.

On the other hand, tempered glass has a non-porous surface, making it durable and stain-resistant. Then again, cleaning glass surfaces takes a few wipes because of their ability to prevent absorption.

As a result, you can use glass whiteboards for writing and painting with permanent, paint, and dry erase markers. And soft erasers won’t scratch, stain, or break the surface when you’re wiping.

Glass whiteboards aren’t as sustainable to stains.
Glass whiteboards aren’t as sustainable to stains.


The typical lifespan of a tempered glass whiteboard is around 15 years, and with gentle use, you can double it. Most traditional whiteboards last between 5-10 years before they begin to disintegrate.

On the other hand, tempered glass is heavy-duty and will outlast many traditional whiteboards. A tempered glass whiteboard can handle the pressure of everyday use, whether in a busy office or an active classroom.

Plus, the tiniest smudge or stain on a traditional whiteboard impacts its longevity. You won’t get a lifetime warranty on your traditional whiteboard, but you’ll get one with your new glass whiteboard. It’s virtually invincible to wear and tear and other flaws. It’s one magnetic glass whiteboard for a lifetime.


Since glass is a highly customizable material, you can customize smart glass whiteboards to match your office interior design. For example, you can choose the color that matches the dominant theme in your home interior design. Furthermore, you can attach trays for holding your dry erase markers and other tools you use frequently.

To ease your reach, you may install a magnetic glass whiteboard vertically or horizontally. It’ll not only save wall space but also boost the aesthetic atmosphere in your workspace.

Glass whiteboards can also be transparent, so you see what’s on the wall behind them. You can use it to place a blueprint or other organizational items you’re working on currently.

This time, make it personal. Choose a whiteboard that reflects your company’s values. Source: Architecture & Design
This time, make it personal. Choose a whiteboard that reflects your company’s values. Source: Architecture & Design


Push-button switchable smart glass whiteboards can switch from transparent to frosted and vice versa. It lets you control natural and artificial light refraction on the board, giving you more visibility even under direct sunlight. The function also improves privacy in some cases.

Furthermore, you can use a glass whiteboard as a projector screen in business or learning settings. It provides a clear, stable image whether you’re playing a video or making a presentation.

You can also repurpose and recycle a glass whiteboard if you don’t want to use it anymore. You can use it as a tabletop or window cover. Furthermore, you may convert it into a mobile glass whiteboard by installing it on a metal stand. In other words, the possibilities are endless for your modern office décor.

Smart Glass Whiteboard as the Next Generation Glass Board


Additionally, a tempered glass whiteboard can be a much-needed housekeeping aid in your house.

Many want to install a magnetic glass whiteboard to remind them of their housekeeping tasks. Furthermore, you can use it to plan meals. That way, everyone can see what’s for dinner on a given day. Another way to use it is to remind family members of their choirs around the house.

Professionals can also use it to bring their to-do lists to life. You’ll never forget your tasks if you write them down and see them constantly.

Everyone at home can use a magnetic glass whiteboard regardless of their goals because it’s multifunctional.

The future is glass. Source: Bob Vila
The future is glass. Source: Bob Vila

Customizable View

The smart glass whiteboard can also be a statement piece in your home. You can use it to decorate your wall to make it feel warm. You can get the perfect size to cover your wall. Sizing is never a limitation in glass decoration pieces.

You can also get creative with how you mount your glass whiteboard. Hardware pieces are available to help you install it a few inches off the wall, or you can mount it flat for a subtle effect. Then, you can display your favorite photos or prints that are unique to you. For example, smart glass for the office built into a glass partition or window can display your company’s logo or make a statement.

Energy Efficient

Then again, a smart glass whiteboard won’t consume as much energy as a projector would. It can also cut energy bills by replacing traditional interactive whiteboards.

Smart glass uses a unique Smart Film lamination with low-voltage needs. It allows the electrical current to galvanize the liquid crystal molecules that control opacity. The applications of this revolutionary technology in real life have an enormous impact on energy consumption.

For example, it blocks sunlight and protects the furniture from damage. It can also keep the sun’s heat out of your space. Ultimately, it significantly lowers your energy bills.

Space Saving

While the corporate world adapts to the hybrid work model after a global pandemic, the line between personal and professional spaces is blurring. During the pandemic, people started to work more from their homes. Today, they’re returning to the office in droves. Can smart glass design architecture help you skip traditional whiteboards?

The answer is a resounding yes. Smart glass for the office meets your professional and personal needs. It also helps your employees adapt to a hybrid workplace.

You can help everyone at the office adapt to this new normal by organizing your workplace with partitions. Employees will get the privacy they need while remaining productive. They can use the walls to write and track their tasks, and connect with their fellow employees.


The smart glass fits in different contexts with verifiable results. You can use it in your office, home, or classroom. It adapts to your needs at the office, home, or classroom. Furthermore, it provides the next evolutionary step to traditional whiteboards.

If it sounds like a good option for you, reach out to Chiefway.

Discover how you can upgrade your workflow today!

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