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Corporate Smart Glass Office: DNB, Menara HLX & Nanostix!

Chiefway smart glass products have numerous applications in commercial offices due to their special features and benefits. Besides their robust security features, switchable glass provides excellent heat, light, and sound insulation.

Chiefway’s switchable smart glass products are extensively used in commercial buildings, prominently featuring in banks, hotels, and corporate office towers.

Key Benefits of Installing a Glass Office

Using switchable smart glass in a glass office offers users numerous benefits, including:

1. Modern and Professional Design

The corporate world thrives on appearances, and nothing better states class and professionalism than a smart glass office.

Due to its design structure and materials, a switchable glass office has an edge over traditional offices that use normal glass.

Besides its other excellent features, using smart glass technology in office designs offers high customizability, allowing you to create bespoke designs that sell your brand and help you stand out.

2. Extensive Functionality

Besides offering a professional look, switchable glass offices are highly functional, allowing users to enjoy the advantages a smart office offers.

So, what extra functionalities do smart offices offer to users?

Privacy control, which is critical in the professional sector, is at the top of the list. A smart glass office uses advanced glass technology to offer instant privacy with a flick of a switch. 

Daylighting is another feature that smart glass offices offer. Due to its special construction materials, switchable glass allows the uninhibited flow of natural light into offices.

Sound and thermal insulation is another feature a smart glass office design offers users. These advanced insulation features improve the productivity and comfort of office users, which isn’t the case with normal glass offices.

Smart glass office skylight. Source: Pinterest. Glass Office - Chiefway
Smart glass office skylight. Source: Pinterest

3. Sustainable and Long-lasting

Durability and sustainability are buzzwords in the modern office design space, and with good reason.

Due to high construction costs and statutory regulations regarding environmental conservation, modern offices are now embracing smart glass technology.

A smart glass window, door, or wall will be comparatively longer-lasting and offer more environmental benefits than the same fixture made from normal glass. 

Additionally, energy-saving smart glass harnesses the unique properties of PDLC film to reduce energy (heating, lighting, cooling) costs, making it pivotal to the modern office industry’s sustainability effort.

Corporate Smart Glass Offices in Action

Here are real-life examples of Chiefway smart glass for office designs and installations.

Acoustic Smart Glass Installation at DNB L25

This project demonstrates how effective switchable smart glass is in modern office glass construction.

Chiefway installed high-performance Sound Transmission Class (STC) 45 soundproofing glass for its clients (DNB), greatly reducing sound transmission between office rooms.

This special office glass partition product from Chiefway further provided instant privacy with the touch of a button. The flexible privacy was especially welcome in the smart glass conference room and improved the quality of presentations.

Additionally, this acoustic smart glass build from Chiefway provided the clients with advanced heat control, improving office users’ lives and giving an eye-catching background.

Menara HLX Smart Office Glass

The Menara HLX corporate office towers are another excellent example of how advanced glass technology shapes the corporate scene.

To change its office block into a more modern and comfortable workplace, Minara HLX sourced the services of Chiefway, Malaysia’s leading smart glass expert.

Chiefway completely overhauled the office design at Minara HLX, replacing it with advanced smart glass office cubicles that instantly boost morale and performance.

The switchable smart glass fixtures installed by Chiefway, including clear glass partition color walls and doors, provided instant privacy using a remote controller.

This means that office users don’t have to waste valuable time pulling curtains or drapes when privacy is a priority.

The instant privacy courtesy of the advanced features that smart glass offers also means that management will reduce office expenses since they won’t have to buy or replace curtains regularly.

And if that’s not all, the smart glass office solution also provides excellent sound and heat insulation, making Minara HLX a superb workplace.

Meeting Room Smart Glass at Nanostix

Chiefway’s smart glass products are also extensively used in meeting/conference rooms due to the instant privacy aspect they provide.

Since meeting rooms are usually large and require high levels of privacy and silence, the old-fashioned conference rooms require significant investments in curtains, lighting, and soundproofing.

But not anymore since the Chiefway smart glass solution meets all these needs and goes even further.

Chiefway installed switchable smart glass fixtures for Nanostix’s meeting rooms, which provided instant privacy and heat and sound insulation.

This allowed meetings held in this company’s meeting room to be comfortable for users while saving the company money through reduced energy costs.


Smart glass is a game changer in the modern corporate space, providing undeniable benefits for users and management.

Using switchable glass in smart offices offers instant privacy, reduced energy costs, and environmental sustainability, which are all important in the modern corporate world.

For the best smart glass products for your modern office, contact Chiefway, the leading smart glass Malaysia producer.

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