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Glass Louvers Window & Why the Smart Glass Window Wins

Many Malaysian homes feature glass window louvers due to their easy cleaning, energy efficiency, natural light flow, and excellent ventilation.

An adjustable glass louvers window is manufactured with a frame of non-corrosive materials (vinyl, wood, metal) with glass or aluminum louver blades and an adjustable crank or level pull-up set system.

Please keep reading to understand everything concerning louvers window glass, including its advantages and disadvantages.

Glass louvers window. Source: Pinterest. Glass Louvres Window - Chiefway
Glass louvers window. Source: Pinterest

Pros and Cons of Glass Louvers Windows

Louvers glass window are quite popular due to their numerous advantages to homeowners. 

And although this type of window is popular, they still have disadvantages.

Here are the top advantages of glass louver windows.

Pros of  Glass Louvers Windows

1. Excellent for Warm Weather

Malaysian summers are famous for their incredibly high temperatures and humidity, which is challenging for home occupants.

To counter the effects of warm weather in buildings, many Malaysians install different glass window louvers brands like Altair louvre windows that effectively regulate temperatures reducing air conditioning costs.

2. Ventilation

An adjustable glass louvers window is excellent for ventilation, especially in Malaysia, which experiences hot weather conditions.

To maximize ventilation, the louvers glass window allows hot air to flow through the upper and cool air through the lower panes.

The improved airflow ensures that spaces are well-ventilated, improving occupants’ comfort.

3. Daylighting

A natural light flow is desirable in buildings since it improves the aesthetic appeal of spaces and reduces lighting costs.

Since most louvers window glass is placed above head height, they are ideal for daylighting.

The positioning and design of glass louver windows block direct sunlight, only allowing a diffused glow that is excellent for homes.

4. Rain Protection

A cyclone-rated louver window is very effective in protecting buildings against torrential rain, especially in tropical climates like Malaysia.

The slanted blades in louver windows ensure rain doesn’t get into buildings. Additionally, since the louver blades are adjustable, homeowners can still get proper ventilation even when it’s raining.

5. Low-cost

Louver windows are cheaper than other window types since they use inexpensive materials.

Additionally, their simple designs, ease of installation, and parts availability mean installation and maintenance are cheaper.

Cons of Louver Glass Window

1. Easy to Pry Open

The mechanism in a glass louvre window is quite basic, meaning they are easy to pry open from the outside.

This poses a lot of problems to homeowners, including pests, weather, and security concerns.

2. Decreased Security

Glass louvers windows are poor security measures. Not only are they easy to open, but they’re also easy to break. 

This poses serious security concerns compared to other types of glass windows. It can also be difficult to incorporate them into a smart home security system.

3. Hard to Clean

Due to their design and location, glass louvers window are quite hard to clean. 

Since these window types are usually installed high up in buildings reaching and cleaning them is quite difficult.

4. Difficult Maintenance 

Maintaining glass louver windows is challenging since it has multiple moving parts, which isn’t the case for other glass types.

Most of the time, the crank system or blade may become stuck or broken, which requires a replacement or professional repairs.

5. Lacks Soundproofing

Glass louvers window are not the best regarding soundproofing. Depending on its construction material, this type of window usually allows outside sound to enter buildings.

6. Poor Pest Control

Glass window louvers don’t have tight sealing leaving gaps for pests and insects to crawl into a building.

Other glass types, like sliding windows, close tightly, eliminating pests and vermins risks.

Excellent for warm weatherEasy to force open
Facilitates proper ventilationReduced security
Promotes daylightingDifficult to clean
Excellent rain protectionDifficult to maintain
AffordablePoor sound insulation
Poor pest control

Why Chiefway Smart Glass is Better than Glass Louvers Window

Smart glass is widely used in construction due to its numerous advantages. Architects prefer switchable glass since it’s stronger, more energy efficient, and longer lasting.

In essence, smart glass takes all the advantages of lover glass windows without any of its disadvantages.

Here are the top smart glass benefits in a glass house design.

1. Enhanced Security

Smart glass enhances security in different ways, including offering instant privacy with a flick of a switch making it difficult for potential thieves to look inside buildings.

The materials and construction techniques make it more resistant to blunt force than glass louver windows.

In case of forced breakage, the smart glass will fragment into small pieces rather than large sharp pieces that can easily cut people.

2. Strengthened and Durable

Smart glass is constructed with toughened glass and robust construction technology that makes it strong and secure. 

This means that switchable glass is stronger and lasts longer than other types of glass, including glass louvers.

3. Flexible Control

One of the biggest advantages of switchable smart glass fixtures is that they can instantly turn opaque or transparent with a single button flick.

Smart glass technology o instant privacy is critical in high security and privacy locations like banks, hospitals, and hotel rooms.

Flexible light control also reduces costs by eliminating the need for window blinds, sashes, and manual or automatic light control features in a smart glass window, door, or wall.

4. Sustainable Design

Smart glass promotes sustainable interior design by effectively using natural resources like sunlight.

The insulation from the smart film in smart glass fixtures helps reduce heating and cooling costs, reduce pollution, and generally protect the environment.

And while the sustainable design is much more than just smart windows and doors, these fixtures promote green construction.

5. Heat and Sound Insulation

Effective heat and sound insulation is the hallmark of smart glass and one of its greatest selling points.

Energy-saving smart glass effectively insulates a building from sound and heat, improving the quality of life of Malaysian homeowners.

Using energy-saving smart glass in buildings also reduces heating and cooling costs, especially in adverse weather conditions.


Smart glass is a viable and sustainable addition to any building be it commercial or residential, due to its numerous benefits.

For the best results, customize smart glass for use in specialized industries like health, security, or hospitality.

To get your hands on smart glass Malaysia products, contact Chiefway, a leading smart glass manufacturer, for original and customized switchable glass products.

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