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What is a Glass Curtain & Why Smart Glass is Better

Glass fixtures are increasingly being used in most modern residential and commercial buildings. And with good reason

Besides giving the building a stylish, elegant look, glass fixtures are strong, durable, easy to clean, and relatively cost-effective.

One such building glass fixture causing ripples in the building scene lately is glass curtains.

A glass curtain consists of vertical panels supported by thin aluminum top and bottom paneling.

Some glass curtain systems have Teflon guides and metal rails that help the curtains slide or swing open or shut.

Glass curtains on a commercial building. Source: Pinterest. Glass Curtain - Chiefway
Glass curtains on a commercial building. Source: Pinterest

6 Benefits of Installing a Glass Curtain

Investing in glass curtains, although expensive with the initial costs, has numerous benefits for building owners. Some of the top benefits of glass curtains include easier cleaning, high customization, superior sound insulation, and advanced weather protection. 

Continue reading for the top glass curtains benefits.

1. Sleek Modern Design

The futuristic look and feel of the glass curtain system give buildings a sleek modern touch, perfect for new-age installations.

Glass curtains also allow the optimal passage of natural light, making living spaces airier and giving a flowing transition from the outdoors to indoors.

Additionally, the transparent partition of a glass curtain wall, improved strength, and durability, compared to drywall, or similar partitioning components, make this product a favorite in building design.

Sleek glass curtain design. Source: Pinterest. Glass Curtain - Chiefway
Sleek glass curtain design. Source: Pinterest

2. Extensively Customizable

The best part about using glass curtains is that they are pretty simple to customize, unlike other building materials, which, once manufactured, cannot be adjusted.

Glass curtains can be fabricated and customized to fit any patented design you may have for your building.

You can change the color, texture, size, form, and shape of glass curtain windows, doors, facades, or doors according to your desires.

Whether introducing Teflon guides or metal rails to make the smart glass system effortlessly slide or swing, glass curtains can be easily customized.

3. Weather Protection

A glass curtain wall facade, window, or canopy very effectively limits adverse weather effects on a building.

The design and materials used in constructing window, roof, and curtain wall glass ensure that rain, wind, hail, sleet, snow, and heat are effectively kept out of a building.

Glass curtains often incorporate thin translucent glass strips between glass panels that improve these products’ wind and waterproof properties.

For durable and long-lasting smart glass instead, contact Chiefway.

4. Sound Insulation

Living with noisy neighbors is not fun, and getting them to quiet down is never easy.

Fortunately, with soundproofed glass curtains, you no longer need to fight with your neighbors about noise control.

And the best part is that acoustic glass curtains effectively reduce noise levels, ensuring you get the peace and serenity you deserve.

Many hospitality, medical and educational customers often opt for soundproofed glass curtains.

For best results, consider soundproofing your glass partition wall, outer glass facade, or balcony glass wall.

Toughened soundproofed glass curtains. Source: Pinterest. Glass Curtain - Chiefway
Toughened soundproofed glass curtains. Source: Pinterest

5. Hygienic

A curtain glass wall, window, or roof is easier to clean than structures made of wood, metal, cement, or composite materials.

Unlike other materials, cleaning glass fixtures only requires a simple pat down with water and vinegar minus any expensive products, training, or expertise. 

Glass curtains with easy-to-clean glass panels are perfect for outdoor locations like exterior walls, facades, and roofs that control the passage of light in and out of buildings.

Clean indoor glass curtains, like glass partition curtains, also work well by making rooms more airy and comfortable for occupants.

Self-cleaning glass curtains. Source: Pinterest. Glass Curtain - Chiefway
Self-cleaning glass curtains. Source: Pinterest

5. Easy Maintenance

Due to the simple design and few materials used to make glass curtains, they are simple to maintain and don’t require any complex skills or a maintenance manual.

Glass curtains usually comprise only two or three materials like glass panels, aluminum or steel frame, and rubber/Teflon stacks or tracks for sliding or swinging.

Easy glass curtains maintenance means anyone can install these glass fixtures.

Why Chiefway Glass is Better Than Glass Curtain Walls

Smart glass technology has completely revolutionized the building glass industry enabling the installation of more personalized and functional smart glass curtain fixtures.

And while the glass curtain concept is growing, this technology faces challenges like privacy at will, temperature control, and sustainable interior design that smart glass solves.

Here are the top reasons why Chiefways smart glass is the best material for your glass curtains.

1. Ultimate Convenience

Smart glass technology offers users high convenience when used on any smart glass fixture.

The smart glass technology relies on PDLC film that becomes instantly activated when a current passes, causing the smart glass fixture instantly opaque or transparent.

So whether you’re considering a glass window, door, or roof curtain, smart glass is the best material for the job. You can customize smart glass and tailor it to your needs.

2. Multifunctional

A smart glass window, door, roof, facade, partition, or canopy can be used for multiple purposes.

The multipurpose nature of switchable smart glass fixtures allows them to work as projector screens, instant privacy screens, and touch screens with the simple flick of a switch.

Advancements in glass technology also mean that smart glass curtains can be customized to take on different shapes and textures, allowing them to be used for many more purposes other than as curtains. 

Consider using smart glass curtains in your patio or balconies for extended daylighting all year round.

3. Enhanced Security

Due to its robust design and high-quality materials, smart glass enhances security of office blocks, residential buildings, and numerous other buildings.

Smart glass fixtures can withstand brute force attacks, unlike standard glass.

Additionally, the ability of switchable smart glass curtains to instantly turn opaque reduces visibility, thereby increasing security and reducing the chances of an attack.

4. Increased Durability

Smart glass is generally made of toughened glass panels with a robust aluminum frame that lasts longer than ordinary glass.

The extra PDLC or photochromic layer on smart glass ensures that smart glass fixtures withstand UV radiation prolonging their lifespan.

Additionally, the professional quality of smart glass Malaysia from Chiefway translates to longer-lasting fixtures than standard glass.

5. Sustainable

Due to its design, energy saving smart glass can conserve energy during cold seasons and cool buildings during hot seasons.

The ability of smart glass to regulate temperatures means that property owners can save on heating and cooling costs which is a crucial component of a sustainable ecosystem.

Smart glass curtains also control UV rays which means that fading and UV exposure are reduced, keeping you and your property safe all year round.

Final Thoughts

Are you ready for an exciting construction journey that will see you harness nature’s power, contribute to environmental restoration, and apply the latest cutting-edge glass technology?

If you are, then Chiefway Malaysia, the leading smart glass manufacturer in the region, has your back.

At Chiefway, we have the skills and experience to tackle simple and complex standard and smart glass projects of all types.

Our in-house experts at Chiefway will guide you on the latest and most efficient use of smart glass in your building!

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