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Smart Glass Conference Room – A Major Office Upgrade!

What Is a Glass Conference Room?

Imagine a standard conference room with glass walls instead of traditional walls. Modern conference rooms might use glass walls on all sides or a mix of glass walls and traditional walls. As a result, you get a conference room that blends well with the office interior design.

Furthermore, glass conference rooms are highly customizable to your business needs. You can choose different sizes, patterns, and combinations to fit your office space.

To illustrate, glass conference rooms originate from the open concept in interior design. Inspired by open space natural landscapes, a smart glass conference room creates a sense of space. Moreover, it focuses on merging walls, doors, and interiors.

We saw the smart glass conference rooms trend first-hand. Also, we added our own spin to it. We’re sure the results will impress you. Check out the benefits of glass conference room walls and why upgrade with Chiefway.

A glass conference room combines elegance, utility, and security.
A glass conference room combines elegance, utility, and security.

5 Benefits of Using Glass Conference Room Walls


Glass creates spaciousness.
Glass creates spaciousness.

Since glass conference rooms emulate natural open spaces, they’re the perfect choice for smaller spaces. Furthermore, a smart glass conference room capitalises on energy-saving smart glass. Transparent glass walls add extra space in a small office space. In other words, it maximizes natural light from the windows.

The glass walls themselves don’t take up a lot of space. Thus, they never break the open design of your office. Instead, glass walls enhance movement even in an office with high foot traffic.

Then again, glass walls can fit the floor plan in any office space, whether big or small. Thus, you can cut the expenses of an extension.

Modern and Sleek Design

A larger office can also enjoy conference room glass walls as a luxury. Glass walls look more sleek and modern, creating a great first impression for your clients. Remember how the natural open feel is more relaxing.

Equally important, employees work better in a clean space. Feeling comfortable, they can produce their best work. Furthermore, glass meeting rooms bring employees together and promote a teamwork spirit.

Gone are the days of the secluded cubicles. In today’s digital world, human connection comes first. The modular partition system is replacing them fast. Also, a meeting pod is perfect for meetings when employees don’t have time to waste.

Extensively Customisable

Glass can fit most decor requirements thanks to being a flexible material. It offers several glazing options with different clarity levels. Also, you can experiment with many framing materials and colours. You also have a wide range of panel options beyond the glass wall.

Thus, you could customise your office space to your liking. The available space can’t limit your options. Furthermore, a glass conference room design can enhance the open feel of your office. Most of all, you can design your conference room to blend with whatever style you see fit for your business.

In effect, this renovation project could be as simple or elaborate to fit your budget.

Incorporates More Natural Light

Glass conference rooms maximize daylight.
Glass conference rooms maximize daylight.

In line with the open concept, conference room glass walls integrate natural lighting from the windows. Daylighting architecture brightens the office space without artificial light. Thus, the glass wall is healthier.

Furthermore, sunshine energises employees during a typical business day. Due to the lockdown, Malaysians get the least amount of natural light. They live and work sitting behind closed doors. Thus, sunlight exposure can refresh their minds and bodies to feel normal again.

Also, natural lighting can guard against sadness, stress, and dark thoughts. Most of all, natural lighting promotes wakefulness during heavy days. So, it’ll increase productivity and promote workplace mental health.

Better Company Transparency

In context, conference room glass walls promote accountability. Sensibly, employees focus on their work instead of wasting time. The see-through glass partition wall lets everyone feel seen. As a result, they don’t chat, play games, or watch movies during work time.

It also applies to high-level employees and supervisors. Transparent glass walls leave no room for dilly-dallying. In contrast, employees can work better when they can see each other. Traditional walls represent physical and mental boundaries, while glass walls foster teamwork.

With glass meeting rooms, it’ll be easier to prevent damage and health risks. In other words, experienced employees can correct errors as they see them.

5 Reasons to Upgrade With Smart Glass by Chiefway

Enhanced Security

Our smart glass enhances security in more than one way. For example, hardened glass is harder to break than other types of glass. It breaks into smaller pieces with less injury risk, too.

It’s not as tough as a brick wall, but it can absorb big blows. You don’t need to sacrifice security for convenience. Conference room glass walls come with built-in protection.

A glass wall is a good insulator of cold and heat, improves visibility, and creates a strong barrier. If you visit a museum, you may see a glass wall between the artefacts and the visitors. It’s because glass walls provide the most security and better visibility. 

We can bring the same technology to your office, bank, or hospital.

Privacy Control

Go incognito with the privacy flip switch.
Go incognito with the privacy flip switch.

See-through conference room glass walls let curious eyes peep during important business meetings. 

Switchable smart glass turns glass walls from transparent to a frosted glass conference room. That way, nobody on the other side can see what’s happening inside the conference room. This is ideal for more confidential meetings.

So, smart glass by Chiefway can help create open and private spaces in your office according to your needs.

Furthermore, soundproofing the conference room glass walls will trap the sounds inside. Others wouldn’t overhear things they shouldn’t know. 

As a result, you can conceal your meeting room and run your office successfully.

Green Energy

Smart glass for glass conference rooms is durable, recyclable, and low maintenance. Durability can increase the lifespan of your conference room for meetings. 

When the time comes, the glass wall will go to the factory for recycling. Furthermore, caring for conference room glass walls is next to easy.

So, smart glass technology doesn’t only promote sustainable interior design but also helps you save on energy bills. It gives you more control over sunlight and heat in your office. That way, your glass conference room won’t be another load on your expenses.

No wonder interior designers and office owners alike prefer Chiefway. It fits like a glove in their sustainability plans.

Strength & Safety

Safety smart glass for office and conference room glass walls can be a lifesaver. Treated glass can protect against fires, bullets, and bombs. Furthermore, it can repel insects if need be.

While bulletproof smart glass Malaysia is best for banks, it can also serve smart offices like yours. The added layer of security is certainly welcome in an uncertain world. If you’re a targeted company, this type of safety glass might be for your office.

Furthermore, you can feel safe knowing fire emergencies won’t harm you or your business. You can also minimise the risk of robbery. Then again, this type of security won’t apply to all enterprises. However, if it applies to your office, Chiefway can help.


Chiefway can offer smart office solutions to your offices. For example, you can print your logo as a design feature on the glass. You can choose customisable patterns to display slogans, alerts, or announcements. You can also make your smart glass window a decorative piece.

Furthermore, glass walls can replace curtains in some cases. They can block harmful radiation from the sun but let the light enter the office. In the conference room, glass walls can transform into projection screens for your projector during meetings.

You can even use the conference room glass walls in your meeting room, offices, and cubicles. It depends on what you want, and we can help tailor our services to your project.


In conclusion, glass rooms for meetings are here to stay. The interior design concept is based on natural landscapes that provide more space, daylight, and customisation options. 

You can enjoy more security and privacy by upgrading to glass meeting rooms. Contact Chiefway for your free consultation and open the door for change.

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