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10 Reasons to Invest in Energy-Saving with Smart Glass

Smart Glass – A Visually Appealing Way To Integrate Sustainable Development

Sustainable and energy-efficient buildings are the future of architecture for many reasons which we’re going to look at in detail through the course of this article.

Overall, the more energy-efficient a building is, the more cost benefits the owner will receive.

Many property owners are investing in this trend for new buildings while renovating older ones to better standards to reap the benefits of these upgrades.

One way in which these upgrades are being enforced is through the implementation of switchable smart glass in construction.

The highly energy-efficient Empire State Building in New York. Source: Eco-Business

Nowadays, traditional buildings are not as desirable because they can become uninhabitable especially when the weather outside becomes unbearable.

Most times you find that the insulation in such buildings is deficient and this affects thermal comfort – the interior either gets too hot or too cold.

These non-efficient buildings not only lower the quality of life but they also leave a negative impact on the environment.

It’s for this reason that more and more people are making the move towards modern buildings that are way more sustainable.

So, Why Invest In Energy Saving With Smart Glass?

There are so many reasons why one should invest in energy-efficient smart glass.

These reasons range from the obvious environmental to the financial benefits of cutting energy use to improved comfort and health.

In fact, energy efficiency and sustainable development have become some of the main features that prospective property owners look for when purchasing property.

Whether your motivation for energy conservation is environmental, economic, or personal, smart glass has something for everyone.

10 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Energy-Saving Smart Glass Technologies

Below is a list of the main reasons why you should consider investing in energy-saving with smart glass.

1. Environmental Responsibility

A lot of people think that environmental concerns do not affect them directly but that’s wrong.

Of late, climate change has been a huge cause for concern and direct effects have been felt in the air we breathe and water we drink among others.

There’s lots of scientific evidence showing that the carbon emissions cause climate change.

As a result, this negatively affects air and water which are vital for the health of our community, the health of our family, and the economic vitality of our region.

Implementing energy efficiency measures significantly reduces our greenhouse gas emission contribution. These emissions not only impact our community but also impact our country, our world, and the foreseeable future.

By embracing environmental responsibility, you are helping to protect the world for yourself and future generations.

Endless opportunities for environmental conservation. Source: Blueandgreentomorrow

2. Enhanced Security

If you’re looking to beef up the security at your home or office, then switchable smart glass has got you.

In the event of a potential break, Smart glass provides additional security elements that regular glass doesn’t with the toughness and thickness of the glass make it more difficult for intruders to break in.

PDLC Glass enhances the smart glass construction providing additional durability, reliability, and safety.

The liquid crystal film is usually sandwiched and sealed between two layers of glass.

Thanks to its high functionality, the smart glass may also be used in hurricane-resistant window applications. Smart glass may also be combined with advanced ballistic, fire, and bullet-resistant glass for additional security.

A glass door that doesn’t compromise on security. Source: OctoClean

Another way in which smart glass adds to the security of your property is by switching to opaque.

The glass is dimmable with the flick of a switch. In effect, outsiders can’t see what’s inside your premises. This goes a long way in decreasing the potential break-ins.

Additionally, smart glass creates the perfect solution for windows, walls, and doors because it doesn’t shatter when broken. Once broken, regular glass breaks into tiny pieces that scatter all over the place and can result in deep cuts if held or stepped on.

Smart glass allows you to maintain open and connected spaces while increasing safety.

3. Improved Functionality

Thanks to its dimmability of what Smart Glass offers, along with its sleek aesthetics, versatility, and energy efficiency, smart glass is suitable for almost all kinds of applications – from residential, corporate office and even healthcare industry!

Switching to smart glass is guaranteed to help you achieve a higher level of comfort and functionality.

Did you ever imagine that there would ever be a more efficient alternative to curtains, sheers, or blinds for privacy?

With the flick of a switch, you can easily transform switchable glass from clear to frosted.

This innovative glass is bound to bring the wow factor into any home residential or your office meeting room – the frosted state maintains privacy while still allowing light to come in.

People who are outside the building can’t see through the glass but those who are inside can clearly see the outside.

Smart glass built into a curved projection screen. Source: Nanjing

Smart switchable glass may also be used as a high-definition projection surface where employees can project their presentations.

This is practically impossible with other privacy solutions such as curtains. As a result, your office interior design won’t need to spend more money buying a projection screen or a whiteboard.

The higher functionality of smart glass also means that the amount of heat passing through is greatly reduced and this minimized the need for air conditioning, ultimately saving you lots of money.

4. Cost Saving

The initial cost of installation for smart glass is slightly higher as compared to regular glass but the long-term cost is significantly lower thus making smart glass more economical.

Standard regular glass costs around $10 to $15 per square foot as compared to $50 – $100 for switchable glass. It’s expected that with the rise of large-scale manufacturing, the cost will decrease, making it an even more economical option.

You should also keep in mind that all projects are unique and that there is a wide variety of treatments available that help make the glass soundproof, bullet-proof, flame retardant, solar tinted, etc. This means that the prices keep changing as there’s no fixed price for smart glass and film.

Skylights help you minimize artificial lighting during the day. Source: ASAPTrading

Additionally, smart glass also lasts longer than regular glass. If installed internally where there’s no direct sunlight, the glass can last for anywhere between 30 to 50 years.

On the other hand, if it’s installed externally, smart glass lasts for about 20 years.

Smart glass has little power consumption so you never have to worry about switching it off to save on cost or to prolong its life.

Due to the low running cost for electric smart glass, it has become one of the most adopted technologies in modern architecture.

5. Decreased Sunlight Exposure to Buildings

Over time, you realize that continued sunlight exposure to buildings causes the valuables inside to fade.

To allow enough light into a building without bringing the harsh sunlight effects, the glare must be reduced. Smart glass features a low emissivity glaze that helps reduce this by inhibiting ultraviolet rays.

The ultraviolet waves are what cause the fading. The low emissivity glaze also reflects infrared waves, thereby lowering heat transfer.

Switchable glass dims to inhibit UV Rays. Source: WallsOfGlass

The smart windows, skylights, and glazed doors can be switched to translucent mode at peak hours of sunlight to scatter the light and cut light levels roughly by half. The result is a diffuse source that illuminates more of the room with less glare.

Switchable smart glass is also used in places such as studios, galleries, museums, jewelry stores, and ultrasound rooms where the art, jewelry, etc. can be damaged by sun exposure.

Another area where smart glass is rapidly becoming embraced is in the automotive industry where it’s used to provide clear views on the windows and sunroofs while still minimizing harmful solar rays that cause glare, skin damage, and deterioration of interiors.

The glass may also be used for additional security in armored vehicles.

6. Futuristic Design – Aesthetic Appeal

Energy-efficiency is an attractive feature in any home and increases the aesthetic appeal.

Energy-efficient buildings are the way of the future and most property owners are making it a key feature of consideration.

People don’t mind paying extra for environmentally friendly and high-energy star-rated homes.

Modern energy-efficient homes are generally high performance and durable.

They use less energy and are comfortable to live in. This results in many benefits and generates immediate returns on the investment.

Modifications that make smart glass beautiful and attractive

All investments into a futuristic building g design should be viewed as an expense.

Any project such as the installation of smart glass that increases your property’s energy efficiency adds a certain amount to the final selling price.

This means that when you decide to resell it, you’ll find a better price in the market as compared to conventional alternatives with comparable features.

7. Financial Savings

Living in an energy-efficient home or working in an energy-efficient office saves you money by reducing your utility bills.

When you install switchable smart glass, you eliminate the need to use electrical energy to heat or cool the room.

This would have otherwise contributed to around 40% of your household energy use.

The energy-efficient windows not only reduce reliance on your HVAC system but also improve the quality of air.

Researchers found that most pollutants affecting air quality result from different components within the building materials and paints.

Architectural smart glass minimizes the need to keep heating or cooling when temperatures outside are hostile. Source:Glastory

8. Maximized Space

Smart glass supports minimalist interior design while maximizing on space making tight spaces feel spacious.

If you are working with limited space and looking for ways to make the most out of it, then smart glass is the way to go.

It does an amazing job at transforming intimate spaces to open and shared spaces or vice versa with simple dimming features.

This has proven to be very helpful in buildings with open floor plans.

As previously mentioned, smart glass can replace the whiteboard and also performs excellently as a projection board.

This maximizes the utility of the walls or windows in office conference rooms.

With a simple click, smart glass walls and windows on retail shops may be used to replace stickers and other forms of advertisements.

What better way is there to maximize on space than by communicating to your target audience through smart glass walls/windows?

Make the most out of your limited space with smart glass. Source: Ahnoyark

9. Improved Insulation

Thanks to their double-layer design, smart glass offers thermal and sound insulation benefits. They also prevent air leakage thus keeping rooms comfortably cool or warm.

Smart glass reduces transmission of infrared radiation on demand to control interior temperature and reduce the load on air-conditioning systems, thus lowering energy costs. 

Sound insulation is a very useful feature for buildings that are constructed in busy and noisy places.

If you enjoy some peace and quiet, then this solution is great for keeping away unwanted outdoor noise by either reflecting the noise towards the source or absorbing the noise.

The soundproofing nature of smart glass makes it applicable in conference rooms as well as interrogation rooms.

The spaces can instantly be made private such that people can neither see inside nor hear what’s going on.

Insulation keeps temperatures inside the room favorable for humans. Source: Spaciallistening

10. Greater Comfort

A combination of reduced noise, friendly temperature, humidity, and proper air circulation contributes to the comfort of a room.

Smart glass plays a huge role in ensuring that all these factors are balanced.

You no longer have to worry about constantly adjusting the air condition or fans when it gets too hot or too cold.

Insulated walls and windows are the answer. It’s time to invest in smart glass technology and say goodbye to hot and cold spots throughout your home.

A beautiful house that’s also comfortable to live in. Source: Modernize

After increasing the comfort in your home or office, you enhance the quality of life and are bound to see notable health benefits.

If the rooms are warmer, drier, and properly ventilated, there’s a lower risk of illnesses and mold growth.

The sum of all these results in improved levels of comfort in your home.


For most people, energy is one of the highest bills that they have to take care of. Due to the rising utility costs, building owners are looking for innovative and more modern solutions that’ll make their property more energy-efficient. One effective and efficient solution is smart glass.

Smart glass brings all the factors that go into creating an energy-efficient home such as insulation and proper lighting. Other additional benefits include privacy, enhanced security, etc. Over the years, smart glass has been put under rigorous tests to ensure that it performs as expected.

Chiefway Malaysia – The Leading Manufacturer of Smart Film & Smart Glass Technology

Are you ready to start enjoying the benefits of energy-efficient smart glass?

If yes, then you need to check our Chiefway Malaysia for a functional solution that will help you cut down on costs.

We understand the benefits of energy efficiency and over the years we have served the needs of thousands of offices, homes, hospitals, and hotels across the world. Our products – varied from Smart Glass and Smart Film are of high quality as they’re manufactured under strict quality control processes and we are renowned for offering the best smart solution to you!

We offer a wide range of specifications to meet different project requirements, applications, and designs. Visit us or contact us page to look at some of our completed projects!

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