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SIRIM-Certified Acoustic Double-Glazed Demountable Profile

Double-glazed demountable glass fixtures have become a key component in modern construction technology due to the inherent benefits they provide to buildings.

Due to their excellent heat and sound insulation, the double-glazed demountable profile accessories are widely used in hospitals, lecture halls, hotels, conference rooms, and other commercial spaces.

What is Chiefway’s Double-glazed Demountable Profile?

As the name suggests, the Chiefway demountable partition glass profile consists of two glass panels encasing an air pocket and attached to a sturdy metal (aluminum) frame for maximum sound and heat insulation.

This technology is widely used in constructing demountable glass partitions for conference halls, hospitals, schools, and other commercial settings.

Chiefway prides itself on constructing high-quality and SIRIM-certified double-glazed glass fixtures that provide an excellent return on investment for users.

The key qualities of the Chiefway SIRIM-certified smart glass double-glazed version include high-quality raw materials, advanced construction technology, and excellent workmanship.

Double-glazed demountable glass walls. Double-Glazed Demountable Profile - Chiefway.
Double-glazed demountable glass walls.

Benefits of Chiefway’s Acoustic Double-Glazed Demountable Profile

Acoustic double-glazed smart glass fixtures from Chiefway provide innumerable benefits for users, including the following:

1. SIRIM Certified

Standard of Industrial and Research Institute Malaysia (SIRIM) certification is a badge of honor only awarded to products and services that satisfy stringent international health and safety standards in Malaysia.

Chiefway double-glazed demountable acoustic fixtures bear the SIRIM certification, meaning they conform to Malaysian and global safety and professional product standards.

This is excellent news for Chiefway customers, especially those using double-glazed partitioning fixtures since these products will satisfy their needs while keeping them and their environment safe. 

Use Chiefways SIRIM-certified double-glazed glass in your glass conference room, hospital wall partition, or library wall panel and enjoy a high-quality experience.

2. Flexibility and Reconfigurability

Whether used for wall glass panelling or interior design, demountable double-glazed glass fixtures are highly flexible and, thus, can be installed in numerous combinations.

Therefore, leverage the fact that double-glazing technology offers numerous combinations to reconfigure the interior design of your executive boardroom, office, showroom, or conference room to fit your company’s theme and mission.

Depending on the glass size and thickness, you can repurpose, for example, a double-glazed demountable smart glass window into a skylight by changing its position in a room.

3. Privacy Control

Double-glazed smart glass wall systems. Source: Pinterest. Double-Glazed Demountable Profile - Chiefway.
Double-glazed smart glass wall systems. Source: Pinterest

Double-glazed glass fixtures, especially those that use smart glass technology, are excellent for privacy control.

Using switchable smart glass on a double-glazed glass partition wall, window, door, or skylight allows it to instantly turn opaque or transparent with a simple switch, thereby granting instant privacy to spaces.

Smart glass double-glazed demountable profile fixtures are used in high-privacy settings like in the hospitality, education, and healthcare sectors.

Use Chiefway advanced SIRIM-certified acoustic double-glazed demountable profile fixtures for guaranteed privacy control in office conference rooms, waiting bays, interview rooms, and hotel suites to increase the safety and comfort of occupants.

4. Sustainable

Energy-saving smart glass walls. Source: Pinterest. Double-Glazed Demountable Profile - Chiefway.
Energy-saving smart glass walls. Source: Pinterest

Sustainable construction practices are becoming increasingly important in modern construction technology, and energy-saving smart glass is at the center of this green revolution.

Due to their advanced construction technology and design, Smart glass double-glazed demounted fixtures  improve the heat, natural light, and sound insulation of spaces, thereby reducing energy costs.

Smart glass also improves environmental conservation through reduced use of fossil fuels for heating or cooling an office space, which reduces air pollution and global warming.

5. Multifunctional

Smart glass double-glazed demountable glass fixtures are multifunctional, with the same product being able to serve different functions.

For example, a clear smart glass conference wall can instantly turn opaque and become a privacy screen for private meetings.

Another example is that a smart glass window can act as a one-way mirror, increasing privacy, which is especially useful in interrogation and surveillance situations.

There are many more applications of smart glass double-glazed fixtures that highlight their multifunctional nature and application in modem building technology.

6. Sound Control

Soundproof smart glass door. Source: Pinterest. Double-Glazed Demountable Profile - Chiefway
Soundproof smart glass door. Source: Pinterest

Acoustic double-glazed partition walls and other glass fixtures offer excellent acoustic insulation, making it an ideal building material for modern structures.

The acoustic performance of these double-glazed acoustic products is highly desirable and applicable in multiple settings and sectors.

Acoustic double-glazed smart glass products feature the hospitality, healthcare, and education sectors, where they satisfy the acoustic requirements of these locations.

Therefore, consider using acoustic double-glazed smart glass walls and windows in a smart office, hospital room, library, laboratory, or hotel room to control noise pollution and increase user comfort.


SIRIM-certified acoustic double-glazed demountable glass profile fixtures from Chiefway, the leading smart glass Malaysia supplier, help businesses lower their energy costs and improve their client’s comfort and environmental conservation.

Additionally, these glass products are multifunctional and offer acoustic privacy plus advanced heat insulation.

For the highest quality SIRIM-certified acoustic double-glazed demountable profile products, don’t hesitate to contact Chiefway, the leading smart glass supplier in Malaysia.

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