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Decorative Glass Malaysia | Types, Benefits & Smart Glass

Decorative glass refers to glass fixtures that serve more than a functional purpose in interior and exterior applications.

The full range of decorative glass fixtures includes but is not limited to glass that changes a space’s appearance, texture, light penetration, branding, customization, style, and interior design.

Decorative glass is used in windows, doors, handrails, desks, tables, and skylights.

Benefits of Decorative Glass

Due to its design, decorative glass finds numerous exterior and interior applications in today’s architectural landscape. Here are the top benefits of decorative glass:

1. Aesthetically Pleasing

Due to its design and customization, decorative glass is pleasing, especially when used to highlight a centerpiece like a fireplace, waterfall, or monument.

Additionally, decorative glass panels and fixtures add an air of sophistication to a living space, making occupants feel more comfortable, a key pillar of interior design.

2. Durable and Versatile

Decorative glass, especially heat-treated or kiln-formed like tempered glass, is longer-lasting than regular glass.

These decorative glass products are versatile and can be used in various settings, including doors, windows, skylights, tables, or walls.

3. Maintains Privacy

Aesthetic glass works perfectly as privacy screens, especially those incorporating smart glass technology.

Furthermore, double-glazed decorative smart glass improves sound insulation, which reduces noise pollution and enhances comfort.

Privacy-first decorative glass products work perfectly in hotels, restaurants, medical facilities, and educational institutions.

4. Natural Light

Aesthetic smart glass offers superior natural light flow control, crucial for a building’s occupant’s comfort.

The advanced smart glass technology uses a PDLC film to control light flow, making living spaces light and airy.

5. Cost-Efficient

Decorative glass is cost-efficient since it serves more than one purpose. 

So, instead of using different glass fixtures to increase natural light flow, control UV radiation, improve aesthetics, and protect your building, aesthetic glass does all this at a fraction of the cost.

Additionally, decorative smart glass is cheaper to produce than other specialized glass types.

Types of Decorative Glass

Decorative glass comes in numerous shapes, colors, designs, and sizes. Here are some of the common types of decorative glass.

1. Stained Glass

Stained glass. Source: Pinterest. Decorative Glass - Chiefway
Stained glass. Source: Pinterest

Stained glass is common in homes and places of worship due to its beautiful pictorial designs and aesthetic properties.

Modern laminated color smart glass products are popular for their light and heat control, beauty, durability, and energy efficiency.

2. Acid-etched Glass

Acid-etched glass made by treating annealed glass with hydrofluoric acid creates beautiful satin frosted glass fixtures that diffuse and refract light for an excellent interior design finish.

This type of glass fixture creates beautiful glass panelling for dividing walls, partitions, doors, windows, and shower or bathroom enclosures.

Acid-etched glass fixtures have the added advantage of reducing scuff marks, improving privacy, and withstanding scratches, making them long-lasting.

3. Curved Glass

Curved glass shower door. Source: Pinterest. Decorative Glass - Chiefway
Curved glass shower door. Source: Pinterest

Curved glass is made by heating glass, bending it over a metal mold, and leaving it to cool in that position to achieve the desired curvature.

Using curved smart glass helps achieve fluidity and continuity and is used in the automotive and building industry for vehicle windshields, car lights, architectural domes, and display cases.

Curved smart glass, similar to normal curved glass but with the added advantage of instant privacy, is another glass fixture gaining popularity in the building space.

A curved smart glass window, door, or dome has the potential to control heat and light flow into a building, reducing energy costs while improving the overall comfort of occupants.

4. Silvered Glass

Silvered glass is made by applying a silvering formula, usually silver nitrate coating, to a double-walled glass fixture that gives it reflective properties.

Usually, silvered glass is used on reflective windows and doors, increasing privacy while reducing heat flow into a building.

Silvered glass also adds an aesthetic appeal to kitchen counters, cabinets, shelves, partitioning walls, and building doors.

5. Patterned Glass

Patterned glass. Source: Pinterest.  Decorative Glass - Chiefway
Patterned glass. Source: Pinterest

Patterned or textured smart glass refers to a glass type that has a pattern imprinted on the glass surface at high temperatures while still in the malleable or molten state.

Using patterned glass to increase the privacy of spaces is great since it doesn’t affect the flow of natural light, thus improving daylighting.

You can also incorporate patterned switchable smart glass fixtures, like doors and windows, into your interior design plans for their energy efficiency and enhanced privacy.

6. Graphics Laminated Smart Glass

A graphics-laminated smart glass fixture contains two laminated glass plates sandwiching a PDLC film layer that is integral in controlling the flow of heat and light into living spaces.

These glass fixtures with customizable designs are used in the hospitality, education, and entertainment industries for their customizable graphics, UV protection, and switchable transparency.

Smart glass graphics laminate applications include doors, windows, domes, and skylights.

Other types of decorative smart glass include low Iron, tinted, laser etched, molded, and sandblasted glass.


Due to its numerous advantages, decorative energy-saving smart glass is popular in the hospitality, medical, educational, and residential building sectors.

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