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Chiefway’s 2021 Highlights: The Journey Forward and Vision for 2022

Chiefway is the leading manufacturer of smart glass products in Malaysia. We deliver high quality, customized smart glass products to our clients. Our strength lies in manufacturing state-of-the-art smart glass, smart film and adhesive LED film for a variety of industries.

You’ll find a wide range of smart glass products to choose from, including Brilliant Color Glass, Fireproof Glass, and Pattern Blinds Smart Glass. Chiefway’s smart film series, on the other hand, include Smart Film, Smart Window, Smart Windowtouch and Smart Mirror.

Chiefway is a leading smart glass provider.

Furthermore, Chiefway has been a noteworthy pioneer for the use of double-glazed tempered smart glass in residential, commercial and even automotive applications.

Double-glazed material can be used to create safety glazing for building facades, windows and vehicles. 

Chiefway’s 5 Biggest Achievements in 2021

Chiefway has come a long way from the day the company was established to this point today. Chiefway understands how strict competition can be, and slacking can quickly relocate you to the back of the queue. 

And for this reason Chiefway has been actively engaging in research and development in an attempt to further cement its position in the market as one of the most reliable suppliers of smart film solutions.

The following are some of the biggest achievements the company attained in 2021.

Project Highlights of 2021

Chiefway had been involved in a number of projects throughout 2021.

Chiefway’s involvement in these projects reinforces our mission of creating high quality, reliable smart glass solutions.

Chiefway was a key player in a variety of projects over the course of 2021. 

Of all the projects that saw Chiefway’s involvement, these 7 projects were considered particularly noteworthy:

  • Meeting room project in Pasir Gudang
  • PTTEP Menara Prestige
  • Studio in Astro
  • SIOC, Sarawak
  • Wisma TNB Seberang Jaya
  • Damansara Heights Fusionex
  • Residential folding doors in Batu Pahat

We were absolutely thrilled to have helped modernize these spaces with top of the line smart glass products in the industry.

Our team expects to boost our production throughout 2022 in order to bridge the gap between Chiefway and the biggest competitors in the market right now. 

We hope these efforts will take the company to greater heights and help us satisfy our customers from all over the world. 

Opening a New Factory

New factory to increase capacity.
New factory to increase capacity.

With the scaling up of operations over the years it was only a matter of time before we needed to open a factory right here in Malaysia. Following the recent increase in demand for our smart technology, we finally had the privilege to make this notion a reality. 

Chiefway’s new factory allows us to manufacture smart glass and smart film products right here in Malaysia, thus reducing the overall cost. 

This key milestone boosts Chiefway’s standing in Malaysia as a leading smart glass manufacturer and supplier. The establishment of this factory helps us make products like our award-winning double glazed tempered smart glass more accessible to our clients.

So, if you have a project in the works that could benefit from smart glass solutions, Chiefway can definitely help you out!

RM 1 Million Raised Through Successful Crowdfunding

The company conducted a successful crowdfunding, raising over RM 1 million.

2021 was also the year the company finally conducted a successful crowdfunding initiative. We surpassed our targets and managed to raise 204% with a total fund of over RM1 million.

This was unprecedented and it has allowed the company to even plan for greater ambitions and expand our vision for the future. 

The crowdfunding initiative was made possible by a number of investors who have been supporting the company from day one. This level of confidence has ensured that Chiefway will evolve into something much greater in the near future.

Received a Patent for Our Technology

Chiefway saw its revolutionary technology patented.
Chiefway saw its revolutionary technology patented.

2021 was also the year that all of us at Chiefway saw our much touted smart glass technology finally get registered and recognised as our patented invention.

This has been a very huge milestone as it means now that the technology is proprietary and cannot be copied by any other person without any legal ramifications. With this, the company now has the power to even expand production and increase the efficiency of the smart glass solutions. 

Chiefway offers standard products as well as custom-made products that can be designed according to customers’ specifications. The company’s glass products include decorative glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, toughened glass and solar control glass. 

All the company’s products are made completely in-house using our now patented technology. This provides Chiefway with total control over the manufacturing process, enabling it to deliver top quality items at competitive prices.

Won Multiple Awards

The Archidex Star Award 2021
The Archidex Star Award 2021

As a testament to the extraordinary work of the Chiefway team and rapid improvement over the years, we did manage to win a number of international awards in 2021. These awards include the Asia Honesty Product Award and Asian Honesty Enterprise Award. 

Chiefway swept up the ARCHIDEX Star Award 2021 for our double-glazed tempered smart glass. The high-profile ARCHIDEX Star Award celebrates design and architectural excellence. Another award worth mentioning is the SME 100 Awards 2021. 

All this recognition is proof that Chiefway is finally on the right track to becoming a world leader in the production of high-quality energy-saving smart glass products.

We are also certified for our quality management system and we have an extensive system in place for environmental management.


Chiefway Malaysia specializes in providing customers with a wide range of custom-made products such as sliding doors and partitions, canopies, balustrades and more. All these products are tailor made based on their specific requests. 

We are a smart glass Malaysia company and we deliver high quality, customized and custom cut smart glass products to our clients.

Our strength lies in manufacturing high quality everyday products integrated with smart technology for greater convenience, security and sustainability. 

Our vision for 2022 is to further push our production, maintain the high quality of our products, and lead the industry with revolutionary innovations.

Feel free to reach out to us and our team of experts will be more than happy to take you through the questions and concerns you may have to your utmost satisfaction.

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