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9 Benefits of Smart Glass for Building Facades and Commercial Architecture

In a general sense, a building façade refers to one side of a building. But it is more commonly used to refer to the front of the building.

This is a vital piece in the overall design of a building that adds some character to it. There are different types of facades of a building.

The benefits of Smart Glass for building facades it that they come in a  variety of shapes and sizes allowing the architect to showcase their talent and bring the building to life.

Commercial architecture is concerned with the design of structures intended for business use.

This genre of architecture focuses on combining style and functionality in a way that not only provides shelter for a business but also meets current and future business needs.

Commercial architecture also incorporates state-of-the-art design and good design elements for optimal benefits.

Beautiful modern building architecture combining style and functionality. Source: Ofdesign 

One of such technological elements that are now being incorporated into commercial building design is using smart glass for contemporary building facades.

This not only provides a superior-looking finish to the overall architecture of the building but also offers additional functional benefits including cost reduction, energy efficiency, and improved security. 

A building façade design is arguably the most defining aesthetic feature of any commercial building and smart glass helps to boost its appearance and boost its functionality in various ways.

But First, What is Smart Glass?

Smart glass is also commonly referred to as privacy glass, light control glass, or switchable glass.

This is a type of innovative glass, the opacity of which is adjustable.

By applying an appropriate amount of heat, light, or voltage, it is possible to vary the opacity level of this type of glass.

The design of a smart glass makes it possible to change its light transmission properties using an external stimulus.

This means the glass can turn from opaque to transparent or translucent by pressing a button on the remote control.

Although smart facade technology still seems to be in its infancy, it carries enormous promise and benefits in commercial building design.

Smart Glass can turn opaque with a push of a button. Source: Chiefway Malaysia

In addition to the fact that it is elegant, smart glass is more secure than conventional glass – Smart glass is also easier to clean which makes it a more hygienic option compared to regular blinds and curtains.

Asides from the standard smart glass, varieties of smart glass such as hollow smart glass, for instance, are particularly useful for the exterior walls of buildings and may also be used for doors, windows, and pavilions.

They offer high performance and can block sound and heat to a very high degree of efficiency.

Hollow smart glass is also known to be eco-friendly thanks to its energy-saving design. Other types of smart glass include fireproof smart glass, and brilliant color smart glass.

9 Benefits of Smart Glass for Building Facades and Commercial Architecture

Smart glass can be incorporated into commercial buildings spaces for windows, room dividers, cabins, and partitions.

But arguably one of the best ways that smart glass can be incorporated into commercial architectural design is for building facades.

Using smart glass for your commercial building façade adds a modern touch to the building that makes it stand out from other buildings in the vicinity.

Asides from aesthetics, some of the other benefits of using smart glass for building facades includes-

1. Energy Efficiency

Smart glade facades reflect sunlight away, giving you good heat insulation – this reduces the amount of heat that enters into space by up to 40% thus reducing how much your air conditioner has to work to make the space more comfortable.

The less your air conditioner works, the less you have to spend on energy in the long run. You also spend less on artificial lighting since you have greater control over natural lighting.

2. Versatility

Smart glass finds versatile applications for retail advertising and information communication.

With a smart glass installation, you can change display ads or aesthetic displays easily with the touch of a button. Smart glass display advertising allows you to show customized ads on store walls or windows in a dynamic way while keeping the product on display at the center of attraction.

Here are some examples of ways to customize Smart Glass technology

3. Enhanced Security

Switchable electric glass offers the advantage of instant privacy since it can be easily changed from transparent to opaque with the click of a button thus making it difficult to peer inside.

The durability and strength of this type of glass can also be enhanced to make them more resistant to blasts, fire-retardant, or even bulletproof to further enhance security.

Smart glass enhances security and privacy. Source: Smart Privacy Glass 

4. Sun Protection 

When smart glass is switched to opaque, it can block up to 99% of UVA and UVB rays while only allowing visible light through.

This not only provides privacy for a space but also helps to cut glare.

This is quite ideal for offices and other spaces where privacy is needed on-demand without cutting off natural light.

Innovative smart glass blocks UV light efficiently. Source: WhatNext

5. Environmental Friendly

All over the world, there is a growing call for legislation to make buildings more environmentally friendly.

Individuals are also starting to realize this and opt for environmentally friendly solutions.

Smart glasses are designed to conform to the legislative requirements for commercial buildings and while contributing to environmental protection efforts.

6. Sound Insulation 

Switchable glass not only provides privacy by making it difficult to see through, but it also helps to block out audible sound to as much as 39 DB.

This makes it suitable for meeting rooms, conference centers, board rooms, and any other part of your commercial space where you’d prefer to keep the sound locked in.

7. Cost-Efficient

The cost of installing smart glass is slightly higher than other glass types. However, when you compare it to the long-term benefits of switchable glass, it’s easy to see how installing smart glass is a sound financial decision.

First, it helps to maximize the energy efficiency of your building which helps to save costs in the long run. Switchable glass is also low maintenance compared to conventional glass.  

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8. Increase Market Value

Installing a smart glass façade or window can boost the market value of your commercial building significantly.

This ensures that you get a suitable return on your investment should you decide to sell or rent out your building.

The value boost can be attributed to the many benefits of smart glasses which include aesthetic appeal, energy efficiency, and eco-friendliness.

9. Modern Appeal

Smart glass technology is often considered technology of the future – if you’ve seen smart glass at work, you have to admit how cool it is.

Installing smart glass windows adds a touch of modernity to your business space both from the exterior and interior. Natural light can be used to create the illusion of a larger space and smart glass helps to achieve this.

Attractive colored switchable glass. Source: Glassonweb 

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Smart Glass Malaysia – Chiefway Paves the Way

Chiefway is the leading provider of smart glass in Malaysia. We are a patented manufacturer offering a wide range of smart glass solutions for different categories of users. 

As a company, we focused on manufacturing high-quality switchable glass products suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

We help businesses leverage the benefits of smart glass and everything you need to know about Smart Glass technology. Chiefway Malaysia has been manufacturing its unique range of smart glass that is used by customers all over the world for diverse applications across various industries.

As a high-tech enterprise, we have been producing different market-leading innovative smart glass products that offer a wide range of benefits from energy saving to visual comfort and thermal conservation.

Our range of smart glass products includes standard smart glass, hollow smart glass (built specifically for exterior walls and building facades), brilliant color smart glass, one-way smart glass, pattern smart glass, and blind glass among others.

Our smart glass products are suitable for a variety of applications for offices, corporate buildings, and other commercial facilities.

Final Word

Smart glass is transforming architecture in many different ways. This revolutionary product, made with cutting-edge technology which offers a perfect blend of functionality and style. 

Switchable glass offers a wide range of benefits which include heat and sound insulation, energy efficiency, and cost-efficiency.

All of this combined with the aesthetic appeal of smart glass products makes it a worthy investment for building facades and commercial architecture.

Incorporating switchable glass into the architectural designs of your commercial building also helps you enjoy additional benefits such as captivating wall façade and window design, maximizing space, and sufficient daylight to boost the coziness of your space. 

Chiefway Malaysia is the leading provider of smart glass products in Malaysia. Contact us to find out more about our smart glass options and for consultation on your project.

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