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5 Benefits of Patterned Glass & All New Pattern Smart Glass

Glass is currently the epitome of function meets aesthetics in modern architectural projects. Patterned glass is among the popular types of decorative glass and is widely used to enhance the privacy and beauty of various residential and commercial spaces.

It may be tinted with colour or plain. Pattern glass has unique textures or patterns that transform your doors and windows with an incredible twist. 

What is Patterned Glass?

Patterned or textured glass is typically decorative, featuring patterns and textures on one or both sides of the pane. It’s obscure and translucent but still allows light into your spaces efficiently. 

This makes it perfect for bathroom shower doors, kitchen backsplash, privacy walls, lampshades, and sustainable interior design. Patterned glass has been a popular and common type of glass since ancient times and is often produced in thicknesses of 4 and 6 mm. 

Patterned glass design.
Patterned glass design.

Thanks to its embossed design, privacy, and durability, it feels sophisticated to the touch. . By diffusing and dispersing light, it creates the impression of spaciousness  in smaller rooms. 

Patterned glass is manufactured by placing molten glass between two rollers.  The patterned surfaces of the rollers imprint a design on either one side or both sides of the glass. .

If your goal is to bring light into a space without compromising on privacy, then patterned glass is a good choice since it’s translucid. Additionally, decorative effects can be attained by changing the surface patterns.

Types of Patterned Glass on the Market Today

A patterned toughened glass can easily add style and character to your décor, whether a residential or commercial structure. There are various types of patterned glass for doors and any type of window in Malaysia that enhance privacy without compromising the light quality that enters your space.

They come with numerous attractive patterns making them ideal options for daylighting architecture. While providing a subdued and assured aesthetic statement, a wide variety of textures and patterns offer just the correct opacities to manage light and privacy.

Any modern home can benefit from the much-needed personality boost provided by the textured glass. Adding textured details to your structures is an excellent way to create an impact. 

Textured glass proves to be the best option by offering a personalized touch and adding overall privacy with a simple yet elegant feel. Generally, there is a unique pattern to assist you in achieving your goals, whether you want to highlight the room’s existing finishes or give it your own style. 

Let’s take a look at common types of patterned glass.

1. Wood Grain Patterned Glass

Wood grain textured glass brings decent levels of intrigue to your glass house design. It showcases incredible elements of nature and makes your room warm and inviting.

Additionally, wood grain textured glass is a great option for designers seeking the highest degree of privacy since it adds a decent level of obscurity with a barely visible ripple pattern.

Wood Grain Patterned Glass. Source: Pinterest
Wood Grain Patterned Glass. Source: Pinterest

 2. Rain Patterned Glass

This rain-patterned glass creates a splash of an incredible style to your classic cabinets. The design was developed after water cascading over a surface. 

The rain texture glass’s drip trails create the appearance of lingering wetness from an evening shower. The design can be applied to exterior windows or a bathroom with rain glass. It’s recommended for anyone with a taste for glasses with a little more character and touch.

Rain Patterned Glass. Source: Pinterest 

3. Reed Patterned Glass

Sleek reed patterns feel right at a splash across a cabinet space for bold kitchens and windows or front glass door design for offices to minimize the feeling of stuffiness.

It is a cross between modern and retro, emphasizing and fully utilizing the glass’s texture aspect. For instance, reeds spaced ½ inch apart tend to create a subtle distortion for lots of light and limited obscurity.

Reed Patterned Glass. Source: Capilano
Reed Patterned Glass. Source: Capilano

4. Cross-Reed Patterned Glass

Cross reed textured glasses are primarily installed in guest bathrooms and home bars. The elegant grooves provide a balanced blend of visibility and opacity, making it a steady pattern in interior design that uses obscure glass patterns.

They can be used to create sophisticated designs for kitchen countertops.

Cross Reed Patterned Glass. Source: Pinterest
Cross Reed Patterned Glass. Source: Pinterest

5. Glacier Patterned Glass

A distinctive glacier glass texture gives the exterior and interior appropriate privacy and a magnificent appearance resembling glacier patterns.

It also reflects enough light to display an image that looks like a lovely obscure painting. If you want to impress your guests with a simple artistic flair on your kitchen surfaces, go for the glacier pattern!

Glacier Patterned Glass. Source: Pinterest
Glacier Patterned Glass. Source: Pinterest

5 Benefits of Patterned Glass

There are many benefits of using patterned glass. It is an excellent way to give your home a more stylish appearance and a great strategy to block harmful UV rays from the sun.

Textured glass panels are the go-to products when purchasing glass for your cabinets, windows, and doors. The pattern you select will rely entirely on what complements the design of your home the best.

For instance, if you live in an older home with classic architectural designs, you might want to choose an artistic pattern that complements these residences.

Alternatively, if your enterprise has a physical location, using patterned glass for your doors, windows, and storefront is a great way to make it stand out.

1.  Visually Aesthetic

This is an apparent benefit to consider when you are working on home renovation and improvement projects. With patterned glass, you have the opportunity to turn something plain into something with lovely, intricate details.

Investing in decorative glass gives your property an exclusive appearance. Patterned glass is a popular choice for reinventing staircases, windows, wall panels, and glass floors.

2.  Privacy

Shower screens, bathroom windows, and entry doors frequently use patterned glass. Patterned glass can provide enhanced privacy while still allowing light to illuminate your space.

Generally, textured glass offers less transparency, thus, enhancing privacy. Consider adding textured glass décor if you want to improve the aesthetic ambiance of your home without compromising on privacy.

3.  Natural Light Flow

As mentioned, textured glass windows make it difficult to see inside your house, but it does not block natural light. Therefore, with increased natural light flow, it manages to provide a comfy space while significantly reducing energy costs.

By closing the windows, you can maximize daylighting while retaining privacy. Without pattern glass, you would have to close blinds or draw curtains. Both those options hamper natural light. 

4.  Imparts Spaciousness

Another surprising aspect of the patterned glass is that it gives smaller spaces a feeling of spaciousness since it diffuses and spreads light throughout the room. Also, light diffusion will make a smaller space more relaxed and improve the interior design style.

5.  Versatile and Customizable

You can give your home a little flair by installing patterned glass, especially since there are so many variations to choose from. In addition, you can select the appropriate level of obscurity or light transmittance you prefer from a variety of privacy levels, depending on your tastes.

Introducing Pattern Smart Glass by Chiefway!

Chiefway Malaysia stays up-to-date with the current technological trends and advancements. Recently we have seen a proliferation of new “smart glass” technologies entering the markets. 

Smart glass is essentially built with special coatings and layers that offer functional characteristics. Better than traditional pattern glass, Chiefway’s version has an electrical switch to control the opacity of the glass. You can switch from translucent to clear view making your interior design stand out. 

Chiefway takes great pride in offering state-of-the-art and most innovative switchable glass products. Chiefway is a proven industry-leading glass expert with the introduction of our patterned smart glass. 

This proves to be better than the other patterned glass options since its dynamic patterns can be changed at will or dispelled completely. Our patterned smart glass is designed to add uniqueness and artistic flair to your commercial or residential properties. 

With its elegant design, it also provides insulation from noise and heat, thus, keeping spaces quiet and comfortable. The flexible control system allows you to electronically adjust its tint. 

Another unique aspect of the patterned smart glass is a low power consumption rate adhering to the international energy sustainability standards. 

Chiefway’s switchable and custom-made patterned smart glass goes above and beyond with regard to quality and function.

Check out this video about Chiefway’s newest instalment of pattern smart glass!


Smart glass technology is becoming popular and quickly revolutionizing home automation. Chiefway’s smart glass products are used in multiple industries, from medical, construction, and offices to residential facilities. 

If you want bespoke patterned glass, we’re ready to help! We supply and install a variety of unique patterned glass designs to wonderfully transform your home or business. 

Get in touch with Chiefway to learn more about patterned smart glass, and let us tailor your product to meet your unique needs!

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