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6 Reasons to Invest in Double-Glazed Acoustic Smart Glass

Double-glazed acoustic smart glass is a unique and modern glass product providing exciting residential, commercial and smart office solutions.

This product, manufactured and installed by Chiefway Malaysia, offers solid benefits that every building owner will enjoy.

Continue reading for a detailed breakdown of everything to do with double-glazed acoustic smart glass.

What Is Double Glazed Acoustic Smart Glass?

A double-glazed smart glass fixture is an Integrated Glass Unit (IGU) consisting of two glass panels sandwiching a PDLC laminate interlayer filled with inert gas.

Acoustic switchable smart glass technology has numerous benefits, including noise reduction, heat control, instant privacy, and security enhancement, and improving the aesthetic appeal of a building facade.

Due to its design, this glass unit boasts acoustic and photo transmission control properties and finds numerous applications in hospitality, residential, medical, education, and smart office solutions.

Tests confirm that a double-glazed smart glass fixture can block UV rays by up to 99% and reduce noise levels by up to 39DB.

Why Invest in Double Glazed Acoustic Smart Glass?

Purchasing smart glass products isn’t cheap, but the benefits of this superior glass product far outweigh its purchasing costs. 

Continue reading to understand why you should invest in double-layered switchable glass fixtures.

1. Durable and Long Lasting

Double-glazed smart glass door. Source: Pinterest
Double-glazed smart glass door. Source: Pinterest

Double-glazed switchable glass, unlike normal glass, is durable and long-lasting due to its unique design, and sturdy construction materials.

Acoustic double-glazed switchable glass fixtures boast strong metal frames, thick glass panes, and advanced construction techniques that guarantee their longevity.

Consider using smart glass for building facades, windows, and doors for your buildings instead of regular glass if you want them to last longer.

Chiefway uses advanced glass technology that ensures that laminated acoustic glass products serve you well and stand the test of time.

On average acoustic switchable smart glass will last 3-5 times longer than normal glass making it a popular choice in the construction sector.

2. Heat Protection

One of the main advantages of acoustic switchable glass is its ability to control heat transfer to a room, office block, or any other interior space.

To do this, switchable double-glazed glass windows and doors use an inert air gap and laminate layer in their construction to limit the transmission of heat in or out of a building.

The heat protection range ultimately depends on the thickness of the glass, the quality smart film, and the size of the air gap in an insulated glass unit.

3. Sound Insulation

Double-glazed acoustic smart glass office partitions. Source: Pinterest
Double-glazed acoustic smart glass office partitions. Source: Pinterest

If you’re looking for a functional and effective sound-cancellation window, door, or double-glazed facade for your building, try the acoustic switchable smart glass

As the name suggests, the acoustic laminate smart glass uses unique materials to control and limit the amount of sound in or out of a room.

Laminated acoustic switchable glass fixtures work in two main ways.

Firstly acoustic switchable glass products use innovative acoustic material to reflect noise.

Secondly, acoustic switchable glass converts sound waves to vibrational energy, which is absorbed by fabrics and perforated plastic films in the glass.

According to tests, acoustic switchable glass products can reduce noise levels by up to 39DB.

4. Energy Conservation

Maintaining a room’s temperature, especially during adverse summer and winter months, is no mean feat.

You will need to either continuously heat or cool your space to maintain a stable and favorable room temperature.

Fortunately, there is another way around this financial and resource-draining process: using laminated acoustic switchable smart glass.

Using its unique features, acoustic laminate smart glass can control heat flow in and out of a space leading to better energy conservation.

Energy conservation works by reducing the amount of heat required to heat or cool a room during different weather seasons.

5. Enhanced Security

Did you know that smart glass enhances security?

Right from its construction design, materials, and building technology, this novel glass product will enhance your building’s security, whether it’s in the exterior walls, inside partitions, or your roof.

Acoustic laminate glass comprises an Integrated Glass Unit (IGU) made of layers of thick glass panes encased in a special toughened aluminum frame.

The heat-laminated glass layer is tough and resistant to brute force and doesn’t fracture like normal glass.

The features, design, and building technology of sound-reducing switchable smart glass make it an ideal fixture for areas with high-security risks like exterior walls, guard rooms, or observation windows.

6. Daylighting

Double-glazed smart skylight. Source: Pinterest
Double-glazed smart skylight. Source: Pinterest

Who doesn’t love an airy, bright room overflowing with natural light?

The best way to enjoy natural lighting while still maintaining security and privacy is by investing in a smart glass roof, skylight, windows, doors, domes, or facades in high-rise buildings

Besides providing security, acoustic laminate smart glass fixtures also provide instant privacy at the click of a button and help regulate heat flow in your buildings.

All these benefits and so many others make laminated switchable glass best for daylighting.

Applications of Double-Glazed Acoustic Smart Glass

Though relatively new, double-glazed acoustic switchable glass is fast becoming a favorite choice for millions of people due to its numerous applications and benefits to buildings.

Heat-treated acoustic smart glass is used in the following settings:

Double-glazed smart glass facade. Source: Pinterest
Double-glazed smart glass facade. Source: Pinterest

1. High-performance Buildings

 Using smart glass for facades in high-performance buildings is a smart way of improving temperature, noise, and privacy control. Additionally, the durable fixtures, are perfect for exterior walls and the roof.

2. Medical Sector

Medical centers and hospitals require high levels of privacy and silence due to the nature of their business. Using its innovative features, smart glass windows, doors, and partitions offer instant privacy to occupants while controlling temperature and noise levels in these sensitive buildings.

3. Corporate Sector

The corporate sector, especially in commercial office exterior design, actively uses smart glass technology to enhance branding while improving security, energy conservation, occupant privacy, and reducing noise levels.

4. Commercial Spaces

Shopping malls and showrooms actively use acoustic double-glazed window glass for their displays and internal partitions to enhance sky lighting and control noise and temperature in these spaces.

5. Academia

Academic institutions and research labs find many applications for double-glazed glass. Besides reducing the noise level in libraries and research rooms, switchable glass helps maintain temperatures and improve privacy in these spaces.


Smart glass double glazing is a hot trend taking the building sector by storm.

This modern and functional glass technology boasts numerous applications for buildings in various settings.

Chiefway is Malaysia’s number-one expert in double-layered acoustic smart glass technology.

To enjoy the awesome benefits of multi-glazed acoustic glass, including noise reduction, instant privacy, and enhanced security, contact Chiefway, the best smart glass Malaysia manufacturer.

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