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8 Ways on How Smart Glass to Improve Working Productivity

It gets to a point where employers have to come up with ways to make their employees become more productive. Incorporating smart glass in the workplace is one effective way of enhancing workflow processes.

What exactly is smart glass and why do you need it in your workplace?
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This technology is, no doubt, the start of the next wave of businesses’ transformational journey in overcoming numerous challenges. The smart glass can switch from clear to frosted when a switch is flipped on and off respectively.

Partitions that are made of smart glass Source: Indiamart.com

Other terms that may be used to refer to this truly dynamic concept are Privacy Glass or Electric Tinting Glass. Let’s answer a few Frequently Asked Questions on Smart Glass before we can look, in detail, at the ways in which smart glass improves productivity.

What Is The Importance Of Productivity To A Company?

Smart glass has been proven to make workers more productive and companies in different industries can benefit from its advantages. It’s quite obvious that productivity plays a huge role in the growth of a company.

Smart glass in a colorful working space. Source: smartglass-international

When the productivity is high, the company’s revenue also increases and ultimately there is a possibility of expanding the business or even giving people a salary raise.

Working remotely may have a couple of distractions but that may be countered by following a schedule and taking breaks whenever necessary.

Different Types Of Distraction That Employees Face

Some of the distractions that employees who work remotely are reported to face include phone calls, text messages, and the biggest one of them all being social media. If an employee directs his/her attention here, they won’t be as productive and this will have a negative impact on the company.

Color tint applied to smart glass with Smart Tech technology. Source: glass-on-the-web

The Impact Of Low Productivity To Business

Decreasing productivity means that the employees are not exploring their maximum potential. When they perform inefficiently, this could lead to several negative effects in the company. These include:

·      Retrenchment

·      Lower profitability

·      Demotivated employees and employers

·      Avoidance of work or being late

Avoid all the distractions as you hold your meetings. Source: archello.com

4. Potential Applications of Smart Glass

Over the last couple of years, the demand for smart glass has grown exponentially. There are various areas that smart glass may be applied to enhance the productivity purposes. These include:

·      On doors

·      On windows

·      As partitions

·      As walls

·      Skylights roofing

Switchable glass used on walls that can turn opaque or transparent in a switch. Source: Indiamart.com

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8 Ways Smart Glass Improves Working Productivity

Smart glass will drastically improve productivity in any way – no matter currently you are working from home, or working from office. The smart glass can change from being completely transparent to different degrees of opaque depending on the current need for privacy, heat control, and lighting.

There are so many benefits that you can reap from this cutting edge technology. Read to learn how Smart Glass improves working productivity in everywhere and anyways!

Get all the privacy you need even in the bathroom. Source: oypdlc.com

1. Temperature Regulation; Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold

When the level of transparency in smart glass is altered, it limits the amount of light getting in and this reduces glare. As a result, it also controls the amount of heat that passes through.

The glass ensures that the interior is always at optimum temperature. Tuning the degree of opaqueness has proven to be very beneficial in controlling temperature levels for a wide range of environments.

Set a relaxing temperature inside that’s not affected by the outside weather. Source: venturebeat.com

The biggest advantage of using smart glass to regulate the temperature inside a building is that it significantly reduces the air conditioning costs. If, for example, the weather is very hot outside, the glass can be set to a more transparent mode so that the heat inside can escape freely. This is done while simultaneously preventing heat from getting in. When it’s cold and you wish to maintain the heat inside the building, set the glass to a dark tint and the room temperature will remain unchanged.

2.  Natural Light Boosts Productivity

A sustainable building that has been fitted with smart glass is very ideal for an office set up. The employees in buildings with daylighting systems will generally become more productive

As a result, there will be fewer reported sick days a month since most employees perceive the office to be more comfortable and with better air flow. Ultimately, the average number of hours worked by each employee also goes up.

Studies conducted in the past have shown that employees who sit closer to open windows where there’s natural light are generally more productive.

Again, there’s no need for artificial lighting when the building has already. What this means is that the technology allows companies to cut down on expenses that go into artificial interior lighting.

Intelligent switchable glass in meeting room and training room. Source: intelligentglass

3. A Happier Workplace

The natural light provided by smart glass generally makes employees feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. The controllability of systems that regulate lighting and temperature has been linked to the overall “feel-good mood” at the office.

When the employees are exposed to natural light they sleep better and for longer. Who doesn’t like to have extra time to sleep and rest? If they don’t get enough sleep in their beds they’ll come to sleep at their desks in the office and that doesn’t make a very good worker.

Overall, people with healthy sleeping patterns have improved general health and will be happier in the workplace. Employees who are not exposed to enough natural light complain of certain issues such as headaches, eyestrain, blurred vision, and increased fatigue.

On the other hand, employees who are exposed to more natural light aren’t easily susceptible to health issues.

For this reason they’re happier at work and interact better with their colleagues.

A workplace fitted with colourful smart glass. Source: priviglaze.com

4. Fewer Absences As A Result Of A Happier Workforce

We all know that chronic absenteeism in the workplace can result in huge losses for the company. This can compromise the brand All these unhealthy habits can be

Most office environments introduce a number of challenges to their employees. But all these stresses can be controlled. With effective strategies in place, employers can create happier and more productive employees. Making the employees happier will cause them to look forward to showing up for work. That also improves the morale among colleagues resulting in a happier workplace.

Lastly, if employees worked in inappropriate environments without natural light there would be unwanted heat that can lead to “thermostat wars.” Such an unpleasant working environment would result in a very unhappy workforce.

More alert and happy employees working in a friendly indoor environment won’t have to find reasons as to why they should skip work.

Employees inside an office partitioned with smart glass. Source: gauzy.com

5. Privacy Whenever Needed

Thanks to its intelligent control, one can easily adjust the smart glass until it gets to the ideal privacy levels. The various degrees of opaqueness preserve your privacy by offering protection from the look of outsiders. All this happens without your views being obscured as opposed to curtains or blinds. Do you need a better reason to get rid of curtains?

Thanks to the smart glass technology, both employers and employees
can now enjoy privacy in their offices. Source: Chiefway Facebook

One of the greatest perks of smart glass is that it’s crystal clear when needed but can become frosty in an instant; with the flick of a switch. When opaque, the glass may be used as a whiteboard or a screen for an HD projector. How cool is that? You bet almost everyone would be pleased with the multifunctionality.

Get privacy on demand, within the split of a second. Source: glassonweb.com

The changes take place in about 0.1 seconds. Another reason why people opt for the smart glass as a replacement for curtains when it comes to privacy is that it meets high hygiene standards. The smart glass is so easy to clean

It’s time to take charge of your privacy needs and in any setting!

6. Higher Engagement

Your employees will generally feel more engaged when they’re working in an office space that’s well-lit with natural light.

Higher engagement translates to them staying focused on their tasks. It also means that they are more likely to collaborate with their colleagues for better results. When they coordinate their tasks they’ll finish up faster and seamlessly.

In a nutshell, more engagement, better collaboration, and increased interaction equals to more productivity and, thus, more profitability for the company.

Not only are more engaged employees highly likely to work full schedules but they’re also happier as they go about it. This may be attributed to the exposure to natural light which then boosts vitamin D levels.

This ultimately promotes better health by fighting stress and depression. This means that the employees won’t have to struggle with showing up for work every day which would otherwise affect their demeanor.

Open a world of unlimited possibilities for your employees. Source: urbanland-limited

7. Natural Light Increases The Value Of Commercial Space

It’s undeniable that natural light has an immense impact on the value of the property. The value that it adds is almost immeasurable. If you own the commercial space, chances are that you always wish to maintain the value of the place, if not increase it. Incorporating smart glass on your doors and window would be a great place to start.

A well-lit office, thanks to natural light. Source: halioglass.eu

It’s quite obvious that people don’t mind digging deeper into their pockets to pay for property that has lots of natural light. For a lot of prospective buyers, natural light is most probably all that they know about real estate so it’ll be what they go looking for.

Having adequate natural light in the building makes the commercial space look bigger and more open. This is another explanation as to why people are willing to pay more. Illuminating the interiors is one of the oldest tricks used by interior designers and architects to increase aesthetic appeal.

If there are nice views in the surrounding landscape, that would be a big bonus.

8. Lower Utility Costs And Less Environmental Impacts

The presence of natural light in indoor spaces goes a long way in reducing energy costs. This is because the room gets lit and heated up without requiring electricity. When little electricity is consumed, that significantly lowers the company’s expenses.

Letting the natural light shine through. Source: newatlas.com

Utilizing natural light can save up to 75% on energy that would have been used to light up the space and also reduces the cooling costs.

The use of natural light in commercial and residential spaces is not only cleaner for all inhabitants but is also good to the environment. Energy-efficient lighting requires less electricity and this leads to a reduction in the emission of pollutants during power production.

Ultimately, when less energy is used for lighting purposes and to maintain the temperature, there’s less impact on the environment.

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Is It Possible That Smart Glass Is Doing More Harm Than Good?

By now you are well aware that smart glass allows the user to adjust the degree of transparency. This makes it appropriate for use in various situations. However, it also comes with some disadvantages such as:

·      Quite expensive

·      Requires electricity to function

·      A high electrical consumption

·      The installation process is complex

A smart building with smart design. Source: bdcnetwork.com

That aside, lets us take a look at why these glasses’ popularity is spreading like wildfire. The benefits of smart glass are:

  •  Increased benefits of natural light to health

Natural light is a major selling point for lots of commercial and residential property. Thanks to its numerous benefits, natural light means so much to many people. Some of the benefits of natural light to health include:

·      Better absorption of vitamin D

·      Boosts a person’s mood

·      Improves the quality of sleep

·      Increases productivity

Smart glass panels used in building construction. Source: hybridpanels.com
  • Better security and improved privacy

The smart glass on windows, walls, and doors is surprisingly robust and is guaranteed to stand the test of time. On top of reinforcing the glasses’ anti-shatter capabilities, the technology used on smart glass also makes it harder for burglars to gain illegal entry through broken windows or doors.

Smart glass is not only effective in blocking out light but also ensures that nosy outsider can’t see what’s going on inside. All this is possible while still allowing natural light to get in.

Different rooms partitioned with smart glass to promote privacy when needed. Source: ispacoustics.com
  • A brilliant alternative to curtains

We can’t deny that curtains are attractive to look at. But they don’t let in as much natural light as most people would like.

Getting rid of curtains (especially the heavy drapes) is a great move towards getting more sunlight in your house. Smart glass is a classic look and is energy efficient too. They may also be hung from a sliding mechanism so that they slide like doors for a minimalist look.

Do away with curtains and drapes on windows. Source: lookboxliving
  •  Offers excellent flexibility and control

Smart glass is one of the most lavish window treatment option available in the market. Not only does it add to the aesthetic value of a building but it also has so much to offer home automation.

Anyone who has flexibility in mind ought to go for this intelligent glass. The technology offers a wide range of remote-controlled solutions such as thermal regulation and interior lighting needs.

Ease of control – access via a smartphone. Source: smartglassnewyork.com


As technologies are improving, expenses for businesses are coming down. Office designs are also becoming more stylish and profits are growing exponentially.

Everyone hopes that someday they’ll live in a house esteemed with the versatility of switching transparency and opacity with the flip of a switch.

Your dream of having a “smart home” is now possible thanks to this technological advancement.

Effective, efficient, and eco-friendly smart glass. Source: Pinterest

Chiefway Malaysia is the leading manufacturer and supplier of smart glass which has, so far, been ranked among the top ways of improving workplace operations.

Reach out to us today and place your orders. You don’t want to miss out on our amazing products engineered with the latest technology.

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