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5 Ways You Can Customize Smart Glass

It is no secret; with the myriad of technologies emerging every break of dawn, many people find it hard to keep up with trends. Technological advancements have revolutionized every sector of the economy, and it did not spare the architectural design industry either.

Currently, smart glass technology is buzzing. Its popularity in the rapidly changing world of architecture is vast. Unfortunately, the larger population of Malaysians is unaware of the extent of smart glass applications.

Smart glass has seen its applications set camp in various industries. Some of these industries include:

Residential Industry

Natural lighting is one of the easiest ways to create a conducive living environment. Much to its advantage and with the touch of a button, smart glass allows adequate natural light into homes while exposing its residents to the benefits of Vitamin D. Also, it eliminates the need for curtains and blinds.

Additionally, it improves the aesthetics of the home increasing its resale price.

Smart Glass gives you the flexibility of protecting privacy and shielding for your home. Source: Chiefway Facebook

Corporate Industry

Since its inception, smart glass has helped give offices more functionality. It has created a more efficient workplace where one room is used for multiple functions. For instance, the employee lounge can switch to a boardroom with the touch of a button.

Also, as employees work on various sensitive issues, smart glass can provide instant privacy to allow them peace of mind and ample time, thus increasing productivity.

Controllable via remote control, Smart Glass gives you the flexibility to on and off during your meeting. Source: Chiefway Facebook

Healthcare Industry

Smart glass is widely used in hospitals to offer increased privacy for patients in the theatre, examination rooms, and wards. The importance of Smart Glass in healthcare can’t be measured only in one word. That alone allows patients to have much-needed comfort since they can have private moments alone. Also, it creates a conducive space where medical practitioners can administer treatment without the prying eyes of unauthorized persons.

Smart glass applications eliminate the need to draw curtains in and out, which goes a long way in maintaining utmost hygiene while attending to the patients. Since they also turn transparent with the flip of a switch, Smart Glass also offers aesthetic scenic views that promote the physical and mental well-being of the patients.

Transform your medical facility into an efficient yet cost-effective space with Smart Glass. Source: Chiefway

5 Ways You Can Customize Smart Glass

One thing that you can bet on is the versatility of smart glass in its applications. To make it more appealing and functional, manufacturers customize smart glasses in more ways than one.

Some of the ways smart glass is undergoing customization includes:

They Come In A Variety Of Shapes

Gone are the days when architectural glasses were only available in basic shapes. Apart from the flat shapes that offer wide-open views, smart glass has bent the rules, emerging in curved options.

Initially, curved smart glass was only possible with the installation of smart film technology. However, technological advancements have allowed the manufacture of curved switchable glass, which came as a relief to people who wanted to incorporate smart glass technology into their bathrooms and other wet areas where smart film solutions were not applicable.

Apart from residential use, hospitals and offices are now leveraging the benefits of curved smart glass applications.

Additionally, the switchable glass comes in pivot shapes that have seen their extensive use in the manufacture of exterior pivot doors. These pivot doors are an ideal and unique option for residential and commercial buildings as they significantly improve aesthetics and curb appeal.

Colours, Colours and More Colours

Who said switchable glass needs to be boring?

Smart glass offers property owners the opportunity to add a pop of color to their residential and commercial buildings. It is a luxury that we do not usually see in regular glass applications. For this reason, many business owners are leveraging such perks and incorporating brand colors on smart glass.

Smart glass incorporates a wide range of colors into its designs, which is received with much enthusiasm by many professions, including interior designers. Homeowners who are looking for smart glass applications that complement the themes of their homes are in luck. With a touch of a button, the smart glass can turn from clear to dark, exposing colors that enhance the beauty of their homes.

A majority of people who fancy colored switchable glass want it for decoration purposes and to achieve an unmatched visual effect. Through processes such as lamination and the application of special colored tints, homeowners and entrepreneurs can give their spaces a stylish edge effortlessly.

Source: Pinterest

Micro-Blinds for Smart Glass

Homeowners use roller blinds to enhance the privacy and security of their homes. However, with the current trend where smart glass applications are rapidly growing, manufacturers are incorporating the idea behind roller blinds to increase privacy levels on the switchable glass.

Customization of smart glass applications has led to the emergence of micro-blinds specially designed for smart glasses.

Micro-blinds for smart glass are a next-generation invention. These are electronically-controlled thinly rolled metal blinds on the smart glass that are invisible to the naked eye. Much to the fascination of many, activation of these micro-blinds happens when an electric current is applied. They are aesthetically pleasing and provide much-needed privacy.

The best part?

Controlling micro-blinds is done without much effort. You can easily schedule open and close times, which enhances their functionality. Besides, they are easily adjustable, bringing in as much or as little light as possible while still offering the desired privacy.

Projection For Product Launch Or Marketing Activities

Business marketing has seen a dramatic change over the past couple of years; the fact that switchable glass is one of the newest ways of advertising and launching products is enough proof.

The number of companies using smart glass for rear projection purposes is on a steady rise. There is no need to install a whiteboard or canvas to showcase your product to investors or clients. By switching from transparent to opaque, you can use your projector to display images and texts that are visible from both sides.

For any company looking to remain competitive, the smart glass application offers an ideal platform for advertising purposes. In the daytime, the smart glass is switched to clear, showcasing the interiors of the store or office. With a simple flip, the switchable glass turns opaque, which is used as an advertising ground for the company’s or store’s products and services.

SOURCE: NoteWall


One of the main functions of smart glass applications is to offer increased privacy in your home. For this reason, manufacturers saw the need to customize the smart glass technology for security purposes.

Switchable security glass is made from hard glass that does not easily break. Even when subjected to high impact, this glass will withstand the pressure, offering high levels of security to homeowners. During the manufacturing process, polycarbonate is added to the smart glass, making it shatterproof. That way, you have peace of mind and are assured of a comfortable living environment for you and your household.


From the above article, it is clear that smart glass technology offers a myriad of customizable solutions to both homeowners and businesses. They are designed to address client pain points as well as assuring them a comfortable living environment.

Smart glass offers a plethora of benefits to not only individuals but various industries.

For starters, it allows natural light into a room, which boosts moods, productivity levels, and exposes us to the health benefits of vitamin D. It increases privacy levels that improve the functionality of high-traffic spaces such as the guest bathroom. Additionally, it makes a room appear bigger and gives it a more sophisticated look.

To experience these and many other benefits of smart glass, Chiefway is at your service. We are the leading manufacturer of smart glass technology and smart film applications. As authorities in the niche, Chiefway Malaysia will customize smart glass according to your preference and its functionality.

It’s time to open up to a host of possibilities and unique applications, as witnessed with smart glass technology. Share your project details now, and we will be delighted to send you a personalized quote free of charge.

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