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14 Interior Design Trends You’ll See in 2021

Since the coronavirus pandemic broke out, lots of people have been spending their time indoors. This significantly changed how people use their homes. The new norm – doing things from home – required people to remodel their interiors to meet the demands and comfort required for their new lifestyles. Many renovations took place in 2020,  and this saw spaces be transformed into home office areas, gyms, and home-schooling spaces.

A beautifully decorated wall. Source:

If you’ve come here looking for different ways to transform your home or office into different multifunctional areas, then it seems like today is your lucky day. We have put together a list of 14 interior design trends that we predict will emerge at the top this year – keep reading!

14 Interior Design Trends in 2021

Interior design decoration trends usually go in style and fade away after a while. We expect that the below-listed interior decorating trends will be everywhere this year. Check this out – the Top 14 Interior Design Trends that we predict in 2021!

1. All-White Interiors May Start To Date Themselves

The all-white interiors craze has dominated design for the past couple of years and 2021. The timeless trend takes various tones, forms, shapes, and exotic textures and it can be on anything such as rugs, tabletops, furniture, walls, etc.

All-white spaces generally feel warm, alive, and inviting. You can never go wrong with white. However, that seems to be getting a little old now. People are now drifting towards combining different colors, patterns, and textures to add more pizzazz.

Kitchen with all-white interiors (floor, walls, and ceiling). Source: homestratosphere

2. Minimalist, Minimalist, Minimalist!

This is something that we don’t think will go away any time soon. In a nutshell, it incorporates just a few high-quality and state-of-the-art design pieces.

A huge part of the minimalist interior trend is the open floor plan. However, since homes are now being used to serve multiple functions, there’s more need for privacy. Ultimately, if there’s a lack of privacy, there’s a lack of function. As a result, dividers are being used as the solution. Glasses that are partially blinded may also be used.

Minimalist interior design with monochromatic palette . Source: Architizer

3. Recreative Spaces – Functional Spaces For WFM

According to the concept of WFM (Work-Force Management), interior design is used to optimize an employee’s productivity. This calls for the creation of spaces that promote recreation and work at the same time.

If you can’t access the “outside” entertainment world, why not bring it to your home? Over the next couple of months, we expect to see more and more people opt for an atmosphere that gets their creative juices flowing.

Office with a brightly-colored and creative area for recreational purposes. Source: athleticbusiness

According to us, a well-organized space translates to more productivity. There are many ways in which you can get creative without needing to take bathroom breaks all the time e.g. by adding a lamp or fresh flowers on your desk.

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4. Barn Doors Could Be Replaced By Other Types Of Statement Entryways

Barn doors have been making a huge statement in the world of interior design for the past decade or so but now we speculate that this year they’re not going to be as popular. It’s highly likely that the trend will be replaced by other types of entryways such as statement panel glass doors, curved or arched doorways, or the classic French doors.

Barn doors with a top pivot. Source: Pinterest

When choosing the right door for your home, ensure that it fits personal taste as well as the house’s interior or exterior architecture.

A modern and intelligent pivot sliding door that transforms
into an eye-catching entryway. Source: Chiefway Facebook

5. Modern Simplicity

It’s time to say goodbye to “older-and-out-of-this-century” interiors. Thanks to the simplicity of modern interior design, lots of people can’t resist the urge to keep up with it.

Practical living – the ultimate form of simplicity. Source: Atap

Most of the new apartments and homes that are being brought up have a modern touch to their decor. You’ve got to admit that modern yet simple modern decoration pieces are beautiful to look at.

Looking for a master bedroom design that doesn’t require any shower curtains or blinds?
Chiefway we believe in keeping things simple but stylish. Source: Chiefway Facebook

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6.  Industrial Styling May Be The Next Big Trend In 2021

The industrial styling trend doesn’t seem to have a sell-by-date expiry and so we don’t expect that it’ll go out of style. Usually, it includes various aspects like high ceilings, exposed stonework, natural woods, and metallic elements.

When you go for the industrial style, you’ll be guaranteed a place to live, play, and work that brings out the best in you.

An aesthetic trend that emphasizes the use of distressed wood elements and exposed bricks. Source: Pinterest

7.  Let The Light In

Letting the light in through the window never goes out of style. This iconic must-have style has started regaining its glory in the world of interior design decorations.

Fanciful high floor-to-ceiling windows. Source: luxdeco

Having large windows that allow lots of light inside is a total game-changer. These not only allow light in but also allow relaxing and beautiful views of the surroundings while saving your electricity bill! Yes you heard it right, all-in-one!

8.  Multi-Functional Spaces

This rising trend will, most definitely, be the next big thing in 2021. Today’s houses have fewer partitions and the available spaces may be used for various functions. After adding a few modern interior design pieces, the living area may also function as the cooking and dining space.

Smaller home and apartment owners can still give their interior a stylish flair. Source: asiaone

Thanks to multifunctional spaces, not having to leave home has never been easier!

Creative spaces can never really become obsolete as long as they’re made central to the home. These may be used as storage areas with cabinets or home gyms/yoga areas.

Custom made wardrobes that suit your wants and needs. Everyone needs
additional storage space and we know that. Souce: Chiefway Facebook

9. A Clean Work Slate

We have been seeing and expect to see more clean working slates. They don’t have to be colorful, fun, or have a unique look. Clean up well and the slate will become a focal point in the most sumptuous way.

Cluttered spaces make your mind feel clouded and this has a negative effect on productivity. Clean spaces bring out the true beauty of a home allowing you to be truly innovative.

This beautiful kitchen with a charming architectural design is a clean slate. Source: Pinterest

10. Natural Elements

Natural trends were a thing long before this new decade set in but of late this aesthetic trend has been gaining momentum. More and more people find themselves increasingly drawn towards natural, warmer, and earthy elements.

There has been a notable increase in the use of natural elements such as organic cotton, cork, silk, sisal, timber, and hemp.

Natural elements generate a warm cozy feel leaving you feeling calmed or soothed. Source: Pinterest

11. Sustainable Building Materials

In the recent past, there has been an increasing awareness of the environment. People now prefer more natural and sustainable materials in all aspects of interior design. This applies to the wood, glass, and furniture too.

The move towards a more eco-friendly world has significantly changed how people live. They have adopted conscious consumption habits which include using fewer products and buying second-hand pieces where applicable.

Low-impact, environmentally friendly building materials. Soure:

12. Smart Tech

Intelligent technologies have made it possible for digital and automated features to be added to various household fixtures and furniture. As a result, people’s lifestyles have been elevated significantly.

Wirelessly controlled smart home technologies. Source:

Smart tech is no longer considered a luxury for most. It has become more like a necessity to invest in upgrading the “at home” technology. Generally, life gets simplified with the incorporation of tech such as Smart Glass or Smart Film technology.

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13. Colors

Incorporating colors inside your home will add a touch of coziness to the decoration. Different colors may be used in different shades to bring out different effects. For example, warm colors like orange add a welcoming touch while darker colors like grey add depth to space.

Colors are all you need to add whatever playful effect you need to in your home. Some of the most popular colors that we are going to be seeing this year are green, cream, orange, burgundy, pink, and brown.

Warm colors will energize a rom and its occupants. Source: housebeautiful

14. Last But Not Least – Your Personal Touch

The next months will see a big rise in people personalizing their homes to suit their tastes. This whole process is a great way to add calmness to our personal space. The results will make your heart content, no matter how small.

The best part about adding a personal touch to your interior décor is that you get the opportunity to express your thoughts and put your creativity to work. This would be a great way to get productive especially if you have some time on your hands. Using your hands will allow you to get back to who you really are.

Small unique details go a long way in changing a room’s appearance. Source: Forbes


Whether this is the year you’re moving houses or planning to remodel your current house, we promise that these trends will not only boost your house’s aesthetic value but its resale value too.

Smart glass partitions that switch from transparent to opaque and vice versa. Source: smartglassltd

2021 is the year to create a warm, well-balanced, and aesthetically pleasing interior.

In Chiefway Malaysia, we offer the best Smart Glass & Smart Film technology in the market and get to enjoy the various features that it has to offer.

Some of the benefits of this universal trend include unmatched security, privacy, touchscreen, and energy-saving capabilities, as well as sound and heat insulation.

Nowadays, these Smart technology are used in residential homes, industrial, healthcare industry and corporate buildings to improve effectiveness, functionality, and productivity.

Do you have any interior design trends to share?

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